Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 9781108027731
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 9781557094995
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In one of the classic books on the mystical experience, Buck outlines the development of various faculties in the history of man and the growth of an individual. He believes we are witnessing a continuous psychical revolution and that people like Buddha and Jesus, to name a couple, are the forerunners of the beings who will eventually inhabit the earth.
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Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 9780486121994
Genre : Philosophy
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This pioneering study in mysticism explores the phenomenon of transcendent realization, or illumination. Its numerous case studies offer intriguing, real-life particulars of individuals who experienced personal epiphanies.
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From Self To Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 1169172350
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THIS 24 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK: Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind, by Richard Maurice Bucke. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 076610298X.

Meditation And The Evolution Of Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Don Ayre, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W.
ISBN : 1456871099
Genre : Psychology
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This book is about the little-known fact that there are four different kinds of meditation—Witness Meditation, Transformative Meditation, Discursive Meditation, and Transcendental Meditation. More often, each kind of meditation is promoted and practiced apart from the others. But combined as a process, they lead to cosmic consciousness and more loving attitude toward one’s self and planet Earth. Instead of the violence of interpersonal competition and environmental exploitation so prevalent today, the ideals of peace, justice, and harmony can become the new reality given a more integrated approach to life’s material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual realms of experience. But in spite of the enormous advances in technology, we are still caught up in unwinnable wars that cost lives and resources of all the participants; we are still confronted by the injustices of social and economic controls that have most recently resulted in meltdowns; and we are still faced with that seemingly unsolvable environmental problems that are plaguing our planet today . Seemingly, the leadership of our global community is failing us. So it’s up to us as individuals. Meditation and the Evolution of Cosmic Consciousness is not a how-to book, however. It is an attempt to identify the process in a way that can be imitated. To do so, Don Ayre has reviewed his private practice as a family and child therapist and the writings of a number of historical figures that he recognizes as “great minds” for evidences of cosmic consciousness that can be used to build a living model. Ayre invites his readers to examine their uses of meditation and the writings of their favorite authors to contribute their thoughts and ideas that will assist with the evolution of cosmic consciousness.
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Avant Garde Canadian Literature

Author : Gregory Betts
ISBN : 9781442696914
Genre : Art
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In Avant-Garde Canadian Literature, Gregory Betts draws attention to the fact that the avant-garde has had a presence in Canada long before the country's literary histories have recognized, and that the radicalism of avant-garde art has been sabotaged by pedestrian terms of engagement by the Canadian media, the public, and the literary critics. This book presents a rich body of evidence to illustrate the extent to which Canadians have been producing avant-garde art since the start of the twentieth century. Betts explores the radical literary ambitions and achievements of three different nodes of avant-garde literary activity: mystical revolutionaries from the 1910s to the 1930s; Surrealists/Automatists from the 1920s to the 1960s; and Canadian Vorticists from the 1920s to the 1970s. Avant-Garde Canadian Literature offers an entrance into the vocabulary of the ongoing and primarily international debate surrounding the idea of avant-gardism, providing readers with a functional vocabulary for discussing some of the most hermetic and yet energetic literature ever produced in this country.
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Author : Marvin Lee Minsky
ISBN : 3608931171
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Computing Methodologies -- Artificial Intelligence.

The Supraconscience Of Humanity

Author : Edward H. Strauch
ISBN : 9780761851615
Genre : Philosophy
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Humankind evolved through three psychological stages - subconscience, conscience, and supraconscience. Ritual and myth, cosmology and theism marked phases of psychic integration, initiating our supraconscience evolution. Four archetypes: temperance, 'the great chain of being,' Biblical interpretation, and Divinity became the Cosmic consciousness of secular man. Study of Scripture developed a communal supraconscience. Mystics' dedication showed us the deeper meaning of a life purpose. Yet, heretics taught man faith in the superior power of the free mind. Heresy helped evolve humanity's secular supraconscience. Indeed, the exponential growth of psyche's powers and the continuous revelation of new, secular knowledge seems the fulfillment of Revelation. Finally, the enlightened understood that when God created the earth, he included evolution so that our kind would evolve a superior nature. Hence, religious and scientific, secular and humanistic developments reveal themselves to be the primary powers accelerating human evolution. Together, they have nurtured humankind's ever-evolving supraconscience.
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