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Cybersecurity And Human Rights In The Age Of Cyberveillance

Author : Joanna Kulesza
ISBN : 9781442260429
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cybersecurity and Human Rights in the Age of Cyberveillance is a collection of articles by distinguished authors from the US and Europe and presents a contemporary perspectives on the limits online of human rights. By considering the latest political events and case law, including the NSA PRISM surveillance program controversy, the planned EU data protection amendments, and the latest European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence, it provides an analysis of the ongoing legal discourse on global cyberveillance. Using examples from contemporary state practice, including content filtering and Internet shutdowns during the Arab Spring as well as the PRISM controversy, the authors identify limits of state and third party interference with individual human rights of Internet users. Analysis is based on existing human rights standards, as enshrined within international law including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and recommendations from the Human Rights Council. The definition of human rights, perceived as freedoms and liberties guaranteed to every human being by international legal consensus will be presented based on the rich body on international law. The book is designed to serve as a reference source for early 21st century information policies and on the future of Internet governance and will be useful to scholars in the information studies fields, including computer, information and library science. It is also aimed at scholars in the fields of international law, international relations, diplomacy studies and political science.
Category: Computers

Blasphemy And Freedom Of Expression

Author : Jeroen Temperman
ISBN : 9781108416917
Genre : Law
File Size : 71.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book details the legal ramifications of existing anti-blasphemy laws and debates the legitimacy of such laws in Western liberal democracies.
Category: Law

Culture In Networks

Author : Paul McLean
ISBN : 9780745687209
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.19 MB
Format : PDF
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Today, interest in networks is growing by leaps and bounds, in both scientific discourse and popular culture. Networks are thought to be everywhere ï¿1⁄2 from the architecture of our brains to global transportation systems. And networks are especially ubiquitous in the social world: they provide us with social support, account for the emergence of new trends and markets, and foster social protest, among other functions. Besides, who among us is not familiar with Facebook, Twitter, or, for that matter, World of Warcraft, among the myriad emerging forms of network-based virtual social interaction? It is common to think of networks simply in structural terms ï¿1⁄2 the architecture of connections among objects, or the circuitry of a system. But social networks in particular are thoroughly interwoven with cultural things, in the form of tastes, norms, cultural products, styles of communication, and much more. What exactly flows through the circuitry of social networks? How are peopleï¿1⁄2s identities and cultural practices shaped by network structures? And, conversely, how do peopleï¿1⁄2s identities, their beliefs about the social world, and the kinds of messages they send affect the network structures they create? This book is designed to help readers think about how and when culture and social networks systematically penetrate one another, helping to shape each other in significant ways.
Category: Social Science

Internet Governance

Author : Roy Balleste
ISBN : 9781442247857
Genre : Law
File Size : 37.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Internet Governance: Origins, Current Issues, and Future Possibilities deals with Internet governance and includes computer history, Internet beginnings, institutions and stakeholders, proposed models of governance, and human rights. The concept of Internet governance covers an exceptionally complex and rapidly changing field of norms and rules. Its origins and conflicts engage many disciplines and give rise to technical standards with contributions from a wide range of stakeholders. At the same time, the Internet has increasingly become the dominant reality for all the information processing industries. The ultimate goal of the book is to establish a foundation for identifying a new model of governance for the Internet. In doing so, the book honors the efforts of previous scholars who have considered and proposed other models for the governance of the Internet. Among its aims, the book is intended as an introduction for the novice to the subject of internet governance. The first two chapters offer a historical foundation of the institutions and the debate. The next two chapters discuss the evolution of that debate over the last twenty years. The final two discuss the present and future ramifications of the debate and include the author’s attempts to sketch a practical plan for a new concept of Internet governance. This book provides an introductory, multidisciplinary account of the forces at work in the evolving concept of internet governance for scholars in the information studies fields, including computer, information and library science. It should also be useful for scholars in the fields of international law, international relations, diplomacy studies and political science.
Category: Law

