Design As Future Making

Author : Susan Yelavich
ISBN : 9781472574725
Genre : Design
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Design as Future-Making brings together leading international designers, scholars, and critics to address ways in which design is shaping the future. The contributors share an understanding of design as a practice that, with its focus on innovation and newness, is a natural ally of futurity. Ultimately, the choices made by designers are understood here as choices about the kind of world we want to live in. Design as Future-Making locates design in a space of creative and critical reflection, examining the expanding nature of practice in fields such as biomedicine, sustainability, digital crafting, fashion, architecture, urbanism, and design activism. The authors contextualize design and its affects within issues of social justice, environmental health, political agency, education, and the right to pleasure and play. Collectively, they make the case that, as an integrated mode of thought and action, design is intrinsically social and deeply political.
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Author : Friedrich von Borries
ISBN : 9783518748961
Genre : Political Science
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Früher entwarfen Designer Gegenstände. Heute wird praktisch alles designt: das Klima, Prozesse, Flüchtlingslager. Wenn jedoch alles designt wird, ist es höchste Zeit, Design nicht länger allein nach ästhetischen Gesichtspunkten zu bewerten. Wir brauchen, so Friedrich von Borries, eine politische Designtheorie. Der Mensch ist gezwungen, die Bedingungen, unter denen er lebt, zu gestalten. Geschieht dies so, dass Handlungsoptionen reduziert werden, haben wir es mit Unterwerfung zu tun. In seinem Manifest plädiert von Borries für ein entwerfendes Design (des Überlebens, der Gesellschaft, des Selbst), das sich der totalitären Logik der Versicherheitlichung entzieht und gegen die Ideologie der Alternativlosigkeit neue Formen des Zusammenlebens imaginiert.
Category: Political Science

Social Design

Author : Claudia Banz
ISBN : 9783839430682
Genre : Design
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Kann man Gesellschaft durch Gestaltung transformieren? Welche Optionen besitzen die Designer und welche Verantwortung tragen sie? Welche Diskurse werden um die Erweiterung des Designbegriffs geführt und wie sieht die Zukunft des Designs aus? Designer, Design- und Kulturwissenschaftler, Kuratoren und Hochschullehrer fokussieren und hinterfragen das aktuelle Phänomen des Social Design. Die Beiträge untersuchen aus transdisziplinärer Perspektive die soziokulturelle Relevanz sowie das transformative Potenzial von Social Design und formulieren eine Agenda für die Designer von morgen.
Category: Design

Uncertainty And Possibility

Author : Sarah Pink
ISBN : 9781350002708
Genre : Design
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Uncertainty and possibility are emerging as both theoretical concepts and fields of empirical investigation, as scholars and practitioners seek new creative, hopeful and speculative modes of understanding and intervening in a world of crisis. This book offers new perspectives on the central issues of uncertainty and possibility, and identifies new research methods which take advantage of disruptive and experimental techniques. Advancing a practical agenda for future making, it reveals how uncertainty can be engaged as a generative 'technology' for understanding, researching and intervening in the world. Drawing on key themes in creative methodologies, such as making, essaying, inhabiting and attuning, chapters explore contemporary sites of practice. The book looks at maker spaces and technology design, the imaginaries of architectural design, the temporalities of built cultural heritage, and interdisciplinary making and performing. Based on the authors' own academic work and their applied research with a range of different organizations, Uncertainty and Possibility outlines new opportunities for research and intervention. It is essential reading for students, scholars and practitioners in design anthropology and human-centred design.
Category: Design

Making Change

Author : Neale S. Godfrey
ISBN : 0684846101
Genre : Business & Economics
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A handbook for women on how to take control of their financial lives is filled with quizzes, planning tools, and anecdotes designed to inspire women everywhere. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.
Category: Business & Economics

Wem Geh Rt Die Zukunft

Author : Jaron Lanier
ISBN : 9783455851137
Genre : Political Science
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"Du bist nicht der Kunde der Internetkonzerne. Du bist ihr Produkt." Spätestens seit den Enthüllungen des Whistleblowers Edward Snowden ist klar: Die "schöne neue Welt" nimmt Gestalt an, und es wird höchste Zeit, ihr etwas entgegenzusetzen. Internetpionier und Cyberguru Jaron Lanier liefert eine profunde Analyse der aktuellen Trends in der Netzwerkökonomie, die sich in Richtung Totalüberwachung und Ausbeutung der Massen bewegt. Der Bestseller aus den USA endlich auf Deutsch!
Category: Political Science

