Counterinsurgency Warfare

Author : David Galula
ISBN : 0275992691
Genre : History
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A template for the defeat of insurgents seeks to define the laws of counterinsurgency warfare, discuss its principles, and outline the corresponding strategy and tactics.
Category: History

The Role And Limitations Of Technology In U S Counterinsurgency Warfare

ISBN : 9781612346755
Genre : History
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Richard W. Rubright addresses the constraints of technology in enhancing American military capability. Analyzing the confines and self-imposed restrictions on the use of technology as well as current military doctrine, he develops a new rubric for guiding the military in modern warfare.
Category: History

Modern Warfare A French View Of Counterinsurgency

Author : Roger Trinquier
ISBN : 9780313390562
Genre : History
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This volume in the Praeger Security International (PSI) series Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era reveals how French officers who served in Indochina, like the author, Roger Trinquier, fought fierce rear-guard actions against ideologically motivated insurgents in the 1940s and 1950s to a far greater extent than their American counterparts later faced in Vietnam. The lack of coherent strategic direction from Paris in the chaotic years of the Fourth Republic left the military with the task of making political decisions in the field. With the original introduction by Bernard B. Fall and a new foreword prepared by Eliot A. Cohen.
Category: History

Communist Revolutionary Warfare

Author : George Kilpatrick Tanham
ISBN : 0275992632
Genre : History
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This book examines the organization, logistics, and tactics of the insurgency mounted by the Viet Minh in Indochina and the French military response.
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Counter Guerrilla Operations

Author : Napoleon D. Valeriano
ISBN : 0275992659
Genre : History
File Size : 27.31 MB
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This book by a Philippino and an American officer expert in guerrilla warfare examines the means to assess the strengths and weaknesses of insurgencies.
Category: History

The Case Against Military Intervention

Author : Donald Snow
ISBN : 9781317501770
Genre : Political Science
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Since World War II, military intervention in developing world internal conflicts (DWIC) has become the primary form of U.S. military activity, and these interventions have proven unsuccessful in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This book argues such failure was entirely predictable, even inevitable, due both to the nature and dynamics of foreign military intrusion in the affairs of other countries and especially the DWICs that provide the major contemporary form of potential U.S. military in the foreseeable future. Basing its analysis in both human nature (the adverse reaction to prolonged outsider intrusion) and historical analogy, the book argues strongly why military intervention should be avoided as a national security option and the implications of such a policy decision for national security strategy and policy.
Category: Political Science

Anthropology And Global Counterinsurgency

Author : John D. Kelly
ISBN : 9780226429953
Genre : Social Science
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Global events of the early twenty-first century have placed new stress on the relationship among anthropology, governance, and war. Facing prolonged insurgency, segments of the U.S. military have taken a new interest in anthropology, prompting intense ethical and scholarly debate. Inspired by these issues, the essays in Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency consider how anthropologists can, should, and do respond to military overtures, and they articulate anthropological perspectives on global war and power relations. This book investigates the shifting boundaries between military and civil state violence; perceptions and effects of American power around the globe; the history of counterinsurgency doctrine and practice; and debate over culture, knowledge, and conscience in counterinsurgency. These wide-ranging essays shed new light on the fraught world of Pax Americana and on the ethical and political dilemmas faced by anthropologists and military personnel alike when attempting to understand and intervene in our world.
Category: Social Science

Mut Zur Freiheit

Author : Yeonmi Park
ISBN : 9783641178796
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Yeonmi Park träumte nicht von der Freiheit, als sie im Alter von erst 13 Jahren aus Nordkorea floh. Sie wusste nicht einmal, was Freiheit ist. Alles, was sie wusste war, dass sie um ihr Leben lief, dass sie und ihre Familie sterben würde, wenn sie bliebe - vor Hunger, an einer Krankheit oder gar durch Exekution. In ihrem Buch erzählt Yeonmi Park von ihrem Kampf ums Überleben in einem der dunkelsten und repressivsten Regime unserer Zeit; sie erzählt von ihrer grauenhaften Odyssee durch die chinesische Unterwelt, bevölkert von Schmugglern und Menschenhändlern, bis nach Südkorea; und sie erzählt von ihrem erstaunlichen Weg zur führenden Menschenrechts-Aktivistin mit noch nicht einmal 21 Jahren.
Category: Biography & Autobiography