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Continuum Mechanics

Author : Myron B. Allen
ISBN : 9781118909379
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 84.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents a self-contained introduction to continuum mechanics that illustrates how many of the important partial differential equations of applied mathematics arise from continuum modeling principles Written as an accessible introduction, Continuum Mechanics: The Birthplace of Mathematical Models provides a comprehensive foundation for mathematical models used in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and heat transfer. The book features derivations of commonly used differential equations based on the fundamental continuum mechanical concepts encountered in various fields, such as engineering, physics, and geophysics. The book begins with geometric, algebraic, and analytical foundations before introducing topics in kinematics. The book then addresses balance laws, constitutive relations, and constitutive theory. Finally, the book presents an approach to multiconstituent continua based on mixture theory to illustrate how phenomena, such as diffusion and porous-media flow, obey continuum-mechanical principles. Continuum Mechanics: The Birthplace of Mathematical Models features: Direct vector and tensor notation to minimize the reliance on particular coordinate systems when presenting the theory Terminology that is aligned with standard courses in vector calculus and linear algebra The use of Cartesian coordinates in the examples and problems to provide readers with a familiar setting Over 200 exercises and problems with hints and solutions in an appendix Introductions to constitutive theory and multiconstituent continua, which are distinctive for books at this level Continuum Mechanics: The Birthplace of Mathematical Models is an ideal textbook for courses on continuum mechanics for upper-undergraduate mathematics majors and graduate students in applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, physics, and geophysics. The book is also an excellent reference for professional mathematicians, physical scientists, and engineers. Myron B. Allen, PhD, is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wyoming, Consulting Editor for Wiley's Pure and Applied Mathematics book series, and past provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. His research interests include numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, and fluid mechanics in porous media.
Category: Mathematics

Continuum Mechanics Modeling Of Material Behavior

Author : Martin H. Sadd
ISBN : 9780128116494
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Continuum Mechanics Modeling of Material Behavior offers a uniquely comprehensive introduction to topics like RVE theory, fabric tensor models, micropolar elasticity, elasticity with voids, nonlocal higher gradient elasticity and damage mechanics. Contemporary continuum mechanics research has been moving into areas of complex material microstructural behavior. Graduate students who are expected to do this type of research need a fundamental background beyond classical continuum theories. The book begins with several chapters that carefully and rigorously present mathematical preliminaries; kinematics of motion and deformation; force and stress measures; and mass, momentum and energy balance principles. The book then moves beyond other books by dedicating the last chapter to constitutive equation development, exploring a wide collection of constitutive relations and developing the corresponding material model formulations. Such material behavior models include classical linear theories of elasticity, fluid mechanics, viscoelasticity and plasticity, as well as linear and nonlinear theories of solids and fluids, including finite elasticity, nonlinear/non-Newtonian viscous fluids, and nonlinear viscoelastic materials. Finally, several relatively new continuum theories based on incorporation of material microstructure are presented including: fabric tensor theories, micropolar elasticity, elasticity with voids, nonlocal higher gradient elasticity and damage mechanics. Offers a thorough, concise and organized presentation of continuum mechanics formulation Covers numerous applications in areas of contemporary continuum mechanics modeling, including micromechanical and multi-scale problems Integration and use of MATLAB software gives students more tools to solve, evaluate and plot problems under study Features extensive use of exercises, providing more material for student engagement and instructor presentation
Category: Technology & Engineering

Mathematical Modeling In Continuum Mechanics

Author : Roger Temam
ISBN : 1139443216
Genre : Science
File Size : 87.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Temam and Miranville present core topics within the general themes of fluid and solid mechanics. The brisk style allows the text to cover a wide range of topics including viscous flow, magnetohydrodynamics, atmospheric flows, shock equations, turbulence, nonlinear solid mechanics, solitons, and the nonlinear Schrödinger equation. This second edition will be a unique resource for those studying continuum mechanics at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate level whether in engineering, mathematics, physics or the applied sciences. Exercises and hints for solutions have been added to the majority of chapters, and the final part on solid mechanics has been substantially expanded. These additions have now made it appropriate for use as a textbook, but it also remains an ideal reference book for students and anyone interested in continuum mechanics.
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Introduction To Continuum Mechanics

Author : W Michael Lai
ISBN : 9780080942520
Genre : Science
File Size : 71.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Continuum Mechanics is a branch of physical mechanics that describes the macroscopic mechanical behavior of solid or fluid materials considered to be continuously distributed. It is fundamental to the fields of civil, mechanical, chemical and bioengineering. This time-tested text has been used for over 35 years to introduce junior and senior-level undergraduate engineering students, as well as graduate students, to the basic principles of continuum mechanics and their applications to real engineering problems. The text begins with a detailed presentation of the coordinate invariant quantity, the tensor, introduced as a linear transformation. This is then followed by the formulation of the kinematics of deformation, large as well as very small, the description of stresses and the basic laws of continuum mechanics. As applications of these laws, the behaviors of certain material idealizations (models) including the elastic, viscous and viscoelastic materials, are presented. This new edition offers expanded coverage of the subject matter both in terms of details and contents, providing greater flexibility for either a one or two-semester course in either continuum mechanics or elasticity. Although this current edition has expanded the coverage of the subject matter, it nevertheless uses the same approach as that in the earlier editions - that one can cover advanced topics in an elementary way that go from simple to complex, using a wealth of illustrative examples and problems. It is, and will remain, one of the most accessible textbooks on this challenging engineering subject. Significantly expanded coverage of elasticity in Chapter 5, including solutions of some 3-D problems based on the fundamental potential functions approach. New section at the end of Chapter 4 devoted to the integral formulation of the field equations Seven new appendices appear at the end of the relevant chapters to help make each chapter more self-contained Expanded and improved problem sets providing both intellectual challenges and engineering applications
Category: Science

