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Cottonwood And The River Of Time

Author : Reinhard F. Stettler
ISBN : 9780295800196
Genre : Nature
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Cottonwood and the River of Time looks at some of the approaches scientists have used to unravel the puzzles of the natural world. With a lifetime of work in forestry and genetics to guide him, Reinhard Stettler celebrates both what has been learned and what still remains a mystery as he examines not only cottonwoods but also trees more generally, their evolution, and their relationship to society. Cottonwoods flourish on the verge, near streams and rivers. Their life cycle is closely attuned to the river's natural dynamics. An ever-changing floodplain keeps generating new opportunities for these pioneers to settle and prepare the ground for new species. Perpetual change is the story of cottonwoods -- but in a broader sense, the story of all trees and all kinds of life. Through the long parade of generation after generation, as rivers meander and glaciers advance and retreat, trees have adapted and persisted, some for thousands of years. How do they do this? And more urgently, what lessons can we learn from the study of trees to preserve and manage our forests for an uncertain future? In his search for answers, Stettler moves from the floodplain of a West Cascade river, where seedlings compete for a foothold, to mountain slopes, where aspens reveal their genetic differences in colorful displays; from the workshops of Renaissance artists who painted their masterpieces on poplar to labs where geneticists have recently succeeded in sequencing a cottonwood's genome; from the intensively cultivated tree plantations along the Columbia to old-growth forests challenged by global warming. Natural selection and adaptation, the comparable advantages and disadvantages of sexual versus asexual reproduction, the history of plant domestication, and the purposes, risks, and potential benefits of genetic engineering are a few of the many chapters in this story. By offering lessons in how nature works, as well as how science can help us understand it, Cottonwood and the River of Time illuminates connections between the physical, biological, and social worlds.
Category: Nature

Cottonwood Saints

Author : Gene Guerin
ISBN : 0826337244
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.34 MB
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Cottonwood Saints chronicles the lives of the Galvan family, especially Margarita and her son Michael. Margarita's life takes her from rural poverty to middle-class wealth and back again. Born in a lumber camp in 1913 and raised like a princess in her grandparents' hacienda, Margarita tangles early with the challenges of growing up in a man's world and lives out her years as a wife and mother in depression-ridden Las Vegas, New Mexico. To escape from Las Vegas, Michael becomes a priest and disgraces himself in the process. We follow the story from New Mexico's poorest citizens to the local power structure, to their Indian neighbors, and to the world beyond: the influenza pandemic of 1918, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the Great Depression, and World War II.
Category: Fiction

Robert S Quest

Author : Tim Richmond
ISBN : 9780595273096
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.22 MB
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Historical fiction based on the adventures of Robert Richmond, an early settler in Hebert Louisiana. The story takes him from Amite Mississippi through the bayous of central Louisiana to save a young girl of mixed heritage who is being hotly pursued by renegade's remnants of Jean Lafitte's pirates.
Category: Fiction

Cottonwood An Observation

Author : J. P. Lucas
ISBN : 9781466960510
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 34.97 MB
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Cottonwood, an Observation is based on the lifetime of a cottonwood tree and the things seen by him over an eighty-five-year period from 1842 until the end of WWI. He watches the development of the country around him, from pristine prairie, the time of the Buffalo and the Indian, through the settlement and development of a city nearly under his branches. Cottonwood becomes intimately involved in the lives of the main characters of the book from what he sees and hears from his point of observation above the Sweetwater River, in the developing state of Wyoming. He observes the wars of the era, the medical developments of those years, the passing of the Indian, the coming and the passing of the Pony Express. He watches as the telegraph, telephone, and the railroad come into his part of the world. He becomes intimately involved in the stories of those passing his post. He inspires introspection into our personal lives by his constant attempt to analyze the actions of human beings, their sometimes peaceful and sometimes deadly interactions with one another. He records the stories of the lives of those fleeing the confusion and discord of Europe as they search for opportunity in the New World. We watch, through the eyes of Cottonwood, as a woman in Appalachia struggles, with an iron will, to break the bonds and stereotyping of ignorant mountain women. Cottonwood observes as the love of two men bring salvation to an incorrigible Indian warrior. He watches as love heals the broken lives of two WWI survivors and catalogs those things he has seen, felt, and questioned. The fact that freedom, dreams, love, and courage overcome every obstacle is the true conclusion of Cottonwood's narrative. Cottonwood, the observer, makes us take a critical look at ourselves, our actions, our motives, and why we are here. Cottonwood, the book, makes us look at our nation and why this unique place called America and its God-given freedoms are here. He leaves us with the fervent hope that we will continue to deserve and appreciate those blessings and benefits that only Americans enjoy.
Category: Fiction

Mein Ein Und Alles

Author : Gabriel Tallent
ISBN : 9783641228231
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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»Ein Buch, das man mit angehaltenem Atem verschlingt.« Washington Post Dieser Roman über ein junges Mädchen hat Amerikas Leserschaft überwältigt und gespalten. Denn Turtle Alveston, so verletzlich wie stark, ist eine der unvergesslichsten Heldinnen der zeitgenössischen Literatur. Sie wächst weltabgeschieden in den nordkalifornischen Wäldern auf, wo sie jede Pflanze und jede Kreatur kennt. Auf tagelangen Streifzügen in der Natur sucht sie Zuflucht vor der besitzergreifenden Liebe ihres charismatischen und schwer gestörten Vaters. Erst als sie ihren Mitschüler Jacob näher kennenlernt und wahre Freundschaft erfährt, beginnt die Befreiung aus seinen Klauen. Gabriel Tallents Debut ist von eindringlicher Wucht und zugleich Zartheit, eine neue Stimme, die niemanden kalt lässt. »Als Leser schlägt einem das Herz bis zum Hals und man hofft nichts inständiger, als dass Turtle durchkommen möge. Intensiv und lebendig.« Marie Claire
Category: Fiction

Water Supply Paper

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89042322388
Genre : Floods
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Category: Floods