Der Global Deal

Author : Nicholas H. Stern
ISBN : 3406591760
Genre : Deutschland - Wirtschaftskrise - Klimaschutz - Wirtschaftspolitik
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The Global Deal

Author : Nicholas Stern
ISBN : 9781458758811
Genre : Air
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In October 2006, Nicholas Stern, one of the greatest economists and public intellectuals of our day, made headlines around the world with his report, which reviewed the costs and benefits of dealing with global warming. The world's community has learned that it must act to mitigate global climate change, but until the Stern Review, no one knew how much it would cost, and how to do it. Now, Stern has transformed his report into a powerful narrative book for general readers. The Global Deal evaluates the economic future, and the essential steps we must take to protect growth and reduce poverty while managing climate change. The future Stern outlines is optimistic and pragmatic; he believes we have the capacity and creativity to change. But we need the will to inspire our political leaders to drive a new global strategy.
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Due Diligence For Global Deal Making

Author : Arthur H. Rosenbloom
ISBN : 0470884746
Genre : Business & Economics
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Companies of all sizes have been initiating international transactions--mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and private placements--in record numbers. Targeted due diligence is crucial to effectively research, value, and complete these complex deals. With an evolving climate of uncertainty and new, unpredictable threats to business, it is more essential than ever before. Due Diligence for Global Deal Making is an invaluable guidebook for companies trying to capitalize on the opportunities in both developed and emerging cross-border markets. All too often global transactions fail to meet the parties' expectations, and the leading culprit is inadequate due diligence. Especially when the target partner lacks a financial performance track record and significant assets, expanding businesses must answer difficult questions, such as: Why (if at all) do this deal? What are the rules going in, and what happens if things go wrong? Where are the tax, legal, financial, and operational traps, and what are the opportunities? This book provides what’s needed to avoid devastating mistakes and to master the steps that ensure success: Expert analysis, insights, and strategies from experienced practitioners and leading authorities in cross-border matters In-depth coverage of critical topics decision makers need to understand in order to succeed in cross-border transactions--from corporate planning to operational, financial, legal, tax, accounting, and people/organizational considerations Best practices of corporate investors and professional advisers in conducting critical due diligence Noted experts discuss critical topics corporate executives--and all those involved with their company's legal, operational, accounting, and tax matters--need to know to successfully complete complex global transactions today.
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Klimawandel Und Globale Armut

Author : Johannes Wallacher
ISBN : 3170208160
Genre : Philosophy
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Die Industriestaaten sind die Hauptverursacher des Klimawandels, die Armen in den Entwicklungslandern von den Auswirkungen besonders betroffen. Diese ungleiche Verteilung weist auf ein gewaltiges Gerechtigkeitsproblem hin. Eine zentrale Frage des Klimaschutzes ist, wer die Atmosphare kunftig in welchem Umfang nutzen darf. Die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Industriestaaten war hauptsachlich durch die Nutzung von Kohle, Ol und Gas getragen. Auch die Entwicklungslander beanspruchen nun das Recht, fur ihre wirtschaftliche Entwicklung fossile Energieressourcen zu nutzen. Das Problem des weltweiten Klimawandels und seiner Auswirkungen mussen aus einer integrierten und interdisziplinaren Sichtweise behandelt werden, die auf der Grundlage einer systematischen ethischen Reflexion Perspektiven der Entwicklungspolitik, Umwelt- und Energiepolitik einbezieht: Inwiefern beeinflussen Folgen des Klimawandels die Armutsbekampfung? Wie lassen sich Aufgaben und Lasten gerecht verteilen (in intra- wie intergenerationeller Perspektive)? Welche Strategien und Optionen einer globalen Klima- und Energiepolitik unterstutzen die nationalen und internationalen Bemuhungen zur Armutsbekampfung nachhaltig?
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The Global Negotiator

Author : Jeswald W. Salacuse
ISBN : 9781466889620
Genre : Business & Economics
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In today's global business environment, an executive must have the skills and knowledge to navigate all stages of an international deal, from negotiations to managing the deal after it is signed. The aim of The Global Negotiator is to equip business executives with that exact knowledge. Whereas most books on negotiation end when the deal is made, Jeswald W. Salacuse will guide the reader from the first handshake with a potential foreign partner to the intricacies of making the international joint venture succeed and prosper, or should things go poorly, how to deal with getting out of a deal gone wrong. Salacuse illustrates the many ways in which an international deal may falter and the methods parties can use to save it, provides the necessary technical knowledge to structure specific business transactions, and explores the transformations to the international business landscape over the last decade.
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Kulturgeschichte Des Klimas

