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Corporations And American Democracy

Author : Naomi R. Lamoreaux
ISBN : 0674972287
Genre : History
File Size : 45.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Recent Supreme Court decisions in Citizens United and other high-profile cases have sparked disagreement about the role of corporations in American democracy. Bringing together scholars of history, law, and political science, Corporations and American Democracy provides essential grounding for today’s policy debates.
Category: History

Corporate Dreams

Author : James Hoopes
ISBN : 9780813552040
Genre : Business & Economics
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Public trust in corporations plummeted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, when “Lehman Brothers” and “General Motors” became dirty words for many Americans. In Corporate Dreams, James Hoopes argues that Americans still place too much faith in corporations and, especially, in the idea of “values-based leadership” favored by most CEOs. The danger of corporations, he suggests, lies not just in their economic power, but also in how their confused and undemocratic values are infecting Americans’ visions of good governance. Corporate Dreams proposes that Americans need to radically rethink their relationships with big business and the government. Rather than buying into the corporate notion of “values-based leadership,” we should view corporate leaders with the same healthy suspicion that our democratic political tradition teaches us to view our political leaders. Unfortunately, the trend is moving the other way. Corporate notions of leadership are invading our democratic political culture when it should be the reverse. To diagnose the cause and find a cure for our toxic attachment to corporate models of leadership, Hoopes goes back to the root of the problem, offering a comprehensive history of corporate culture in America, from the Great Depression to today’s Great Recession. Combining a historian’s careful eye with an insider’s perspective on the business world, this provocative volume tracks changes in government economic policy, changes in public attitudes toward big business, and changes in how corporate executives view themselves. Whether examining the rise of Leadership Development programs or recounting JFK’s Pyrrhic victory over U.S. Steel, Hoopes tells a compelling story of how America lost its way, ceding authority to the policies and values of corporate culture. But he also shows us how it’s not too late to return to our democratic ideals—and that it’s not too late to restore the American dream.
Category: Business & Economics

American Labor And American Democracy

Author : William Walling
ISBN : 9781351298742
Genre : Business & Economics
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In American Labor and American Democracy, William English Walling drew on his close association with Samuel Gompers and other leaders of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) to write the authoritative history of the labor movement in the first quarter of the twentieth century.Walling's position was that twentieth-century American democracy was not stagnant. It was a living, developing trend in society, with the AFL as its most progressive force. There could be no passive acceptance of American institutions as they stood: government in the twentieth century would need to develop into a medium for attaining social ideals and needs beyond individual realization. The aim of American labor was a pluralistic economic democracy in which government and industry would be guided by economic organizations representing not only labor, but every essential social group. Richard Schneirov, in his introduction to this new edition of a classic book, paints a rich and detailed picture of Walling's political and intellectual journey, and of his many contributions to the synthesis of democratic and socialist principles. American Labor and American Democracy is an important work that will help reevaluate our understanding of labor and working-class history, establish a new perspective on today's labor movement, and shed light on the relationship of labor to socialism, capitalism, democracy, and social movements; the nature of the large business corporation; and the relationship of special interest groups to democracy.William English Walling (1877-1936) was a social reform activist who helped found the National Women's Trade Union League in 1903 and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1909. He authored several influential works, including Socialism as it Is: A Survey of the World-Wide Revolutionary Movement, The Larger Aspects of Socialism, Progessivism and After, and The Socialists and the War. Richard Schneirov is professor of history at Indiana State University, and has also taught at The Ohio State University and the Institut f(3)r England und Amerikastudien at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. He is the author of Labor and Urban Politics: Class Conflict and the Origins of Modern Liberalism in Chicago, 1864-97, which was awarded the Urban History Association's prize for best urban history in North America for 1998 and co-edited The Pullman Strike and the Crisis of the 1890s.
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Managers Vs Owners

