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Cupcake Envy

Author : Amy Eilert
ISBN : 9781462912964
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 36.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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These clever single-serving cakelets assume beloved forms that will appeal to all the special people in your life. Bake exquisite cupcakes that resemble a stylish party dress, a desktop humidor, a cheery coffee cup, an adorable baby bottle, a wicked voodoo doll, a stylish purse—and more than two dozen other amazing likenesses that will be the talk of the town! It's easy to prepare the cakes just by using common pans that are already in your kitchen. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can really apply your own creativity to each of the designs. If you don't like flowers, make polka-dots instead. Do you prefer purple instead of red? Go for it! You're in control. Even if you don't have an aptitude for baking, you will enjoy decorating these mini cakes. Every cupcake can be made with a simple box of cake mix and store-bought toppings, giving you more time to devote to the fun and creative parts of the process—shaping and decorating the cakes. For anyone looking for ways to make special occasions even more memorable, Cupcake Envy is the delicious and crafty cupcake cookbook for you!
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Cupcake Cakes

Author : Danielle Levy
ISBN : 9781607344841
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 28.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Everyone loves a cupcake, but one little cupcake isn’t appropriate for sharing. Combining the fun of a cupcake with the generous portions of a larger cake, Danielle Levy serves up some incredible creations that will satisfy a party full of people. Delight children with a smiling, curling Caterpillar Cake made up of one large cake for the head and fifteen smaller sprinkle-covered cupcakes for the body. Make your Valentine drool with a vase full of Chocolate & Cherry Valentine rose cupcakes. Enjoy a refreshing cupcake cone on a cool autumn day. From yummy Rocky Road to naughty Chocolate Liquor to Lemongrass and Coconut, these delectable and breathtaking creations redefine the cupcake.
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Jamaican Cooking Made Easy

Author : Getjamaica Com
ISBN : 9780595479573
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 41.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Enjoy a Jamaican recipe for every day and season of the year, Volume I of Jamaican Cooking Made Easy is the largest compilation of Jamaican recipes packed with new and flavorful dishes along with the traditional ones will put your taste buds to work enjoying every unique blend of herbs and spices.Chef Trevor Blake - Cooking Tutor Cayman Islands - As an experienced chef of over 27 years this is the first truly authentic Jamaican recipe book that I have used. I recommend it to my students and use it in lessons as it uses very simple ingredients to create masterpiece Jamaican dishes, a must have for cooks and chefs all over the world.
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Concrete Crafts

Author : Susanna Zacke
ISBN : 9781628739039
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 86.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Pouring concrete doesn’t have to be left to the professionals—decorate your home with concrete poured, mixed, and molded by your own two hands! Versatile, inexpensive, and easily casted, concrete is the perfect medium for crafters, tinkerers, and home improvers. Now, lifelong crafters and interior designers Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren reveal more than thirty of their favorite, no-fuss casting projects. Decorate your kitchen table or outdoor patio with: • Rhubarb leaf fruit bowls • Clustered candleholders • Birdbaths • Patterned pots • Flower vases • Angel figurines • And much more! Once you get started, you won’t want to stop making trinkets and ornate arrangements for friends, family, and each room in your house. Plus, crafting with concrete is a great way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful, sunny day. Featuring step-by-step photos, easy-to-follow directions, and Susanna and Sania’s expert tips, Concrete, the Perfect Hobby is the ultimate new guide to outdoor crafting. Pour out your creativity and discover the beautiful, practical items you can cast!
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Entice With Spice