Design Anthropological Futures

Author : Rachel Charlotte Smith
ISBN : 9781474280631
Genre : Social Science
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A major contribution to the field, this ground-breaking book explores design anthropology's focus on futures and future-making. Examining what design anthropology is and what it is becoming, the authors push the frontiers of the discipline and reveal both the challenges for and the potential of this rapidly growing transdisciplinary field. Divided into four sections – Ethnographies of the Possible, Interventionist Speculation, Collaborative Formation of Issues, and Engaging Things – the book develops readers' understanding of the central theoretical and methodological aspects of future knowledge production in design anthropology. Bringing together renowned scholars such as George Marcus and Alison Clarke with young experimental design anthropologists from countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, the UK, and the United States, the sixteen chapters offer an unparalleled breadth of theoretical reflections and rich empirical case studies. Written by those at the forefront of the field, Design Anthropological Futures is destined to become a defining text for this growing discipline. A unique resource for students, scholars, and practitioners in design anthropology, design, architecture, material culture studies, and related fields.
Category: Social Science

The Future Envelope 3

Author : Ulrich Knaack
ISBN : 9781607506713
Genre : Architecture
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Shows the examples of how facades are made. This book reveals where possible innovative developments can emerge from and what the typical problems are in implementing them in the building market.
Category: Architecture

Making Futures

Author : Pelle Ehn
ISBN : 9780262027939
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41.19 MB
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Innovation and design need not be about the search for a killer app. Innovation and design can start in people's everyday activities. They can encompass local services, cultural production, arenas for public discourse, or technological platforms. The approach is participatory, collaborative, and engaging, with users and consumers acting as producers and creators. It is concerned less with making new things than with making a socially sustainable future. This book describes experiments in innovation, design, and democracy, undertaken largely by grassroots organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multi-ethnic working-class neighborhoods. These stories challenge the dominant perception of what constitutes successful innovations. They recount efforts at social innovation, opening the production process, challenging the creative class, and expanding the public sphere. The wide range of cases considered include a collective of immigrant women who perform collaborative services, the development of an open-hardware movement, grassroots journalism, and hip-hop performances on city buses. They point to the possibility of democratized innovation that goes beyond solo entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing in the service of corporations to include multiple futures imagined and made locally by often-marginalized publics. ContributorsMåns Adler, Erling Björgvinsson, Karin Book, David Cuartielles, Pelle Ehn, Anders Emilson, Per-Anders Hillgren, Mads Hobye, Michael Krona, Per Linde, Kristina Lindström, Sanna Marttila, Elisabet M. Nilsson, Anna Seravalli, Pernilla Severson, Åsa Ståhl, Lucy Suchman, Richard Topgaard, Laura Watts
Category: Computers

Making Value

Author : National Academy of Engineering
ISBN : 9780309264488
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Manufacturing is in a period of dramatic transformation. But in the United States, public and political dialogue is simplistically focused almost entirely on the movement of certain manufacturing jobs overseas to low-wage countries. The true picture is much more complicated, and also more positive, than this dialogue implies. After years of despair, many observers of US manufacturing are now more optimistic. A recent uptick in manufacturing employment and output in the United States is one factor they cite, but the main reasons for optimism are much more fundamental. Manufacturing is changing in ways that may favor American ingenuity. Rapidly advancing technologies in areas such as biomanufacturing, robotics, smart sensors, cloud-based computing, and nanotechnology have transformed not only the factory floor but also the way products are invented and designed, putting a premium on continual innovation and highly skilled workers. A shift in manufacturing toward smaller runs and custom-designed products is favoring agile and adaptable workplaces, business models, and employees, all of which have become a specialty in the United States. Future manufacturing will involve a global supply web, but the United States has a potentially great advantage because of our tight connections among innovations, design, and manufacturing and also our ability to integrate products and services. The National Academy of Engineering has been concerned about the issues surrounding manufacturing and is excited by the prospect of dramatic change. On June 11-12, 2012, it hosted a workshop in Washington, DC, to discuss the new world of manufacturing and how to position the United States to thrive in this world. The workshop steering committee focused on two particular goals. First, presenters and participants were to examine not just manufacturing but the broad array of activities that are inherently associated with manufacturing, including innovation and design. Second, the committee wanted to focus not just on making things but on making value, since value is the quality that will underlie high-paying jobs in America's future. Making Value: Integrating Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation to Thrive in the Changing Global Economy summarizes the workshop and the topics discussed by participants.
Category: Technology & Engineering