Listening In

Author : Susan Landau
ISBN : 9780300227444
Genre : Computers
File Size : 39.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A cybersecurity expert and former Google privacy analyst's urgent call to protect devices and networks against malicious hackers and misinformed policymakers New technologies have provided both incredible convenience and new threats. The same kinds of digital networks that allow you to hail a ride using your smartphone let power grid operators control a country's electricity--and these personal, corporate, and government systems are all vulnerable. In Ukraine, unknown hackers shut off electricity to nearly 230,000 people for six hours. North Korean hackers destroyed networks at Sony Pictures in retaliation for a film that mocked Kim Jong-un. And Russian cyberattackers leaked Democratic National Committee emails in an attempt to sway a U.S. presidential election. And yet despite such documented risks, government agencies, whose investigations and surveillance are stymied by encryption, push for a weakening of protections. In this accessible and riveting read, Susan Landau makes a compelling case for the need to secure our data, explaining how we must maintain cybersecurity in an insecure age.
Category: Computers


Author : Walter J. Houston
ISBN : 9781134941315
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What does the Bible have to say about justice, and what relevance has this for people, particularly Christians, today? 'Justice: The Biblical Challenge' offers readers a balanced assessment of the biblical treatment of justice and what we might learn from this. The book opens with a brief overview of the differing social contexts which shaped how people thought about justice in biblical times. The examples of justice are grouped under three key narratives: the story of creation (justice as cosmic order), the story of the Exodus (justice as faithfulness), and the story of Israel (justice as a community of equals). The story of Jesus in Mark is then examined as exemplifying all three narratives. The book then applies these biblical stories to the world we live in now, applying an innovative 'justice audit' which uses the three biblical narratives of justice as yardsticks. The book concludes with an exploration of how readers might apply the ideas raised in the book to working for justice.
Category: Religion

A Short Course On Computer Viruses

Author : Frederick B. Cohen
ISBN : UCSC:32106011768642
Genre : Computers
File Size : 50.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here is an outstanding opportunity to learn about computer viruses from the internationally acclaimed pioneer in the field who actually coined the phrase "computer virus". This new edition of Cohen's classic work has been updated and expanded to nearly double its original size and now includes entirely new chapters on LAN viruses, international viruses, and good viruses (including code). As entertaining as it is thorough, the text is enlivened by Cohen's down-to-earth wit and his many fascinating anecdotes and heretofore unpublished historical facts about viruses. Both broad in its coverage and deep in its consideration, it includes dozens of lucid explanations and examples that amicably guide the reader through the complex, often convoluted subject matter. Hailed as a tour de force, Cohen's discussion of defensive strategies reveals many of the stumbling blocks that often trip readers up. Among the breakthroughs and exciting new developments you'll find only in this book are a new analysis of the epidemiology of computer viruses; new forms of virus evolution that will render most current defenses useless; new strategies and tactics in virus defenses; and new analyses of synergistic effects in attack and defense.
Category: Computers

Due Diligence In International Law

Author : Joanna Kulesza
ISBN : 9789004325197
Genre : Law
File Size : 23.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Due Diligence in International Law is the first ever international law monograph on the missing link between state responsibility and international liability that is the international law principle of due diligence, ensuring international cooperation, cybersecurity and preventing significant transboundary harm.
Category: Law

Online Banking Security Measures And Data Protection

Author : Aljawarneh, Shadi A.
ISBN : 9781522508656
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Technological innovations in the banking sector have provided numerous benefits to customers and banks alike; however, the use of e-banking increases vulnerability to system attacks and threats, making effective security measures more vital than ever. Online Banking Security Measures and Data Protection is an authoritative reference source for the latest scholarly material on the challenges presented by the implementation of e-banking in contemporary financial systems. Presenting emerging techniques to secure these systems against potential threats and highlighting theoretical foundations and real-world case studies, this book is ideally designed for professionals, practitioners, upper-level students, and technology developers interested in the latest developments in e-banking security.
Category: Business & Economics

Computer Forensics

Author : Associate Professor John Jay College of Criminal Justice Marie-Helen Maras
ISBN : 9781449692230
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Updated to include the most current events and information on cyberterrorism, the second edition of Computer Forensics: Cybercriminals, Laws, and Evidence continues to balance technicality and legal analysis as it enters into the world of cybercrime by exploring what it is, how it is investigated, and the regulatory laws around the collection and use of electronic evidence. Students are introduced to the technology involved in computer forensic investigations and the technical and legal difficulties involved in searching, extracting, maintaining, and storing electronic evidence, while simultaneously looking at the legal implications of such investigations and the rules of legal procedure relevant to electronic evidence. Significant and current computer forensic developments are examined, as well as the implications for a variety of fields including computer science, security, criminology, law, public policy, and administration.
Category: Computers