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Crisis Negotiations

Author : Michael McMains
ISBN : 9781317523000
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Leading authorities on negotiations present the result of years of research, application, testing and experimentation, and practical experience. Principles and applications from numerous disciplines are combined to create a conceptual framework for the hostage negotiator. Ideas and concepts are explained so that the practicing negotiator can apply the principles outlined.

Crisis Negotiations

Author : Michael J. McMains
ISBN : 9781455776726
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The 5th Edition of this classic text presents a user-friendly resource for practicing negotiators and a ready reference for courses in crisis management in criminal justice, psychology, and criminology programs. The new edition has added summary bullet points for easy reference when negotiators are in the field, a review of the literature since the last edition appeared, a discussion of the strategic planning process involved in high-risk negotiation incidents focused clearly on the critical questions negotiators need to ask themselves about a high-risk incident, and a practical applied-psychology approach to personalities that engage in high-risk incidents. New focus on strategic and tactical planning in crisis incidents Fresh information on "debriefing the stress" after a crisis management operation Quick-reference "Bullet Points for the Field" available in the book and as a handy download from the companion website New case studies demonstrate lessons learned in recent crises Updated text boxes from authorities in the field New applied material on the personalities involved in high-risk hostage and barricaded incidents
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Crisis Negotiations

Author : Michael J. McMains
ISBN : 9781437755060
Genre : Law
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Leading authorities on negotiations present the result of years of research, application, testing and experimentation, and practical experience. Principles and applications from numerous disciplines are combined to create a conceptual framework for the hostage negotiator. Ideas and concepts are explained so that the practicing negotiator can apply the principles outlined. McMains and Mullins are leading authorities on crisis negotiations. Learning objectives, discussion questions, and real-life negotiation situations expand on the text.
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Communication In Crisis And Hostage Negotiations

Author : Arthur A. Slatkin
ISBN : 9780398079208
Genre : Law
File Size : 23.58 MB
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This updated and expanded new edition emphasizesthe need for law enforcement and emergency service workers to handle critical incidents in a positive manner when encountering people in public crises. The book's focus is on the approaches, stratagems, difficult circumstances, and the ability to effectively advance the course of the negotiations in the best interests of all concerned. Active listening is presented in an enhanced form with several important objectives and innovations: (1) in addition to basic techniques, advanced techniques are taught to increase the range and variety of negotiator response; (2) the material is geared more specifically to law enforcement and emergency service officers; (3) several means of skills practice are offered to help the trainee become more comfortable and more proficient; (4) explanations, examples, and applications that make the material sensible, practical, and comprehensive; and finally (5) advanced techniques, drawn from many fields, allow both novices and experienced negotiators to find challenge and skills enhancement. As author Slatkin advises: 'Do each exercise thoroughly. Work closely with others in and outside of formal training settings and value the feedback you get so that you can hone your skills. Get to the other side of your unfamiliarity, awkwardness, and insecurity through practice. Make effective communication and active listening not just what you do when you negotiate but something you do in all aspects of your work and home life.' Written exercises and a role-play (with training scenarios) are included to help negotiators acquire and practice the basic communication techniques that appear in the book. This text will be of interest to all police and corrections agencies, fire and rescue emergency personnel, medical service personnel, and chaplains.
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Crisis Negotiation For Law Enforcement Corrections And Emergency Services

Author : Arthur Slatkin
ISBN : 9780398090661
File Size : 20.51 MB
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This text focuses on operational theory and practice for negotiators by following a crisis intervention model for crisis negotiations. Its intent is to provide some depth and breadth of understanding for instructors, students, and line negotiators seeking excellence in the professional role of hostage crisis negotiator. The book is written principally to enhance negotiator confidence and competence, well-grounded in deliberate and effective use of self as an intervener and negotiator in critical incidents. The text seeks to provide a structure and framework for conducting negotiations. Major topics include: Rapidly establishing rapport and a collaborative relationship; conducting crisis, biopsychosocial, and lethality assessments; identifying the major problems or crisis precipitants; exploring feelings and emotions; generating and exploring alternatives; developing and implementing an action plan, with follow-up; hostage situations as crisis negotiations; suicide and assault with danger to self and others; and barricaded subject situations. The real amalgam of the art and science of the field of crisis negotiation is knowledge in depth and its skillful, practical application in the aid of others. This book is for those who want to be much more than just good enough. The text provides a valuable resource to all police and correction agencies, emergency rescue personnel, as well as medical and behavioral science professionals.

