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The Dhammapada Large Print 16pt

Author : Eknath Easwaran
ISBN : 9781458778383
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The Dhammapada: one of three new editions of the books in Eknath Easwaran's Classics of Indian Spirituality series ''As irrigators guide water to their fields, as archers aim arrows, as carpenters carve wood, the wise shape their lives.'' - Dhammapada (145).... Dhammapada means ''the path of dharma, '' the path of truth, harmony, and righteousness. Capturing the living words of the Buddha, this much-loved scripture consists of verses organized by theme: thought, joy, anger, pleasure, and others. The Dhammapada is permeated with the power and practicality of one of the world's most appealing spiritual teachers. Rejecting superstition on the one hand and philosophical speculation on the other, the Buddha taught the path to the end of suffering and showed how we can achieve lasting joy. He spells out our choices with a refreshing realism and frankness. And he insists that we be spiritually self-reliant: ''All the effort must be made by you. Buddhas only point the way.'' Easwaran believed that we need nothing more than the Dhammapada to follow the way of the Buddha. His main qualification for interpreting the Dhammapada, he said, was that he knew from his own experience that these verses can transform our lives.

The Dhammapada

Author : Gil Fronsdal
ISBN : 9781590306413
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Dani is probably the happiest person she knows. She's happy because she's going to start school. Dani has been waiting to go to school her whole life. Then things get even better-she meets Ella Frida by the swings. After that, Dani and Ella Frida do everything together. They stick together through wet and dry, sun and rain, thick and thin. But then something happens that Dani isn't prepared fora
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The Dhammapada

Author : Buddha
ISBN : 9780307950710
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Trembling and quivering is the mind, Difficult to guard and hard to restrain. The person of wisdom sets it straight, As a fletcher does an arrow. The Dhammapada introduced the actual utterances of the Buddha nearly twenty-five hundred years ago, when the master teacher emerged from his long silence to illuminate for his followers the substance of humankind’s deepest and most abiding concerns. The nature of the self, the value of relationships, the importance of moment-to-moment awareness, the destructiveness of anger, the suffering that attends attachment, the ambiguity of the earth’s beauty, the inevitability of aging, the certainty of death–these dilemmas preoccupy us today as they did centuries ago. No other spiritual texts speak about them more clearly and profoundly than does the Dhammapada. In this elegant new translation, Sanskrit scholar Glenn Wallis has exclusively referred to and quoted from the canonical suttas–the presumed earliest discourses of the Buddha–to bring us the heartwood of Buddhism, words as compelling today as when the Buddha first spoke them. On violence: All tremble before violence./ All fear death./ Having done the same yourself,/ you should neither harm nor kill. On ignorance: An uninstructed person/ ages like an ox,/ his bulk increases,/ his insight does not. On skillfulness: A person is not skilled/ just because he talks a lot./ Peaceful, friendly, secure–/ that one is called “skilled.” In 423 verses gathered by subject into chapters, the editor offers us a distillation of core Buddhist teachings that constitutes a prescription for enlightened living, even in the twenty-first century. He also includes a brilliantly informative guide to the verses–a chapter-by-chapter explication that greatly enhances our understanding of them. The text, at every turn, points to practical applications that lead to freedom from fear and suffering, toward the human state of spiritual virtuosity known as awakening. Glenn Wallis’s translation is an inspired successor to earlier versions of the suttas. Even those readers who are well acquainted with the Dhammapada will be enriched by this fresh encounter with a classic text From the Hardcover edition.
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What The Buddha Taught

Author : Walpola Rahula
ISBN : 9781780740003
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This clear and informative guide draws on the words spoken by the Buddha to convey the true nature of Buddhist wisdom. It also features an illustrative section of texts from the Suttas and the Dhammapada, a glossary of Buddhist terms and an up-to-date bibliography.
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Dharma Bh A G Raya

Author : Weragoda Sārada Mahā Thēro
ISBN : UVA:X004196279
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Author : Thomas Cleary
ISBN : UVA:X002604630
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A contemporary translation of a collection of Buddha's sayings features notes and comments
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The Dhammapada

Author : Friedrich Max Müller
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Author : Sangharakshita
ISBN : UVA:X004585405
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The Dhammapada is one of the most popular and influential of Buddhist scriptures. The universality of its message, the depth of its teaching, and the refined simplicity of its language have earned it an honored place in world literature. It can be taken as a straightforward and practical summary of the essential teachings of the Buddha, but, much more than that, as a poetic representation of a sublime spiritual ideal. This new translation seeks to inspire and encourage the qualifies of kindness, gentleness, and self-control, of simplicity, contentment, and serenity, commended by the Buddha himself. These qualities lead, in time, to the satisfaction of the deepest longings of the human heart.
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The Buddha S Path Of Virtue A Translation Of The Dhammapada

Author : Woodward Frank Lee
ISBN : 131899151X
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Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits, maps, sketches etc We have endeavoured to keep the quality of these images, so they represent accurately the original artefact. Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we feel they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy.

The Dhammapada Buddhist Philosophy

Author : G. Buddha
ISBN : 9780811221429
Genre : Religion
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The 423 verses in the collection known as The Dhammapada (pada: "the way"; dhamma: "the teaching"; hence, "The Path of Truth") are attributed to the Buddha himself and form the essence of the ethics of Buddhist philosophy. There are a number of English translations of The Dhammapada, but this version by Irving Babbitt, for many years professor at Harvard and founder, with Paul Elmer More, of the movement known as "New Humanism," concentrates on the profound poetic quality of the verses and conveys, perhaps more than any other, much of the vitality of the original Pali text. Babbitt devoted many years to this translation––it was a labor of love. Together with his essay on "Buddha and the Occident," which is also included in this edition, The Dhammapada was one of the basic components of his view of world history, a view which has influenced leaders of thought as diverse as Newton Arvin, Walter Lippmann, David Riesman and T. S. Eliot. Eliot, indeed, once wrote that "to have been a student of Babbitt's is to remain always in that position."
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