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A Dark Night S Work

Author : Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
ISBN : UCAL:B4105357
Genre : Deception
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Category: Deception

Dark Work

Author : Christy Clark-Pujara
ISBN : 9781479855636
Genre : History
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In Dark Work, Christy Clark-Pujara tells the story of one state in particular whose role was outsized: Rhode Island. Historians have written expansively about the slave economy and its vital role in early American economic life. Like their northern neighbors, Rhode Islanders bought and sold slaves and supplies that sustained plantations throughout the Americas; however, nowhere else was this business so important. During the colonial period trade with West Indian planters provided Rhode Islanders with molasses, the key ingredient for their number one export: rum. More than 60 percent of all the slave ships that left North America left from Rhode Island. During the antebellum period Rhode Islanders were the leading producers of “negro cloth,” a coarse wool-cotton material made especially for enslaved blacks in the American South. Clark-Pujara draws on the documents of the state, the business, organizational, and personal records of their enslavers, and the few first-hand accounts left by enslaved and free black Rhode Islanders to reconstruct their lived experiences. The business of slavery encouraged slaveholding, slowed emancipation and led to circumscribed black freedom. Enslaved and free black people pushed back against their bondage and the restrictions placed on their freedom. It is convenient, especially for northerners, to think of slavery as southern institution. The erasure or marginalization of the northern black experience and the centrality of the business of slavery to the northern economy allows for a dangerous fiction—that North has no history of racism to overcome. But we cannot afford such a delusion if we are to truly reconcile with our past.
Category: History

Dark Work

Author : Keith Minnion
ISBN : 1909640573
Genre : Art
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SST's DARK WORK brings together the best magazine and book illustrations and covers from Keith Minnion's twenty-year career in the horror genre. Keith chooses to work in traditional media-pencil, ink, paint-and all are showcased in 100 pages of full color and rich black and white art. Shelley's Monster, Leiber's Demons of the Upper Air, Blatty's Exorcist, Strand's Aspiring Lunatic, Curran's Corpse King, Crowther's Eater, Ketchum's Gorilla, O'Nan's Monsters, and every shadow, terror and nightmare in between, are all here. Along with scores of previously published illustrations, there is also a section of work published here for the first time. The award-winning illustrator Steven C. Gilberts provides an insightful introductory essay, and Keith also supplies a complete and detailed index of the work presented.
Category: Art

The Dark Work

Author : Jon Lange
ISBN : 1512357723
Genre :
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The Dark Work involves a conscious re-integration of the Negative forces subsisting behind the phenomenal universe. The Cult of the Hidden God, a little known occult organisation from the Eighties, was actively involved in such work and wrote many interesting papers based on their research, some of which are now lost. But the ones that have survived are now here published for the first time, completely edited and annotated, and with a fascinating history of the group's rise and fall. The book also includes some of the group's artwork, most of it in full colour, and letters drawn the editor's personal collection. Backed by an occult luminary like Kenneth Grant, who sadly passed away before this material would see the light of day, the Cult explored many facets of Grant's work, aligning itself with the Typhonian Tradition, of which he was its main proponent. Anybody interested in the Left-Hand Path in particular, or just Magick in general, should check out this thoroughly exhaustive piece of historical research.

Dark Work

Author : Barbara Rush
ISBN : 1607461730
Genre : Fiction
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"Barbara Rush works in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a law firm as a Legal Research and Writing Specialist. She has written for law reviews and legal periodicals. This is her first novel. You may email Barbara Rush at [email protected]"
Category: Fiction

A Dark Night S Work

Author : Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
Genre : Fiction
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CHAPTER I. In the county town of a certain shire there lived (about forty years ago) one Mr. Wilkins, a conveyancing attorney of considerable standing. The certain shire was but a small county, and the principal town in it contained only about four thousand inhabitants; so in saying that Mr. Wilkins was the principal lawyer in Hamley, I say very little, unless I add that he transacted all the legal business of the gentry for twenty miles round. His grandfather had established the connection; his father had consolidated and strengthened it, and, indeed, by his wise and upright conduct, as well as by his professional skill, had obtained for himself the position of confidential friend to many of the surrounding families of distinction. He visited among them in a way which no mere lawyer had ever done before; dined at their tables—he alone, not accompanied by his wife, be it observed; rode to the meet occasionally as if by accident, although he was as well mounted as any squire among them, and was often persuaded (after a little coquetting about “professional engagements,” and “being wanted at the office”) to have a run with his clients; nay, once or twice he forgot his usual caution, was first in at the death, and rode home with the brush. But in general he knew his place; as his place was held to be in that aristocratic county, and in those days. Nor let be supposed that he was in any way a toadeater. He respected himself too much for that. He would give the most unpalatable advice, if need were; would counsel an unsparing reduction of expenditure to an extravagant man; would recommend such an abatement of family pride as paved the way for one or two happy marriages in some instances; nay, what was the most likely piece of conduct of all to give offence forty years ago, he would speak up for an unjustly-used tenant; and that with so much temperate and well-timed wisdom and good feeling, that he more than once gained his point. He had one son, Edward. This boy was the secret joy and pride of his father’s heart. For himself he was not in the least ambitious, but it did cost him a hard struggle to acknowledge that his own business was too lucrative, and brought in too large an income, to pass away into the hands of a stranger, as it would do if he indulged his ambition for his son by giving him a college education and making him into a barrister. This determination on the more prudent side of the argument took place while Edward was at Eton. The lad had, perhaps, the largest allowance of pocket-money of any boy at school; and he had always looked forward to going to Christ Church along with his fellows, the sons of the squires, his father’s employers. It was a severe mortification to him to find that his destiny was changed, and that he had to return to Hamley to be articled to his father, and to assume the hereditary subservient position to lads whom he had licked in the play-ground, and beaten at learning.
Category: Fiction

The Dark Side Of Behaviour At Work

Author : A. Furnham
ISBN : 9780230510104
Genre : Business & Economics
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Corporations of every size have experience of employees who are guilty of lying, stealing, sabotage, hacking, destruction of files and data, and more than a few corporations have been, and continue to be, devastated by the activities of whistleblowers. Profits, secrets and staff morale are all threatened. This book provides a background to the psychology of deviance and offers practical advice about identifying the causes of and prescriptions for reversing disloyalty.
Category: Business & Economics

The Life And Work Of Ludwig Lewisohn This Dark And Desperate Age

Author : Ralph Melnick
ISBN : 0814327656
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This second volume portrays Lewisohn's last decades as an outspoken opponent of Nazi Germany, a leading promoter of Jewish resettlement in Palestine, a member of Brandeis University's first faculty, and one of the earliest voices advocating Jewish renewal in America. Despite his activism, Lewisohn was no longer welcome in Zionist circles by 1948 as a result of his "unacceptable" opinions concerning British intransigence, organizational politics, and, particularly, Jewish cultural and religious decline. However, the invitation to join the newly established Brandeis University as its only full professor provided him with the opportunity he sought to contribute to the reshaping of American Jewry. Lewisohn's efforts would later bear fruit in the Jewish renewal movement of the next generation.
Category: Biography & Autobiography