Conservation Refugees

Author : Mark Dowie
ISBN : 9780262260626
Genre : Nature
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Since 1900, more than 108,000 officially protected conservation areas have been established worldwide, largely at the urging of five international conservation organizations. About half of these areas were occupied or regularly used by indigenous peoples. Millions who had been living sustainably on their land for generations were displaced in the interests of conservation. In Conservation Refugees, Mark Dowie tells this story. This is a "good guy vs. good guy" story, Dowie writes; the indigenous peoples' movement and conservation organizations have a vital common goal--to protect biological diversity--and could work effectively and powerfully together to protect the planet and preserve biological diversity. Yet for more than a hundred years, these two forces have been at odds. The result: thousands of unmanageable protected areas and native peoples reduced to poaching and trespassing on their ancestral lands or "assimilated" but permanently indentured on the lowest rungs of the money economy. Dowie begins with the story of Yosemite National Park, which by the turn of the twentieth century established a template for bitter encounters between native peoples and conservation. He then describes the experiences of other groups, ranging from the Ogiek and Maasai of eastern Africa and the Pygmies of Central Africa to the Karen of Thailand and the Adevasis of India. He also discusses such issues as differing definitions of "nature" and "wilderness," the influence of the "BINGOs" (Big International NGOs, including the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Conservation International, and The Nature Conservancy), the need for Western scientists to respect and honor traditional lifeways, and the need for native peoples to blend their traditional knowledge with the knowledge of modern ecology. When conservationists and native peoples acknowledge the interdependence of biodiversity conservation and cultural survival, Dowie writes, they can together create a new and much more effective paradigm for conservation.
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Conservation Refugees

Author : Mark Dowie
ISBN : 0262516004
Genre : Nature
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How native peoples—from the Miwoks of Yosemite to the Maasai of eastern Africa—have been displaced from their lands in the name of conservation.
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Inventing The Medium

Author : Janet H. Murray
ISBN : 9780262302807
Genre : Design
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Digital artifacts from iPads to databases pervade our lives, and the design decisions that shape them affect how we think, act, communicate, and understand the world. But the pace of change has been so rapid that technical innovation is outstripping design. Interactors are often mystified and frustrated by their enticing but confusing new devices; meanwhile, product design teams struggle to articulate shared and enduring design goals. With Inventing the Medium, Janet Murray provides a unified vocabulary and a common methodology for the design of digital objects and environments. It will be an essential guide for both students and practitioners in this evolving field.Murray explains that innovative interaction designers should think of all objects made with bits -- whether games or Web pages, robots or the latest killer apps -- as belonging to a single new medium: the digital medium. Designers can speed the process of useful and lasting innovation by focusing on the collective cultural task of inventing this new medium. Exploring strategies for maximizing the expressive power of digital artifacts, Murray identifies and examines four representational affordances of digital environments that provide the core palette for designers across applications: computational procedures, user participation, navigable space, and encyclopedic capacity. Each chapter includes a set of Design Explorations -- creative exercises for students and thought experiments for practitioners -- that allow readers to apply the ideas in the chapter to particular design problems. Inventing the Medium also provides more than 200 illustrations of specific design strategies drawn from multiple genres and platforms and a glossary of design concepts.
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Peace Parks

Author : Saleem Hassan Ali
ISBN : 9780262012355
Genre : Nature
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Although the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Kenyan environmentalist, fewhave considered whether environmental conservation can contribute to peace-building in conflictzones. Peace Parks explores this question, examining the ways in which environmental cooperation inmultijurisdictional conservation areas may help resolve political and territorial conflicts. Itsanalyses and case studies of transboundary peace parks focus on how the sharing of physical spaceand management responsibilities can build and sustain peace among countries. The book examines theroles played by governments, the military, civil society, scientists, and conservationists, andtheir effects on both the ecological management and the potential for peace-building in these areas.Following a historical and theoretical overview that explores economic, political, and socialtheories that support the concept of peace parks and discussion of bioregional management forscience and economic development, the book presents case studies of existing parks and proposals forfuture parks. After describing such real-life examples as the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor inAfrica and the Emerald Triangle conservation zone in Indochina, the book looks to the future,exploring the peace-building potential of envisioned parks in security-intensive spots including theU.S.-Mexican border, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and the Mesopotamianmarshlands between Iraq and Iran. With contributors from a variety of disciplines and diversegeographic regions, Peace Parks is not only a groundbreaking book in International Relations but avaluable resource for policy makers and environmentalists.Saleem H. Ali is Associate Professor ofEnvironmental Planning at the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermontand holds adjunct faculty appointments at Brown University and the United Nations mandatedUniversity for Peace. He is the author of Mining: The Environment and Indigenous DevelopmentConflicts.ContributorsDramé-Yayé Aissetou, Saleem H. Ali, Rolf D. Baldus, Charles Besançon, KentBiringer, Arthur G. Blundell, Niger Diallo Daouda Boubacar, K. C. (Nanda) Cariappa, Charles Chester,Tyler Christie, Sarah Dickinson DeLeon, Bill Dolan, Rosaleen Duffy, Christina Ellis, Wayne Freimund,Stephan Fuller, Rudolf Hahn, Anne Hammill, Bruce Hayden, Ke Chung Kim, Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo,Jason Lambacher, Raul Lejano, Maano Ramutsindela, Michael Schoon, Belinda Sifford, Anna Spenceley,Michelle L. Stevens, Randy Tanner, Yongyut Trisurat, Michele Zebich-Knos
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Ecuador S Environmental Revolutions

