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Death As A Process

Author : John Pearce
ISBN : 1785703234
Genre : Burial
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wide ranging exploration of how archaeological evidence for death and burial in the Roman world can illustrate process and ritual sequence, from laying out the dead to the pyre and tomb, and from placing the dead in the earth to the return of the living to commemorate them.
Category: Burial

Death And Burial In The Roman World

Author : J. M. C. Toynbee
ISBN : 0801855071
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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Toynbee's comprehensive examination of Roman burial practices, ranging throughout the Roman world from Rome to Pompeii, Britain to Jerusalem. A broad perspective is adopted, which takes in beliefs about death and the afterlife, rituals associated with burial and mourning, and descriptions of cemeteries and tombs themselves.
Category: History

Death And Changing Rituals

Author : J. Rasmus Brandt
ISBN : 9781782976394
Genre : Social Science
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The forms by which a deceased person may be brought to rest are as many as there are causes of death. In most societies the disposal of the corpse is accompanied by some form of celebration or ritual which may range from a simple act of deportment in solitude to the engagement of large masses of people in laborious and creative festivities. In a funerary context the term ritual may be taken to represent a process that incorporates all the actions performed and thoughts expressed in connection with a dying and dead person, from the preparatory pre-death stages to the final deposition of the corpse and the post-mortem stages of grief and commemoration. The contributions presented here are focused not on the examination of different funerary practices, their function and meaning, but on the changes of such rituals _ how and when they occurred and how they may be explained. Based on case studies from a range of geographical regions and from different prehistoric and historical periods, a range of key themes are examined concerning belief and ritual, body and deposition, place, performance and commemoration, exploring a complex web of practices.
Category: Social Science

The Oxford Handbook Of The Archaeology Of Death And Burial

Author : Sarah Tarlow
ISBN : 9780191650383
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial reviews the current state of mortuary archaeology and its practice, highlighting its often contentious place in the modern socio-politics of archaeology. It contains forty-four chapters which focus on the history of the discipline and its current scientific techniques and methods. Written by leading, international scholars in the field, it derives its examples and case studies from a wide range of time periods, such as the middle palaeolithic to the twentieth century, and geographical areas which include Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Combining up-to-date knowledge of relevant archaeological research with critical assessments of the theme and an evaluation of future research trajectories, it draws attention to the social, symbolic, and theoretical aspects of interpreting mortuary archaeology. The volume is well-illustrated with maps, plans, photographs, and illustrations and is ideally suited for students and researchers.
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of Death And Burial

Author : Michael Parker Pearson
ISBN : 0750932767
Genre : History
File Size : 46.80 MB
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The archaeology of death is a central aspect of our attempts to understand vanished societies. Through funeral remains we learn of the attitudes of prehistoric peoples to death and the afterlife, and also of their social organisation.
Category: History

Living Through The Dead

Author : Maureen Carroll
ISBN : 1842173766
Genre : Social Science
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This volume investigates the archaeology of death and commemoration through thematically linked case studies drawn from the Classical world. These investigations stress the processes of burial and commemoration as inherently social and designed for an audience, and they explore the meaning and importance attached to preserving memory. While previous investigations of Greek and Roman death and burial have tended to concentrate on period- or regionally-specific sets of data, this volume instead focuses on a series of topical connections that highlight important facets of death and commemoration significant to the larger Classical world. Living through the dead investigates the subject of death and commemoration from a diverse set of archaeologically informed approaches, including visual reception, detailed analysis of excavated remains, landscape, and post-classical reflections and draws on artefactual, documentary and pictorial evidence. The nine papers present recent research by some of the leading voices on the subject, as well as some fresh perspectives. Case studies come from Thermopylae, the Bosporan kingdom, Athens, Republican Rome, Pompeii and Egypt. As a collected volume, they provide thematically linked investigations of key issues in ritual, memory and (self)presentation associated with death and burial in the Classical period. As such, this volume will be of particular interest to postgraduate students and academics with specialist interests in the archaeology of the Classical world and also more broadly, as a source of comparative material, to people working on issues related to the archaeology of death and commemoration.
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of The Dead