An Introduction To Mathematical Modeling

Author : J. Tinsley Oden
ISBN : 9781118105740
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 40.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A modern approach to mathematical modeling, featuring unique applications from the field of mechanics An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling: A Course in Mechanics is designed to survey the mathematical models that form the foundations of modern science and incorporates examples that illustrate how the most successful models arise from basic principles in modern and classical mathematical physics. Written by a world authority on mathematical theory and computational mechanics, the book presents an account of continuum mechanics, electromagnetic field theory, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics for readers with varied backgrounds in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The author streamlines a comprehensive understanding of the topic in three clearly organized sections: Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics introduces kinematics as well as force and stress in deformable bodies; mass and momentum; balance of linear and angular momentum; conservation of energy; and constitutive equations Electromagnetic Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics contains a brief account of electromagnetic wave theory and Maxwell's equations as well as an introductory account of quantum mechanics with related topics including ab initio methods and Spin and Pauli's principles Statistical Mechanics presents an introduction to statistical mechanics of systems in thermodynamic equilibrium as well as continuum mechanics, quantum mechanics, and molecular dynamics Each part of the book concludes with exercise sets that allow readers to test their understanding of the presented material. Key theorems and fundamental equations are highlighted throughout, and an extensive bibliography outlines resources for further study. Extensively class-tested to ensure an accessible presentation, An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling is an excellent book for courses on introductory mathematical modeling and statistical mechanics at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. The book also serves as a valuable reference for professionals working in the areas of modeling and simulation, physics, and computational engineering.
Category: Mathematics

Mathematical Modeling And Numerical Simulation In Continuum Mechanics

Author : Ivo Babuska
ISBN : 9783642562884
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47.94 MB
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The first international symposium on mathematical foundations of the finite element method was held at the University of Maryland in 1973. During the last three decades there has been great progress in the theory and practice of solving partial differential equations, and research has extended in various directions. Full-scale nonlinear problems have come within the range of nu merical simulation. The importance of mathematical modeling and analysis in science and engineering is steadily increasing. In addition, new possibili ties of analysing the reliability of computations have appeared. Many other developments have occurred: these are only the most noteworthy. This book is the record of the proceedings of the International Sympo sium on Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Continuum Mechanics, held in Yamaguchi, Japan from 29 September to 3 October 2000. The topics covered by the symposium ranged from solids to fluids, and in cluded both mathematical and computational analysis of phenomena and algorithms. Twenty-one invited talks were delivered at the symposium. This volume includes almost all of them, and expresses aspects of the progress mentioned above. All the papers were individually refereed. We hope that this volume will be a stepping-stone for further developments in this field.
Category: Computers

Mathematics Applied To Continuum Mechanics

Author : Lee A. Segel
ISBN : 9780898716207
Genre : Science
File Size : 86.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This classic work gives an excellent overview of the subject, with an emphasis on clarity, explanation, and motivation. Extensive exercises and a valuable section containing hints and answers make this an excellent text for both classroom use and independent study.
Category: Science

A One Dimensional Introduction To Continuum Mechanics

Author : Anthony John Roberts
ISBN : 981021913X
Genre : Science
File Size : 70.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Many textbooks on continuum mechanics plunge students in at the ?deep end? of three-dimensional analysis and applications. However a striking number of commonplace models of our physical environment are based entirely within the dynamics of a one-dimensional continuum. This introductory text therefore approaches the subject entirely within such a one-dimensional framework.The principles of the mathematical modeling of one-dimensional media constitute the book's backbone. These concepts are elucidated with a diverse selection of applications, ranging from tidal dynamics and dispersion in channels to beam bending, algal blooms, blood flow, and the greenhouse effect.The book is ideally suited to elementary undergraduate courses as it makes no use of multivariable calculus. A number of graded problems are included at the end of each section.
Category: Science

Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics Of Solids

Author : Yavuz Basar
ISBN : 9783662042991
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The aim of the book is the presentation of the fundamental mathematical and physical concepts of continuum mechanics of solids in a unified description so as to bring young researchers rapidly close to their research area. Accordingly, emphasis is given to concepts of permanent interest, and details of minor importance are omitted. The formulation is achieved systematically in absolute tensor notation, which is almost exclusively used in modern literature. This mathematical tool is presented such that study of the book is possible without permanent reference to other works.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Continuum Mechanics

Author : Ellis H. Dill
ISBN : 0849397790
Genre : Science
File Size : 61.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Most books on continuum mechanics focus on elasticity and fluid mechanics. But whether student or practicing professional, modern engineers need a more thorough treatment to understand the behavior of the complex materials and systems in use today. Continuum Mechanics: Elasticity, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity offers a complete tour of the subject that includes not only elasticity and fluid mechanics but also covers plasticity, viscoelasticity, and the continuum model for fatigue and fracture mechanics. In addition to a broader scope, this book also supplies a review of the necessary mathematical tools and results for a self-contained treatment. The author provides finite element formulations of the equations encountered throughout the chapters and uses an approach with just the right amount of mathematical rigor without being too theoretical for practical use. Working systematically from the continuum model for the thermomechanics of materials, coverage moves through linear and nonlinear elasticity using both tensor and matrix notation, plasticity, viscoelasticity, and concludes by introducing the fundamentals of fracture mechanics and fatigue of metals. Requisite mathematical tools appear in the final chapter for easy reference. Continuum Mechanics: Elasticity, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity builds a strong understanding of the principles, equations, and finite element formulations needed to solve real engineering problems.
Category: Science