Author : Allen Kaufman
ISBN : 0195098609
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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This book deals with a subject of profound importance to understanding the place of the modern corporation in a democratic society. This is the inherent conflicts between the interest of corporate owners (the shareholders), the interest of the larger society, and the interest of the managers who run the corporations. Managers have created a shared professional ideology that is designed to preserve their autonomy. To protect itself from unbridled corporate power, government has enacted a myriad regulations to check this power. In Managers vs. Owners, the authors describe how, in different eras the balance between corporate power and government regulation has changed with the interests of society as a whole. The authors conclude by looking at the impact of collective investor action--especially institutional investors--on the efforts by managers to preserve their autonomy.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Pay To Play Politics How Money Defines The American Democracy

Author : Heath Brown
ISBN : 9781440850066
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.72 MB
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Pay-to-Play Politics examines money and politics from different angles to understand a central paradox of American democracy: why, when the public and politicians decry money as the worst aspect of American politics, are there so few signs of change? • Presents a holistic academic treatment of the topic of money and politics in America that is also accessible to general readers • Includes a broad range of policy recommendations pertaining to lobbying, campaign finance, and wealth • Synthesizes the complex research on the relationship between money and politics, offering readers a clear explanation of what to worry about and what is not a cause for concern • Offers an expert assessment of all the major political reforms to promote democratic government and reduce the negative consequences of money and politics
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American Democracy In Peril Eight Challenges To America S Future 7th Edition

Author : William E Hudson
ISBN : 9781452226750
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.90 MB
Format : PDF
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With the economic crisis, intense partisan gridlock, and social movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, American Democracy in Peril encapsulates the tumultuous state of American politics more than ever. Hudson's provocative book offers a structured yet critical look at the functioning of the American political system. This new edition incorporates the far-ranging impact of the Obama presidency - and the polarization that has accompanied it - along with these key updates: New discussion of the barriers of the separation of powers system, including the tortured politics of health care reform, the threats of government shutdown over deficit reform, and the use of institutional vetoes to prevent economic stimulus measures New developments from the last election cycles, including changes in party politics, campaign funding, campaign media technologies and social media, and efforts at voter suppression Fresh examination of the financial deregulation that led to the crisis, the massive financial bailout, and rising economic inequality New insight regarding Obama's continuity with Bush-era national security practices from the use of secrecy to centralized executive control of policy.
Category: Political Science

American Democracy In Peril

Author : William E. Hudson
ISBN : 9781506301853
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this Eighth Edition of American Democracy in Peril, author William E. Hudson provides a perceptive analysis of the challenges our democracy faces in the current era: economic crisis, partisan gridlock, rising economic inequality, and continued military conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. By introducing the history of democratic theory in terms of four “models” of democracy, he provides readers with a set of criteria against which to evaluate the challenges discussed later. This provocative book offers a structured, yet critical examination of the American political system, designed to stimulate students to consider how the facts they learn about American politics relate to democratic ideals.
Category: Political Science

Corporations Are Not People

Author : Jeffrey D. Clements
ISBN : 9781609941079
Genre : Political Science
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The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision marked a culminating victory for the bizarre doctrine that corporations are people with free speech and other rights. Now, Americans cannot stop corporations from spending billions of dollars to dominate elections and keep our elected representatives on a tight leash. Jeffrey Clements reveals the far-reaching effects of this strange and destructive idea, which flies in the face of not only all common sense but most of American legal history as well. Most importantly, he offers solutions—including a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United—and tools to help readers join a grassroots drive to implement them. Ending corporate control of our Constitution and government is not about a triumph of one political ideology over another—it’s about restoring the republican principles of American democracy.
Category: Political Science

Gangs Of America

Author : Ted Nace
ISBN : 1576753190
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.5 MB
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The activist and founder of Peachpit Press reveals how the corporation has become the dominant institution in modern life, pointing to the dangers this situation holds for the planet and presenting a blueprint for restoring democracy. Reprint.
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