Author : Henri Duday
ISBN : 9781782973409
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45.46 MB
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Henri Duday is Director of Research for CNRS at the University of Bordeaux. The Archaeology of the Dead is based on an intensive specialist course in burial archaeology given by Duday in Rome in November 2004. The primary aim of the project was to contribute to the development of common procedures for excavation, data collection and study of Roman cemeteries of the imperial period. Translated into English by Anna Maria Cipriani and John Pearce, this book looks at the way in which the analysis of skeletons can allow us to re-discover the lives of people who came before us and inform us of their view of death. Duday throughly examines the means at our disposal to allow the dead to speak, as well as identifying the pitfalls that may deceive us.
Category: Social Science

Cremation And The Archaeology Of Death

Author : Jessica Cerezo-Román
ISBN : 9780192519092
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 80.93 MB
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The fiery transformation of the dead is replete in our popular culture and Western modernity's death ways, and yet it is increasingly evident how little this disposal method is understood by archaeologists and students of cognate disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. In this regard, the archaeological study of cremation has much to offer. Cremation is a fascinating and widespread theme and entry-point in the exploration of the variability of mortuary practices among past societies. Seeking to challenge simplistic narratives of cremation in the past and present, the studies in this volume seek to confront and explore the challenges of interpreting the variability of cremation by contending with complex networks of modern allusions and imaginings of cremations past and present and ongoing debates regarding how we identify and interpret cremation in the archaeological record. Using a series of original case studies, the book investigates the archaeological traces of cremation in a varied selection of prehistoric and historic contexts from the Mesolithic to the present in order to explore cremation from a practice-oriented and historically situated perspective.
Category: Social Science

Funerary Practices In The Iberian Peninsula From The Mesolithic To The Chalcolithic

Author : Juan F. Gibaja
ISBN : 1407310151
Genre : History
File Size : 83.35 MB
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With this book the contributors review funerary practices from the Mesolithic to the Chalcolithic in the Western Mediterranean, more specifically, in this first volume, on modern day Spain, Andorra, and Portugal. (A second volume will focus on the same periods in Southern France and the Italian Peninsula.) Contents: Preface. Funerary practices in the western Mediterranean from the Mesolithic to the Chalcolithic: the Iberian Peninsular (Juan Gibaja, António Faustino Carvalho and Philippe Chambon); 1) Funerary practices in Cantabrian, Spain (9000-3000 cal BC) (Pablo Arias); 2) From pits to megaliths: Neolithic burials in the interior of Iberia (Manuel Rojo-Guerra and Rafael Garrido-Pena); 3) Funerary practices during the Early-Middle Neolithic in north-east Iberia (Juan Gibaja et al); 4) Mesolithic and Neolithic funerary practices in the central Mediterranean region of Spain (Oreto Garcia Puchol et al); 5) Funerary practices and demography from the Mesolithic to the Copper Age in southern Spain (Marta Diaz-Zorita et al); 6) Mortuary archaeology of the Muge shell middens (Mary Jackes and David Lubell); 7) Algar do Bom Santo: a Middle Neolithic necropolis in Portuguese Estremadura (Antonio Faustino Carvalho et al); 8) The Sado shell middens: anthropological and paleodietary depiction (Claudia Umbelino and Eugenia Cunha); 9) Ditches, pits and hypogea: new data and new problems in south Portugal Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic practices (Antonio Carlos Valera); 10) Early Neolithic funerary practices in Castelo Belinho’s village (western Algarve, Portugal) (Mario Varela Gomes)
Category: History

Ethics And Burial Archaeology

Author : Duncan Sayer
ISBN : 9781350065161
Genre : History
File Size : 69.31 MB
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The investigation of human remains has always been central to archaeological, but archaeologists are not the only ones with an interest in their treatment. Political groups, religious organisations, descendant communities and disenfranchised interest groups are all becoming more vocal in expressing their opinions on this subject on a world stage. This book sets a new agenda for ethical studies in mortuary investigation, adducing a series of case studies which can be used to understand the questions facing burial archaeology. Who owns the dead - not just their bodies but also their stories? Do the remains themselves matter or are there other political agendas which influence interest groups? The author encourages archaeologists to be more open and inclusive when conducting mortuary projects, as it is often the perception of secrecy or interference with the dead that raises concern about the treatment of historical and scientifically important skeletal remains.
Category: History