Author : Wolfgang Behringer
ISBN : 340652866X
Genre : Climate and civilization
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Globale Erwärmung - Kleine Eiszeit.
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Global Account Management

Author : Peter Cheverton
ISBN : 9780749460174
Genre : Business & Economics
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Global Account Management explains the significant challenges of establishing a global account strategy and guides you through the process of decisions and actions required to manage global accounts successfully. The book provides a thorough, workmanlike template for all businesses with global clients. It shows you the issues you need to consider from the point of view of both your customers and your company's internal structure. Author Peter Cheverton - an expert practitioner and teacher of account management - highlights the difference between an international company operating in different markets and one that can be considered as truly global. He reveals that, to operate accounts globally, you need to understand whether your client has consistent needs across different countries; possesses a global operational structure; and has the ability to implement global decisions. He then details the factors critical to your successful handling of a global account. The implications of making the wrong decisions in a global marketplace are enormous - Global Account Management gives you the information and insight you need to establish the best long-term relationships with your biggest clients, and - most importantly of all - secure the future success of your company. Global Account Management is an essential guide for business directors, sales and marketing directors, and global account managers.
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De Convergence Of Global Media Industries

Author : Dal Yong Jin
ISBN : 9781135068974
Genre : Social Science
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Convergence has become a buzzword, referring on the one hand to the integration between computers, television, and mobile devices or between print, broadcast, and online media and on the other hand, the ownership of multiple content or distribution channels in media and communications. Yet while convergence among communications companies has been the major trend in the neoliberal era, the splintering of companies, de-convergence, is now gaining momentum in the communications market. As the first comprehensive attempt to analyze the wave of de-convergence of the global media system in the context of globalization, this book makes sense of those transitions by looking at global trends and how global media firms have changed and developed their business paradigm from convergence to de-convergence. Jin traces the complex relationship between media industries, culture, and globalization by exploring it in a transitional yet contextually grounded framework, employing a political economic analysis integrating empirical data analysis.
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A Blueprint For A Safer Planet

Author : Nicholas Stern
ISBN : 9781409076216
Genre : Science
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* Further substantial climate change is unavoidable and the risks to the natural world, the economy and our everyday lives are immense. The way we live in the next thirty years - how we invest, use energy, organise transport and treat forests - will determine whether these risks become realities. * Although poor countries - the least responsible for climate change - will be hit earliest and hardest, all countries must adapt to the effects: hurricanes and storms strike New Orleans and Mumbai; flooding causes devastation in England and Mozambique; droughts occur in Australia and Darfur; and sea level rise will affect Florida and Bangladesh. * Lord Stern, author of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change and former Chief Economist at the World Bank, is the world's leading authority on what we can do in the face of such unprecedented threat. Action on climate change will require the greatest possible international collaboration, but if successful will ensure not just our future, but our future prosperity. * Focusing on the economic management of investment and growth from the perspective of both adaptation and mitigation, Stern confronts the most urgent questions facing us now: what is the problem? What are the dangers? What can be done to reduce emissions, at what cost? How can the world adapt? And what does all this mean for corporations, governments and individuals? * A Blueprint for a Safer Planet provides authoritative, inspirational, and hopeful, answers.
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Umweltorientiertes Betriebliches Rechnungswesen

Author : Armin Müller
ISBN : 9783486710458
Genre : Business & Economics
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In der 3. Auflage dieses Buches wird der Blickwinkel insofern erweitert, als auf die Notwendigkeit eines nachhaltigen Wirtschaftens immer wieder verwiesen wird. "Die beiden größten Probleme unserer Zeit – die Überwindung der Armut in den Entwicklungsländern und die Bekämpfung des Klimawandels – sind unauflöslich miteinander verbunden." Dies spiegelt sich auch in diversen Instrumenten eines umweltorientierten betrieblichen Rechnungswesens wider, wie z.B. bei der Produktlinienanalyse oder dem Balanced-Scorecard-Konzept. Insoweit ist die Neuauflage erweitert worden, indem vor allem "moderne" Controlling-Konzepte und -Instrumente mit aufgenommen wurden. Neben dem bereits erwähnten Balanced Scorecard-Konzept kann auch die Flusskostenrechnung hervorgehoben werden. Bei der bereits in der Zweitauflage dargelegten Ökobilanzierung ist die Verbindung zu internationalen Normen aus der DIN ISO-140...-Familie und der EMAS II herausgestellt worden.
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