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Craving For Love

Author : Briar Whitehead
ISBN : 0825462134
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 27.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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(Foreword by Frank Worthen) A valuable resource for those recovering from relationship addiction, and for those who minister to them.
Category: Family & Relationships

Craving For Love

Author : Violet Vaughn
ISBN : 1533542252
Genre :
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Determined to get over Jason and find a man that wants a family, Casey Cassidy moves to Breckenridge, Colorado. Landing a job skiing every day, Casey finds Blaine Johnson - a wish come true. A hunky surfer turned ski instructor, he checks off every requirement on her list. Except for the one she forgot to add. Blaine has a secret. A secret so big it keeps intimacy smoldering, when Casey needs fire. No matter how hard she tries, the embers won't ignite. Can she live without passion to get the family she craves? When Jason comes to town, Casey questions everything she wished for. Their consuming love threatens to explode and ruin her dream, leaving her with the choice between a family and the love of her life.

The Craving Mind

Author : Judson Brewer
ISBN : 9780300223248
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A leading neuroscientist and pioneer in the study of mindfulness explains why addictions are so tenacious and how we can learn to conquer them We are all vulnerable to addiction. Whether it's a compulsion to constantly check social media, binge eating, smoking, excessive drinking, or any other behaviors, we may find ourselves uncontrollably repeating. Why are bad habits so hard to overcome? Is there a key to conquering the cravings we know are unhealthy for us? This book provides groundbreaking answers to the most important questions about addiction. Dr. Judson Brewer, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has studied the science of addictions for twenty years, reveals how we can tap into the very processes that encourage addictive behaviors in order to step out of them. He describes the mechanisms of habit and addiction formation, then explains how the practice of mindfulness can interrupt these habits. Weaving together patient stories, his own experience with mindfulness practice, and current scientific findings from his own lab and others, Dr. Brewer offers a path for moving beyond our cravings, reducing stress, and ultimately living a fuller life.
Category: Psychology

Craving Him

Author : Kendall Ryan
ISBN : 9781476764634
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.2 MB
Format : PDF
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In Working It, New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan delivered a sexy and addictive contemporary romance about Emmy Clarke, a sweet southern girl out of her depth in New York City’s cutthroat fashion industry, and Ben Shaw, the hot male model who introduced her to a world of pleasure. But their story is far from complete… Emmy Clarke is no quitter. Toughened by her experience working for fashion heavyweight Fiona Stone, Emmy has come a long way from her country girl roots, embracing her fast-paced and unpredictable life in New York City. Though that life comes with more than a few complications. First there’s the mystery of Fiona’s pregnancy, which may or may not involve Emmy’s boyfriend, superstar male model Ben Shaw. Emmy has always known that Ben comes with more baggage than she can handle—and not the Louis Vuitton kind. Yet Ben is the only man who has ever loved Emmy for who she is, and she wants nothing more than to do the same for him, even if it means forgiving his past and overlooking their wildly different lifestyles. But when a shocking secret from Ben’s past comes to light, unraveling all of their progress, Emmy must decide if their relationship is worth the fight, or if it’s time to ignore her passion for him and let go.
Category: Fiction

Craving The Love Of A Young Boss 2

Author : Prenisha Aja'
ISBN : 1985016737
Genre :
File Size : 83.76 MB
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After being face to face with Mario's killer, Sade left us wondering what was going to happen next! Leaving us with our mouths open wide and hearts dropping, after her taking that terrible fall, possibly harming herself and her child. Nevertheless, Miami is still running around causing havoc because she still does not have that number one spot, she desperately desires to have in Zayan's life. But everything begins to take a turn as her own secrets come back to haunt her, making her feel like Karma was coming back to bite her in the ass after all of the fucked up things she did to tarnish the relationship between Zayan and Sade. With Sade and Zayan, trying to keep the flame that is burning between the two of them from going out, they are also being tested by the many curve balls, life keeps throwing at them. As secrets began to be revealed, the word love is being tested, and trust is being broken, making it hard for the two of them to withstand the storm. Will Sade not be able to stay beside Zayan, when everything hits the fan.... Leaving Miami to slither her way back in, like the true snake she is. Or will Sade stand by her man, leaving Miami still standing on the sides lines, craving the life Sade has with the man she loves.