The Elements Of Police Hostage And Crisis Negotiations

Author : James L Greenstone
ISBN : 9781136614651
Genre : Law
File Size : 28.85 MB
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Run a safe and successful crisis negotiation—from start to finish! The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Critical Incidents and How to Respond to Them reduces the negotiation procedures for hostage, barricaded, and suicide incidents to their basic elements, providing quick and easy access to the information you need-from the initial call-out to the final debriefing. Based on field-tested principles proven to work, the book also includes newly developed and highly specialized techniques for more experienced negotiators. Author James L. Greenstone provides a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to the intervention and negotiation process that will help you get the job done—right. Designed for day-to-day, on-the-scene use, The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations is a practical handbook for experienced professionals and novices that can also be used as a supplementary textbook for criminal justice, crisis intervention, and psychology coursework. Each chapter contains useful checklists, procedural notes, tables, strategy worksheets, and forms, and the book includes special indices for quick reference in addition to a traditional index. Dr. Greenstone, a police mental health consultant and psychologist who served as Director of the Psychological Services Unit of the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas, uses a simple and direct format that emphasizes procedures, action and results, leaving theoretical discussions for another time and place. The book examines the negotiation process from start to finish, including preincident preparations, first response responsibilities, responding to the call-out, arriving at the scene, preparing to negotiate, making contact, preparing for the surrender, post-incident tasks, preparing equipment, and more. Topics covered in The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations include: legal considerations telephone surveillance guidelines the Stockholm Syndrome working with S.W.A.T. and Tactical Emergency Medical Support dealing with the media recognizing “red flags” the issues of suicide debriefing the hostage team the 150 laws of hostage and crisis negotiation and the 10 most serious errors a negotiator can make The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Critical Incidents and How to Respond to Them is a practical guide that’s equally effective in the field, in training, and in the office.
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Hostage Crisis Negotiations

Author : Thomas Strentz
ISBN : 0398088691
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The focus of this book is on dealing with hostage and crisis negotiations and how this can be successfully accomplished in order to save lives. Typically, those encountered by correctional and law enforcement crisis negotiators fall into one of three broad categories: The Bad, the Mad, and the Sad – or, those with antisocial personality disorder; those who are severely mentally ill, insane or psychotic; or those who are contemplating suicide, respectively. This book outlines tactics and procedures for dealing with these three groups of individuals. Many excerpts will be found of siege dialogue and behind-the-scenes efforts of those in the command post and other locations whose efforts and energies play an integral role in this life-saving process. Some topics discussed include how using sleep deprivation should be avoided by hostage and crisis negotiators and how it can be used to advantage against the culprits; and how active listening skills (ALS) can be utilized and the mechanics of the process. These ALS guidelines show how being not only a good interviewer but also a good listener can be used to find a remedy to the situation. Team roles and responsibilities are also discussed in some detail. Using “hooks,” or topics/persons that can be used to extract the subject from the crisis, and “hot buttons,” or topics/persons that should be avoided from discussion, is also examined. Several “Lessons Learned” sections are also included after the dialogues, outlining what was learned and achieved in the process and which pitfalls should be avoided. Crisis negotiations has also been included in the book because a growing number of subjects with whom crisis negotiators deal are not holding hostages. While it is not the purpose of this text to review all tactics and techniques of the negotiations process, many examples are provided of what does work and, on occasion, what does not. It will prove to be a very useful tool to corrections and police negotiators and crisis interveners who seek peaceful ends to these very volatile and dangerous situations.
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Psychological Aspects Of Crisis Negotiation

