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Cratons And Fold Belts Of India

Author : Ram Sharma
ISBN : 9783642014581
Genre : Science
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Cratons and Fold Belts of India, is a unique attempt at presenting geological characteristics and evolution of the fold belts and the cratonic areas of the Indian shield. The author has evaluated the different evolutionary models for each fold belt in light of all the currently available geological and geochronological informations that are clearly listed. Shortcomings, if any, of each model are stated and a viable geodynamic model is presented for each fold belt. The book is self-contained – it includes an introduction to the processes of mountain building, especially plate tectonics theory with its application to the evolution of the Himalaya as an illustrative example – so that the reader can better appreciate the novel approach to the evolution of Proterozoic fold belts. The author eschews a detailed account of the fold belts for a clear description of all the concepts that go into building models. It is primarily written for graduate students, teachers and for those geoscientists who aspire to know all about the Indian shield.
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Precambrian Basins Of India

Author : R. Mazumder
ISBN : 9781862397231
Genre : Science
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This Memoir provides a comprehensive review of the Precambrian basins of the four Archaean nuclei of India (Dharwar, Bastar, Singhbhum and Aravalli-Bundelkhand), encompassing descriptions of the time-space distribution of sedimentary-volcanic successions, the interrelationship between tectonics and sedimentation, and basin histories. Studies of 22 basins within the framework of an international basin classification scheme deepen an understanding of the basin architecture especially for cratonic basins. Most Indian sedimentary successions formed as cratonic to extensional-margin rift and thermal-sag basins, some reflecting mantle plume movement, subcrustal heating or far-field stress. This Memoir shows that Phanerozoic plate-tectonic and sequence stratigraphic principles can be applied to the Precambrian basins of large Archaean provinces. The differences between the stratigraphic architecture of the Indian Precambrian and examples of Phanerozoic basin-fill successions elsewhere are ascribed to variable rates and intensities of the controls on accommodation and sediment supply, and changes inherent in the evolution of the hydrosphere-atmosphere and biosphere systems.
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Geological Evolution Of The Precambrian Indian Shield

Author : M.E.A. Mondal
ISBN : 9783319896984
Genre : Science
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This book presents findings from research into the Precambrian history of the Indian shield obtained using state-of-the-art technology. It demonstrates a paradigm shift towards studying the Precambrian shield regions using petrological, geochemical, structural, metallogenic, sedimentological and paleobiological data from the rocks in the Precambrian shield area, and presents a collection of contributions on these diverse topics that help to reconstruct the Precambrian evolution of the Indian Shield.
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Sediment Hosted Lead Zinc Sulphide Deposits

Author : M. Deb
ISBN : 0849330807
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.1 MB
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Sediment-hosted Lead-Zinc Sulphide Deposits comprises thirteen chapters contributed by renowned economic geologists from three continents. This book highlights the recent advances made in the understanding of the temporal and tectono-stratigraphic distribution of sediment-hosted Pb-Zn sulphide ores and processes governing their genesis.
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Structure And Tectonics Of The Indian Continental Crust And Its Adjoining Region

Author : Harish C Tewari
ISBN : 9780128136867
Genre : Science
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Structure and Tectonics of the Indian Continental Crust and Its Adjoining Region: Deep Seismic Studies, Second Edition, collates essential data from seismic studies of Earth’s crust across India, offering an essential understanding of the tectonic development of the Indian subcontinent. Seismic studies have been carried out in various parts of India since 1972, recording crust-related seismic data for determination of velocity-depth configuration and determination of structural patterns. The book examines the details of these studies, including their synthesis and global applications. The book presents both background and applications in one cohesive volume for researchers and students of geophysics and geology. Presents all the information and metadata of the Indian continental crust and its neighbouring regions in a cohesive way Provides basic knowledge of the Indian subcontinent to support the discussion of seismic studies related to crustal structure Includes all new chapter covering global applications and synthesis of the findings and observations
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Palaeoproterozoic Of India

Author : Rajat Mazumder
ISBN : 1862393451
Genre : Science
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The Indian shield represents a vast repository of the Palaeoproterozoic geological record. Built over the four large amalgamated Archaean nuclei (Dharwar, Bastar, Singhbhum and Aravalli-Bundelkhand) the major and minor Palaeoproterozoic sedimentary basins and supracrustal sequences in India are comparable in scale, and perhaps also in development, to those of North America, Africa, Australia and Brazil. The deformation of these supracrustal sequences, attendant metamorphism and emplacement of plutonic bodies hold important clues to their connection with major orogenies. Research in these areas has led to investigations into global correlation, which in turn has had a direct bearing on refining models of Palaeoproterozoic supercontinent assembly and break-up. This book covers various aspects of regional geology as well as broader issues of the Indian Palaeoproterozoic geology and its global context. It is an outcome of the UNESCO-IGCP 509 Palaeoproterozoic Supercontinents and Global Evolution research project.
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Indian Minerals

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B5095373
Genre : Mines and mineral resources
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