Author : Shubhra Ramineni
ISBN : 9781462905270
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 75.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 911
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Cook healthy and delicious dishes with this friendly and easy-to-follow Indian cookbook. Entice with Spice shows Indian food enthusiasts how to prepare delicious meals at home without spending hours in the kitchen. A first generation Indian-American, author Shubhra Ramineni has developed a no-fuss cooking style that re-creates authentic Indian flavors using easy techniques and fresh and readily available ingredients. The Indian food lover will find nearly 100 recipes—from samosa to naan bread and mouthwatering curries—for easy-to-make versions of popular dishes from both the North and South of India. Throughout this practical book Shubhra shares tricks and shortcuts she has learned from her mother, who is from Northern India; her mother-in-law, who is from Southern India; family members in India, and professional chefs in the U.S. With a friendly, reassuring voice, Shubhra shows busy home cooks how simple it is to quickly prepare a homemade Indian meal that tastes wonderful, looks elegant and is also very healthy. Favorite Indian recipes include: Chicken Kebabs Pepper Shrimp on a Stick Coconut Chutney Whole Wheat Flatbread Chicken Vindaloo Curry Easy Lamb Curry Fish with Tamarind Curry Sweet Rice Pudding And many more…
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All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook

Author : Editors Of All You
ISBN : 0848739868
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 61.97 MB
Format : PDF
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From adorable pumpkin families and classic jack-o-lanterns to down-right scary giant spiders (eek!), the All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook packs in more cute and creepy crafts for tabletops, porches and yards than you'llhave room to display. Kids and adults alike will marvel at the ingenious storybook costumes, like Charlotte the Spider and Curious George, and shiver at the sight of our graveyard-chic décor. The best part? Every idea comes with simple instructions and a clear list of budget-friendly supplies you'll find online or at nearby stores. And since no holiday celebration is complete without delicious food for the whole family, our dozens of recipes for appetizers, main dishes, sides and, of course, desserts, will satisfy even the hungriest vampires or zombies in your brood. We've even included easy-bake treats so you can use up all that leftover candy (Mmmm... Milky Way Pudding!). No matter whether you're gathering toddlers, teens or adults for your annual spookfest, the All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook offers low-cost, big-bang ideas to ensure everyone a hauntingly good time.
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Start A Cupcake Business Today

Author : Paula Spencer
ISBN : 9780981646923
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Our cupcake business guide combines the business know-how with the practical advice you need to open your business quickly. There’s never been a better time to start up a cupcake business. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about cupcakes, creative in spirit, and looking for an outlet to realize their dream...Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial aspirations, this book will help you build on your passion for cupcakes and take it to the next level as a successful business. ANYONE can do this — there are already so many stories from professional pastry chefs to amateur bakers with a vision for success. “Start a Cupcake Business Today” equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start and successfully grow a cupcake bakery anywhere! After looking at current trends and the basic skills you will need, we cover every aspect of writing a business plan including: Researching the Market for Your Cupcakes Marketing and Promoting Your Business Legal Structure and Licensing for a Cupcake Business Financial Forecasting (Sales, Cash Flow, Budgets, etc.) and we simplify and explain the processes of: Funding Your Cupcake Business Pricing Your Cupcakes for Profit Start-up Costs for Cupcake Shops (Small & Large) Smart Accounting for Bakers A Business Book in a Cupcake Wrapper Because running a business isn’t familiar to everyone, the “business” chapters of the book are easy-to-follow and use practical language with real-world case-studies in a bakery context. We know it helps to see real examples, so you will have access to both a business plan template and an actual business plan from a successful gourmet cupcake shop to guide you. One of the reasons a cupcake business can thrive is because of a clear focus on a single, high-profit product, compared to a full-service commercial bakery. Creating your own cupcake business concept, rather than investing in a franchise will save you thousands of dollars if you have the right information. Getting Your Cupcake Business Legal With the growth in interest in small, sustainable and locally-produced products throughout the food industry there is also a new importance placed on health and legal compliance for small food producers including, traditional bakeries, home business bakers, cupcake trucks, and cupcake businesses selling on the internet . We address the most common issues and concerns from bakery owners to home businesses. Written with consultation from over 50 health, agricultural and municipal business departments you will be guided through the process of getting legal. We cut through the red-tape to alleviate the anxiety most people experience when dealing with health inspectors, tax collectors and licensing agencies. You will receive the latest guidance about the insurance you should have, your tax responsibilities, the most common equipment and construction requirements, how to work and negotiate with your future landlord, what needs to be in a lease,your responsibilities for food safety, and much more. As part of our download library you can access the Health and Safety Inspection charts and checklists used in professional bakeries. Keeping these logs will ensure your success with fire and health inspections. You will learn how to: Select the Best Locations for YOUR kind of cupcake business; Design your Lighting, Counters and Kitchen to Maximize Efficiency and Sales How to be a Strong Presence in your Community through both Traditional and Web-based Marketing Understand how to get the TOP results from Search engines, and Best results from Facebook and Twitter. For the web-savvy we provide best practices in search engine optimization and social media marketing while also providing step-by-step instructions guide you every step of the way. If you’ve never run a business we cover every topic you'll ever need. Learn more at
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Vintage Parties

