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Diagnosis Schizophrenia

Author : Rachel Miller
ISBN : 9780231150415
Genre : Psychology
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In this book, thirty-five young, recently diagnosed patients speak about schizophrenia and the process of recovery, while two specialists illuminate the medical science, psychoeducation, and therapeutic needs of those coping with the illness, as well as access to medical benefits and community resources. A remarkably inclusive guide, the volume informs patients, families, friends, and professionals, detailing the possible causes of schizophrenia, medications and side effects, the functioning of the brain, and the value of rehabilitation and other services. In their dialogues, participants confront shame, stigma, substance use, and relapse issues and the necessity of healthy eating, safe sex practices, and coping skills during recovery. Clinicians elaborate on the symptoms of schizophrenia, such as violent and suicidal thoughts, delusions, hallucinations, memory and concentration problems, trouble getting motivated or organized, and anxiety and mood disorders. Adopting an uplifting tone of manageability, the participants, authors, and clinicians of this volume offer more than advice--they prescribe hope.
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Schizophrenia And Related Syndromes

Author : P. J. McKenna
ISBN : 0863777902
Genre : Psychology
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The incidence of aggression and violence is of wide concern. It is therefore vital that we try to understand the mechanisms involved. This book outlines definitions and theories of aggressive behavior and points out the contribution of both biological and psychological factors. Aggression primarily occurs within an interpersonal exchange and is often accompanied by increased arousal and negative feelings. It is most likely to occur in response to provocation but individuals differ in what they consider constitutes provocation. Aggressive behavior is both multicausal and multifaceted but in order to study it, we have to break it down into components and find ways in which to measure these. This book describes a body of research examining the conditions under which the behavioral, affective and physiological components of aggression are elicited. A specific experimental technique which measures behavioral aggression in the laboratory is described. The task was found to be sensitive to individual differences in aggressive disposition. Aggression is not, however, confined to a small group of extremely hostile individuals. Alcohol or substance abuse is often associated with aggression in the general population. The results of some studies examining the effects of alcohol and Benzodiazepines on the feelings and behavior of healthy volunteers are reported. The way in which people appraise a situation influences the way they feel and behave. These drugs, therefore, impair the ability to process socially relevant information which, in turn, lowers the threshold at which aggressive behavior is likely to occur. It is only by continuing to study the complex interaction betweenpharmacological and psychological factors that we will gain more insight into the processes underlying aggressive behavior.
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Schizophrenia Into Later Life

Author : Carl I. Cohen
ISBN : 1585627348
Genre : Medical
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We are on the verge of a crisis in mental health. Over the next 30 years the number of chronically mentally ill people 55 years of age and older will double. With multiple disorders relating to mental illness and old age, these people will require unique services from a health care system that is ill prepared to deliver them. Schizophrenia Into Later Life: Treatment, Research, and Policy is the first major multidisciplinary reference on this important topic -- a landmark work for researchers, service providers, and policy makers. Broad in scope, it discusses the demographic and clinical characteristics of older schizophrenic persons, details treatment approaches, suggests research strategies, and covers the relevant economic and health policy issues. The most up-to-date, comprehensive source of information on this understudied group. It will help community psychiatrists, gerontologists, psychologists, policy makers, and social scientists meet a growing demand for services. A multidisciplinary approach with contributing experts from fields of biological psychiatry, social psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, social work, psychology, and neuropsychology will help professionals integrate services for the best outcome. A primary resource on the subject -- sections include epidemiology, biological aspects, psychosocial features, clinical care, and public policy. Today there is a distressing lack of age-appropriate clinical, rehabilitative, or residential programs for older patients with chronic mental illness. Schizophrenia in Later Life: Treatment, Research, and Policy will guide researchers, service providers, and policy makers in creating innovative new programs to help this underserved and growing population.
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Clinical Diagnosis Of Mental Disorders

Author : Benjamin Wolman
ISBN : 9781468424904
Genre : Medical
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For centuries the "treatment" of mentally disturbed individuals was quite simple. They were accused of collusion with evil spirits, hunted, and persecuted. The last "witch" was killed as late as 1782 in Switzerland. Mentally disturbed people did not fare much better even when the witchhunting days were gone. John Christian Reil gave the following description of mental pa tients at the crossroads of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries: We incarcerate these miserable creatures as if they were criminals in abandoned jails, near to the lairs of owls in barren canyons beyond the city gates, or in damp dungeons of prisons, where never a pitying look of a humanitarian penetrates; and we let them, in chains, rot in their own excrement. Their fetters have eaten off the flesh of their bones, and their emaciated pale faces look expectantly toward the graves which will end their misery and cover up our shamefulness. (1803) The great reforms introduced by Philippe Pinel at Bicetre in 1793 augured the beginning of a new approach. Pinel ascribed the "sick role," and called for compas sion and help. One does not need to know much about those he wants to hurt, but one must know a lot in order to help. Pinel's reform was followed by a rapid develop ment in research of causes, symptoms, and remedies of mental disorders. There are two main prerequisites for planning a treatment strategy.
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Comprehensive Care Of Schizophrenia

Author : Jeffrey A. Lieberman
ISBN : 9780195388015
Genre : Medical
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The second edition of this popular volume has been thoroughly updated, offering new information on the advances in research and management since the publication of the first edition a decade ago.
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Adult Psychopathology And Diagnosis

Author : Michel Hersen
ISBN : 1118046323
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 87.22 MB
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The most up-to-date coverage on adult psychopathology Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis, Fifth Edition offers comprehensive coverage of the major psychological disorders and presents a balanced integration of empirical data and diagnostic criteria to demonstrate the basis for individual diagnoses. The accessible format and case study approach provide the opportunity to understand how diagnoses are reached. Updated to reflect the rapid developments in the field of psychopathology, this Fifth Edition encompasses the most current research in the field including: A thorough introduction to the principles of the DSM-IV-TR classification system and its application in clinical practice The biological and neurological foundations of disorders and the implications of psychopharmacology in treatment Illustrative case material as well as clinical discussions addressing specific disorders, diagnostic criteria, major theories of etiology, and issues of assessment and measurement Coverage of the major diagnostic entities and problems seen in daily clinical work by those in hospitals, clinics, and private practice A new chapter on race and ethnicity by renowned expert Stanley Sue
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Author : Eve C. Johnstone
ISBN : 9780521580847
Genre : Medical
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A wide-ranging 1999 survey of the disorder, including neurobiological, socioeconomic and clinical management issues.
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Schizophrenic Disorders

Author : Leighton C. Whitaker
ISBN : 9781475721591
Genre : Psychology
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No diagnosis of mental disorder is more important or more disputable than that of "schizophrenia." The 1982 case of John Hinckley, who shot President Reagan, brought both aspects of this diagnostic dilemma to the forefront of national attention. It became evident to the general public that the experts engaged to study him exhaustively could not agree on whether Hinckley was schizophrenic. General public outrage ensued, as schizophrenia, "the sacred symbol of psychiatry," in the words of Thomas Szasz (1976), emerged as a king of Alice in Wonderland travesty. Schizo phrenia seemed not to be a legitimate diagnostic entity but some sort of facade erected to protect the guilty. In 1973, David Rosenhan had already shown the readers of Science that schizo phrenia was a label that could be given to normal people presenting with a supposed auditory hallucination on even one occasion. In Rosenhan's studies, mental health professionals were outclassed by the regular psychiatric hospital patients, who cor rectly saw the false schizophrenics as imposters while the professional diagnosticians continued to fool themselves.
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