Author : Tammy L. Lewis
ISBN : 9780262034296
Genre : Nature
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An account of the movement for sustainable development in Ecuador through four eras: movement origins, neoliberal boom, neoliberal bust, and citizens' revolution.
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Large Carnivore Conservation

Author : Susan G. Clark
ISBN : 9780226107547
Genre : Science
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Drawing on six case studies of wolf, grizzly bear, and mountain lion conservation in habitats stretching from the Yukon to Arizona, Large Carnivore Conservation argues that conserving and coexisting with large carnivores is as much a problem of people and governance—of reconciling diverse and sometimes conflicting values, perspectives, and organizations, and of effective decision making in the public sphere—as it is a problem of animal ecology and behavior. By adopting an integrative approach, editors Susan G. Clark and Murray B. Rutherford seek to examine and understand the interrelated development of conservation science, law, and policy, as well as how these forces play out in courts, other public institutions, and the field. In combining real-world examples with discussions of conservation and policy theory, Large Carnivore Conservation not only explains how traditional management approaches have failed to meet the needs of all parties, but also highlights examples of innovative, successful strategies and provides practical recommendations for improving future conservation efforts.
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China S Design Revolution

Author : Lorraine Justice
ISBN : 9780262017428
Genre : Art
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China is on the verge of a design revolution. A "third generation" of the People's Republic of China that came of age during China's "opening up" period of the 1980s now strives for fame, fortune, and self expression. This generation, workers in their thirties and forties, has more freedom to create--and to consume--than their parents or grandparents. In China's Design Revolution, Lorraine Justice maps the evolution of Chinese design and innovation. Justice explains that just as this "third generation" (post-Revolution, post--Cultural Revolution) reaches for self-expression, China's government is making massive investments in design and innovation, supporting design and creative activities (including design education programs, innovation parks, and privatized companies) at the local and national levels. The goal is to stimulate economic growth--and to establish China as a global creative power. Influenced by Mao and Confucius, communism and capitalism, patriotism and cosmopolitanism, China's third generation will drive the culture of design and innovation in China--and maybe the rest of the world. Justice describes and documents examples of Chinese design and innovation that range from ancient ceramics to communist propaganda posters. She then explores current award-winning projects in media, fashion, graphic, interior, and product design; and examines the lifestyle and purchasing trends of the "fourth generation," now in their teens and twenties. China's Design Revolution offers an essential guide to the inextricably entwined stories of design, culture, and politics in China.
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Imposing Wilderness

Author : Roderick P. Neumann
ISBN : 0520211782
Genre : Nature
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The book focuses on the symbolic importance of natural landscapes among various social groups in this setting, and how it relates to conflicts between peasant communities and the state. Neumann's thoughtful framing of the issues that fuel ongoing controversies will interest ecologists as well as those interested in political economy and development in Africa.
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The Cost Of Globalization

Author : Julian E. Kunnie
ISBN : 9781476619774
Genre : Political Science
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"This book can easily be adopted in numerous courses in the social sciences and humanities and should be required reading for all interested in understanding the complex dynamics of globalization."--Celestino Fernández, University of Arizona. "In this brilliant work, Professor Julian Kunnie has explored and established the underlying connections between globalization and the multiple threats to nature and life at the lower half of the pyramid. Such deep seated humane writings will serve the cause of climate justice to a great extent."--Soumya Dutta, Beyond Copenhagen Collective. Over the past 25 years, numerous books have been written on the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. But the issues arising from rapid global integration have generally been treated in isolation by most academic works. This volume examines the many pitfalls of globalization from the perspective of impoverished and indigenous peoples, including the widening wealth gap, the struggle for restoration of dispossessed lands and cultural rights, global warming and ecological annihilation, and the experiences of women in underdeveloped regions who receive little benefit from their labor and are subject to violence. The United States' growing prison industrial complex is discussed as an outgrowth of globalization practices that restrict economic mobility. The author concludes with a call for reassessing current ways of living and proposes recreating cultures of conservation and sustainable economies in harmony with the Earth.
Category: Political Science

Fortress Conservation

Author : Dan Brockington
ISBN : 0852554176
Genre : Literary Collections
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Includes statistics.
Category: Literary Collections