Author : Linda Hansson
ISBN : 9781629140117
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 74.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Invite your nearest and dearest for a celebration¬—vintage style! Vintage bloggers Linda Hansson, Louise Lemming, and Emma Sundh reveal their secrets for throw the best parties, festivities, and fetes with a nostalgic twist. With this beautiful reference for hosting themed get-togethers, you’ll create the right old-time atmostphere, play classic games, serve treats and cuisine with yesterday’s pomp and flair, and best of all—you’ll look the part! Get creative with: • Pompoms and balloons for a spring fling • “Air-mail” place settings for a ’40s theme • Nautical cushions, placemats, and decor • ’50s photobooth props and parlor games • Typewriter guestbooks for a Gatsby effect • And so much more to create your perfect retro look! Add to that make-up and hairstyles from yesteryear, tips on how to care for a vintage dress, and how to sew the perfect skirt or a festive bow tie. Plus, discover great recipes for modern updates on such time-honored offerings as homemade donuts, apple pie moonshine, cake pops, picnic sandwiches, and, of course, champagne. Packed to the brim with clever do-it-yourself creations from vintage and thrift store finds, Vintage Party is the retro-crafter’s dream guide for throwing parties everyone will RSVP yes to. So toast with pastel lemonade—welcome to your vintage party!
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Zen Gardens

Author : Mira Locher
ISBN : 9781462910496
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 23.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Shunmyo Masuno, Japan's leading garden designer, is at once Japan's most highly acclaimed landscape architect and an 18th-generation Zen Buddhist priest, presiding over daily ceremonies at the Kenkoji Temple in Yokohama. He is celebrated for his unique ability to blend strikingly contemporary elements with the traditional design vernacular. He has worked in ultramodern urban hotels and in some of Japan's most famous classic gardens. In each project, his work as a designer of landscape architecture is inseparable from his Buddhist practice. Each becomes a Zen garden, "a special spiritual place where the mind dwells." This beautiful book, illustrated with more than 400 drawings and color photographs, is the first complete retrospective of Masuno's work to be published in English. It presents 37 major gardens around the world in a wide variety of types and settings: traditional and contemporary, urban and rural, public spaces and private residences, and including temple, office, hotel and campus venues. Masuno achieved fame for his work in Japan, but he is becoming increasingly known internationally, and in 2011 completed his first commission in the United States which is shown here. Zen Gardens, divided into three chapters, covers: "Traditional Zen Gardens," "Contemporary Zen Gardens" and "Zen Gardens outside Japan." Illustrated with photographs and architectural plans or sketches, each Zen garden design is described and analyzed by author Mira Locher, herself an architect and a scholar well versed in Japanese culture. Celebrating the accomplishments of a major, world-class designer, Zen Gardens also serves as something of a master class in Japanese garden design and appreciation: how to perceive a Japanese garden, how to understand one, even how to make one yourself. Like one of Masuno's gardens, the book can be a place for contemplation and mindful repose.
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Filipino Cuisine

Author : Gerry G. Gelle
ISBN : 0890135134
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 42.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 137
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A comprehensive presentation is given of all the regional styles of cooking from the island nation of the Philippines. All of the cultural influences that make up this country are presented in the cooking, including Asian, Spanish, Muslim, Portuguese, Mexican, and, of course, Filipino.
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