Author : Thomas Strentz
ISBN : 9781351367097
Genre : Law
File Size : 65.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Psychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation, Third Edition, explores the methods and strategies for confronting the nine types of subjects typically encountered in hostage/suicide sieges by correctional staff and law enforcement crisis negotiators. Strentz, an experienced negotiator who designed and directed the FBI’s hostage negotiator program, lays out the critical elements that are required for a successful encounter with a hostage taker or other malfeasant. This book highlights psychological dynamics of negotiations as they apply to the negotiator, the hostage, and the subject. It discusses the predictors of surrender versus the need for a tactical intervention and examines the phases of a hostage crisis and the changing focus as the crisis develops. Referencing historical events such as the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Challenger and Columbia incidents, this text demonstrates how faulty group decision making can spell tragedy. Enhanced with case studies to put the material into context, this third edition also includes new chapters on the SWAT team/crisis negotiator interface and on the genesis of the increased incidence of mentally ill hostage takers. Based on decades of experience in the fi eld and practical advice from a national expert, this volume arms negotiators with the knowledge and tools they need to defuse crises and increase the odds that hostages will survive.
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Stalling For Time

Author : Gary Noesner
ISBN : 9780525511281
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 36.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The FBI's chief hostage negotiator recounts harrowing standoffs, including the Waco siege with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, in a memoir that serves as a basis for the upcoming series Waco. In Stalling for Time, the FBI's chief hostage negotiator takes readers on a harrowing tour through many of the most famous hostage crises in the history of the modern FBI, including the siege at Waco, the Montana Freemen standoff, and the D.C. sniper attacks. Having helped develop the FBI's nonviolent communication techniques for achieving peaceful outcomes in tense situations, Gary Noesner offers a candid, fascinating look back at his years as an innovator in the ranks of the Bureau and a pioneer on the front lines. Whether vividly recounting showdowns with the radical Republic of Texas militia or clashes with colleagues and superiors that expose the internal politics of America's premier law enforcement agency, Stalling for Time crackles with insight and breathtaking suspense. Case by case, minute by minute, it's a behind-the-scenes view of a visionary crime fighter in action. Praise for Stalling for Time "Riveting . . . the most in-depth and absorbing section is devoted to the 1993 siege near Waco, Texas."--The Washington Post "Captivating . . . an electrifying read . . . No Hollywood movie can top this story for thrills, suspense, or action."--New York Journal of Books "Certain to fascinate true crime readers . . . The compelling centerpiece of the book is Noesner's analysis of 'what went wrong at Waco' with the Branch Davidians."--Publishers Weekly "An intense, immersive narrative . . . vicariously entertaining."--Kirkus Reviews "Engrossing . . . The book is also an intimate history of contemporary American militia movements."--New Republic
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Training Strategies For Crisis And Hostage Negotiations

Author : Arthur A. Slatkin
ISBN : 9780398085629
Genre : Communication in law enforcement
File Size : 21.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Training Strategies for Crisis and Hostage Negotiations was written for trainers who are tasked with providing role play: scenario-driven training that is challenging, novel, interesting, varied, and motivating. A trainer may play a larger role as leader, expert, teacher, coordinator, planner, facilitator, resource manager/librarian, observer/evaluator, talent agent/developer, and as a liaison with local, regional, and national groups. Role play remains the principal resource as the most effective way to train negotiatorsOCoboth novice and experiencedOCoand scenarios can be written in any number of ways, with role plays having endless possible variations that provide needed practice under controlled circumstances. Role play has been employed in numerous and diverse settings in the behavioral sciences, government, military, medicine, and business, affording needed practice under these controlled circumstances. The book observes training plans, goals and objectives, roles of trainers, scenario writing, subjects and realistic guidelines for role players, creative variations for role play practice, plus feedback and evaluation. The author adds knowledge about constructing scenarios that teach and challenge, making role plays more powerful and enlivening. Foundation material is included about the role of the trainer, the trainee, adult learning, and the important process of evaluation and the creative use of role play. In addition to the basic principles and mechanics of training strategies, skill-building exercises are presented, which can be used to serve unique settings and circumstances. The basics of active listening skills, negotiations stratagems, analysis of personality, and training techniques to properly master the basic skills for negotiators at all levels are among the many facets of this resource. The author presents a constant review and application of fundamentals in the negotiation world that has produced successful resolutions and competent, skilled negotiators. For the trainer, negotiator, supervisor, or academy instructor, this manual will be an invaluable training source."
Category: Communication in law enforcement