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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 9781557094995
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In one of the classic books on the mystical experience, Buck outlines the development of various faculties in the history of man and the growth of an individual. He believes we are witnessing a continuous psychical revolution and that people like Buddha and Jesus, to name a couple, are the forerunners of the beings who will eventually inhabit the earth.
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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 076610298X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 33.83 MB
Format : PDF
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1905. Absolutely the best book on the nature of cosmic consciousness (divine illumination). Who it manifests with, when, where, how and why. Detailed information on and a study of numerous people who have been blessed with this divine insight.
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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : OCLC:20076637
Genre : Consciousness
File Size : 46.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Power From Within

Author : Robert Daudish
ISBN : 1515122980
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 49.15 MB
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Free Audio Version of this book included as a BONUS! Do You feel lost? Are You asking Yourself those "big" questions? Feeling like something is missing?Unfortunately, most people don't even know who they are and why They are in this World. This manuscript is for open-minded individuals, so for religious people and atheists this book will be hard to swallow. I wrote this book after visiting a Spiritual World, I simply have a moral obligation to enlighten others and to inspire human beings to transcend into higher level of consciousness / vibration. Why You should buy This book....- Remember there's a REASON You clicked on this book....- It will make you positive and fulfilled - You will understand what it means to be enlightened- Exercises for raising your consciousness- It will make You more determined and disciplined What Will You Learn in This book....- Why We Are ALL Connected together- How You Are Here and What's Your / OUR main purpose- How Life Works - main principles- Learn Crucial Keys For Success - How To Raise Your Vibration Don't forget about Your Free GiftBook is FREE on Kindle Unlimited. At The End of The Day I'm extremely grateful for EVERY Download. Each of us can make this World a better place. Let's work together! TRANSCEND OR DIE TRYING!- Robert Daudish
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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Ali Nomad
ISBN : 0787306363
Genre :
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1913 Contents: the New Birth; Man's Relation to God and to His Fellow-Men; Areas of Consciousness; Self-Ness and Selflessness; Instances of Illumination and its after Effects; Examples of Cosmic Consciousness, Who Have Founded New Systems of Religi.

Mind And Cosmos

Author : Thomas Nagel
ISBN : 9780199919758
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 36.83 MB
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The modern materialist approach to life has conspicuously failed to explain such central mind-related features of our world as consciousness, intentionality, meaning, and value. This failure to account for something so integral to nature as mind, argues philosopher Thomas Nagel, is a major problem, threatening to unravel the entire naturalistic world picture, extending to biology, evolutionary theory, and cosmology. Since minds are features of biological systems that have developed through evolution, the standard materialist version of evolutionary biology is fundamentally incomplete. And the cosmological history that led to the origin of life and the coming into existence of the conditions for evolution cannot be a merely materialist history, either. An adequate conception of nature would have to explain the appearance in the universe of materially irreducible conscious minds, as such. Nagel's skepticism is not based on religious belief or on a belief in any definite alternative. InMind and Cosmos, he does suggest that if the materialist account is wrong, then principles of a different kind may also be at work in the history of nature, principles of the growth of order that are in their logical form teleological rather than mechanistic. In spite of the great achievements of the physical sciences, reductive materialism is a world view ripe for displacement. Nagel shows that to recognize its limits is the first step in looking for alternatives, or at least in being open to their possibility.
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The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind

Author : Julian Jaynes
ISBN : 9780547527543
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.51 MB
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At the heart of this classic, seminal book is Julian Jaynes's still-controversial thesis that human consciousness did not begin far back in animal evolution but instead is a learned process that came about only three thousand years ago and is still developing. The implications of this revolutionary scientific paradigm extend into virtually every aspect of our psychology, our history and culture, our religion -- and indeed our future.
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Inside The Neolithic Mind Consciousness Cosmos And The Realm Of The Gods

Author : David Lewis-Williams
ISBN : 9780500770450
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41.19 MB
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An exploration of how brain structure and cultural content interacted in the Neolithic period 10,000 years ago to produce unique life patterns and belief systems. What do the headless figures found in the famous paintings at Catalhoyuk in Turkey have in common with the monumental tombs at Newgrange and Knowth in Ireland? How can the concepts of "birth," "death," and "wild" cast light on the archaeological enigma of the domestication of cattle? What generated the revolutionary social change that ended the Upper Palaeolithic? David Lewis-Williams's previous book, The Mind in the Cave, dealt with the remarkable Upper Palaeolithic paintings, carvings, and engravings of western Europe. Here Dr. Lewis-Williams and David Pearce examine the intricate web of belief, myth, and society in the succeeding Neolithic period, arguably the most significant turning point in all human history, when agriculture became a way of life and the fractious society that we know today was born. The authors focus on two contrasting times and places: the beginnings in the Near East, with its mud-brick and stone houses each piled on top of the ruins of another, and western Europe, with its massive stone monuments more ancient than the Egyptian pyramids. They argue that neurological patterns hardwired into the brain help explain the art and society that Neolithic people produced. Drawing on the latest research, the authors skillfully link material on human consciousness, imagery, and religious concepts to propose provocative new theories about the causes of an ancient revolution in cosmology and the origins of social complexity. In doing so they create a fascinating neurological bridge to the mysterious thought-lives of the past and reveal the essence of a momentous period in human history. 100 illustrations, 20 in color.
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The Cosmic Hologram

Author : Jude Currivan
ISBN : 9781620556610
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How holographic patterns of information underlie our physical reality • Includes myriad evidence from a wide range of cutting-edge scientific discoveries showing our Universe is an interconnected hologram of information • Explains how consciousness is a major component of the cosmic hologram of information, making us both manifestations and co-creators of our reality • Reconciles Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by showing that energy-matter and space-time are complementary expressions of information Our understanding of the Universe is about to transform at all levels, from the tiniest Planck scale to the vast reaches of space. Recent scientific discoveries show that the information that upholds all of our modern technologies is exactly the same as the universal in-formation that underpins, pervades, and is all we call physical reality. Exploring how information is more fundamental than energy, matter, space, or time, Jude Currivan, Ph.D., examines the latest research across many fields of study and many scales of existence to show how our Universe is in-formed and holographically manifested. She explains how the fractal in-formational patterns that guide behavior at the atomic level also guide the structure of galactic clusters in space. She demonstrates how the in-formational relationships that underlie earthquakes are the same as those that play out during human conflicts. She shows how cities grow in the same in-formational ways that galaxies evolve and how the dynamic in-formational forms that pervade ecosystems are identical to the informational structures of the Internet and our social behaviors. Demonstrating how information is physically real, the author explores how consciousness connects us to the many interconnected layers of universal in-formation, making us both manifestations and co-creators of the cosmic hologram of reality. She explains how Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can at last be reconciled if we consider energy-matter and space-time as complementary expressions of information, and she explores how the cosmic hologram underlies the true origin of species and our own evolution. Concurring too with ancient spiritual wisdom, the author offers solid evidence that consciousness is not something we “have” but the fundamental nature of what we and the entire Universe are. With this understanding, we can each transform our own lives and help co-create and in-form the world around us.
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