Dictionary Of Indo European Concepts And Society

Author : Emile Benveniste
ISBN : 0986132594
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Since its publication in 1969, Émile Benveniste's Vocabulaire--here in a new translation as the Dictionary of Indo-European Concepts and Society--has been the classic reference for tracing the institutional and conceptual genealogy of the sociocultural worlds of gifts, contracts, sacrifice, hospitality, authority, freedom, ancient economy, and kinship. A comprehensive and comparative history of words with analyses of their underlying neglected genealogies and structures of signification--and this via a masterful journey through Germanic, Romance, Indo-Iranian, Latin, and Greek languages--Benveniste's dictionary is a must-read for anthropologists, linguists, literary theorists, classicists, and philosophers alike. This book has famously inspired a wealth of thinkers, including Roland Barthes, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Pierre Bourdieu, Jacques Derrida, Umberto Eco, Giorgio Agamben, François Jullien, and many others. In this new volume, Benveniste's masterpiece on the study of language and society finds new life for a new generation of scholars. As political fictions continue to separate and reify differences between European, Middle Eastern, and South Asian societies, Benveniste reminds us just how historically deep their interconnections are and that understanding the way our institutions are evoked through the words that describe them is more necessary than ever.
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Indo European Language And Society

Author : Émile Benveniste
ISBN : STANFORD:36105003276198
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The Oxford Introduction To Proto Indo European And The Proto Indo European World

Author : J. P. Mallory
ISBN : 9780199287918
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Our linguistic ancestors had used the wheel, were settled arable farmers, kept sheep and cattle, brewed beer, got married, made weapons, and had at least 27 verbs for the expression of strife. The subjects to which the authors devote chapters include fauna, flora, family and kinship, clothing and textiles, food and drink, space and time, emotions, mythology, religion, and the continuing quest to discover the Proto-Indo-European homeland."
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Dictionary Of Concepts In Cultural Anthropology

Author : Robert H. Winthrop
ISBN : 9780313242809
Genre : Social Science
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In 80 entries this work provides an introduction to the key ideas of cultural anthropology. In each article--culture, race, materialism, semiotics, "primitive," etc.--Winthrop provides a balance between describing a concept's contemporary theoretical relevance and tracing its development, including the broader intellectual context transcending professional anthropology. Thus the article on "interpretation" discusses St. Augustine, Schliermacher, Dilthey, and Gadamer, as well as Geertz and Evans-Pritchard. That on "ethnology" treats Boemus, Acosta, and Prichard as well as the Boasians. The article on "nature" contrasts the Greek concept of physis with the Roman natura. Though this is a work of synthesis rather than of original historical scholarship, Winthrop quotes primary sources as much as possible, to let the key figures speak for themselves.
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Indian Sociology Through Ghurye A Dictionary

Author : S. Devadas Pillai
ISBN : 8171548075
Genre : India
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The Book Takes A Fresh Look At The Legacy Of Dr. G.S. Ghurye, A Pillar Of Indian Sociology. Through The Format Of This Dictionary The Author Takes A New Path. It Has The Widest Coverage Of Ghurye`S World Through All His Works And Papers. For The First Time The 80 Theses Done Under Him Have Been Documented In Short Entries. It Would Lead The Serious Reader To Some Unexplored By Laws Of Ghureye`S World And Also Of Indian Sociology.
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The American Heritage Dictionary Of Indo European Roots

Author : Calvert Watkins
ISBN : 0618082506
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Discusses the nature, origins, and development of language and lists the meanings and associated word for more than thirteen thousand Indo-European root words.
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Dictionary Of Pagan Religions

Author : Harry E Wedeck
ISBN : 9781504010962
Genre : Social Science
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Assembled here for the first time in one volume are the essential facts about the cults, rites and rituals associated with polytheistic religions that have existed from the Stone Age to the present. The aim of the book is to create and preserve a partial record of the pagan religions or cults that have flourished since the dawn of mankind and of their impact and influence throughout the world. This record includes many of the forgotten religions and their ideologies, practices, and mythologies.
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Interdisciplinary Studies In Pragmatics Culture And Society

Author : Alessandro Capone
ISBN : 9783319126166
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This volume is part of the series ‘Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology’, edited for Springer by Alessandro Capone. It is intended for an audience of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postgraduate and advanced researchers. This volume focuses on societal pragmatics. One of the main concerns of societal pragmatics is the world of language users. We are interested in the investigation of linguistic practices in the context of societal practices (‘praxis’, to use a term used in the Wittgensteinian and other traditions). It is clear that the world of users, including their practices, their culture, and their social aims has to be taken into account and seriously investigated when we deal with the pragmatics of language. It is not enough to discuss principles of language use solely in the guise of abstract theoretical tools. Consequently, the present volume focuses explicitly on the interplay of abstract, theoretical principles and the necessities imposed by societal contexts often requiring a more flexible use of such theoretical tools. The volume includes articles on pragmemes, politeness and anti-politeness, dialogue, joint utterances, discourse markers, pragmatics and the law, institutional discourse, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics and culture, cultural scripts, argumentation theory, connectives and argumentation, language games and psychotherapy, slurs, the analysis of funerary rites, as well as an authoritative chapter by Jacob L. Mey on societal pragmatics.
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