Love And Saint Augustine

Author : Hannah Arendt
ISBN : 9780226225647
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hannah Arendt began her scholarly career with an exploration of Saint Augustine's concept of caritas, or neighborly love, written under the direction of Karl Jaspers and the influence of Martin Heidegger. After her German academic life came to a halt in 1933, Arendt carried her dissertation into exile in France, and years later took the same battered and stained copy to New York. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, as she was completing or reworking her most influential studies of political life, Arendt was simultaneously annotating and revising her dissertation on Augustine, amplifying its argument with terms and concepts she was using in her political works of the same period. The disseration became a bridge over which Arendt traveled back and forth between 1929 Heidelberg and 1960s New York, carrying with her Augustine's question about the possibility of social life in an age of rapid political and moral change. In Love and Saint Augustine, Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott and Judith Chelius Stark make this important early work accessible for the first time. Here is a completely corrected and revised English translation that incorporates Arendt's own substantial revisions and provides additional notes based on letters, contracts, and other documents as well as the recollections of Arendt's friends and colleagues during her later years.
Category: Religion

Addiction To Love

Author : Susan Peabody
ISBN : 9780307781307
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 83.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Love addiction manifests in many forms, from Fatal Attraction-type obsessive lust to less extreme but nonetheless psychologically and emotionally harmful forms. The most common of these is staying in a bad relationship because of a fear of being alone-the "I hate you but don'¬?t leave me" relationship. In ADDICTION TO LOVE, recovering love addict Susan Peabody explains the variety of ways this disorder plays out, from the obsessively doting love addict to the addict who can'¬?t disentangle from an unfulfilling, dead-end relationship. Peabody provides an in-depth and easy-to-follow recovery program for those suffering from this unhealthy and often dangerous addiction and explains how to create a loving, safe, and fulfilling relationship. A seminal work on unhealthy and obsessive behaviors in love, and how to change behavior to have a positive relationship. This third edition includes a new introduction and revisions to the text throughout. Some symptoms of love addiction include love at first sight, excessive fantasizing, abnormal jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty. Even relationships with parents, children, siblings, or friends may be addictive-dependency is not always related to romantic love. Previous editions have sold more than 40,000 copies."Love addiction is a three-headed serpent that Susan Peabody adeptly slays. This is the quintessential book for any love addict or counselor needing to fully understand this highly prevalent and complex disorder. Susan detects and dissects aspects of this condition not comprehended in other books of its kind. Recovery is possible. This book makes it possible to take the succinct steps necessary toward a loving and reciprocal long-term intimate relationship."-Sudi Scull, M.F.T., C.N., psychotherapist and nutritionist From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Psychology

Craving Love Cs

Author : Shelly Modes
ISBN : 1936984849
Genre :
File Size : 51.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Humans are created to love and be loved. How come some people seem to have more love than others, better relationships, wedded bliss, more overall joy? Do you crave more love, a more loving relationship? Studying miraculous transformation, love and spirituality under experts such as Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein and Maston Kipp, Shelly answers the question, "Where is the love?" Her "Start With the Heart" method unlocks the secret to attracting abundant love into your own life. Whether you are going through a divorce, break-up, contemplating separation, or wondering where Mr. Wonderful is, her approach to healing through divorce, connecting with your spirit and turning up your mojo will put you on the path to a real love life and a life you really love. She's been called a people whisperer with the ability to dig in to your deepest heart calling and help you discover your unique path to fulfillment, peace, happiness and love. Her next book "Seeking Truth" is due Summer 2015. Want more Love? Visit her website for weekly love taps and access to her "Start With The Heart" and "Fall In Love With Your Life" workshops and talks. Shelly is available as a speaker on topics such as"Divorce Rehab""Someone Stole My Perfect" "How to be a Lover" "One Word Transformation""Manifesting Mojo" "Finding Your Sweet Spot"Topics for young women and teen girls as well. She's a big fan of the little sisters of the world.

Made To Crave Devotional

Author : Lysa TerKeurst
ISBN : 9780310334729
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Last year, author Lysa TerKeurst released the book Made to Crave, providing the Biblical answer to why people diet, regain the weight they lose, and continue to find themselves stuck in this vicious cycle. Made to Crave helped thousands of people finally achieve victory in their weight loss journey. But, according to TerKeurst, “We need more than 19 chapters to stay motivated and on track. That’s why I wrote this daily devotional with 60 inspirational entries. There is plenty of new material not in the original book. Rest assured, I also included your favorite nuggets of wisdom from Made to Crave.” Just like the Made to Crave book, this Made to Crave Devotional is not a how-to get healthy book. It is the road to finding the lasting ‘want to’ that extends far beyond the surface issues of weighing less and wanting to wear a smaller clothes size. Says TerKeurst: “There’s a spiritual battle going on. It’s real. And it’s amazing how perfectly the Bible gives us specific ways to find victory with our food struggles. “Even for girls who don’t crave carrots.“
Category: Religion

Love By Design

Author : Liz Matis
ISBN : 9780984009800
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.34 MB
Format : PDF
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Design Intervention, starts the second season with its own surprise makeover. Interior designer Victoria Bryce must break in her temporary co-host, Aussie Russ Rowland. Victoria, former socialite wild child hopes the reality show will give her the clout to launch her own design line without her family connections. Russ, former bad boy Australian TV star is using the show to launch his acting career in the States. Sparks fly on camera as they argue over paint colors and measurement mishaps leading to passions igniting behind the scenes. But when their pasts collide with the present will the foundation they built withstand the final reveal? A HGTV meets Sex and The City romp!
Category: Fiction