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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Author : Chuck Barris
ISBN : 0091889111
Genre : Television personalities
File Size : 82.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this unauthorised autobiography, Chuck Barris, the wildly flamboyant 1970s TV producer who brought us The Gong Show, bares all. In January 2003 Miramax will release a major film based on this book. The star studded cast includes George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Brad Pitt.
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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Author : Chuck Barris
ISBN : 0091890373
Genre : Intelligence officers
File Size : 87.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Suspense, excess, danger and exuberant fun come together in Chuck Barris's unlikely autobiography - the tale of a wildly flamboyant 1970s television producer of innovative game shows such as The Gong Show and The Dating Game (aka Blind Date). What most people don't know is that Barris spent close to two decades as a decorated covert assassin for the CIA, claiming to have killed over thirty people. He joined the CIA as an agent in the early 1960's. He infiltrated the Civil Rights movement, met with militant Muslims in Harlem, and was sent abroad to kill enemies of the American state, even as his game shows began to soar to ratings success. In January 2003 Miramax will release a major film based on this unique book. The star studded cast includes George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Brad Pitt. It is already generating massive press coverage and is set to be a box office smash. This tie-in edition will be published a month in advance of the film's UK release and will capitalise on the huge media attention. Confessions of A Dangerous Mind is a wild and improbable tale spiced with intrigue, sex , bad behaviour, and plenty of one-liners.
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The Philosophy Of Charlie Kaufman

Author : David LaRocca
ISBN : 9780813133928
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 53.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the Academy Award–winning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and Academy Award–nominated Adaptation (2002) to the cult classic Being John Malkovich (1999), writer Charlie Kaufman is widely admired for his innovative, philosophically resonant films. Although he only recently made his directorial debut with Synecdoche, New York (2008), most fans and critics refer to “Kaufman films” the way they would otherwise discuss works by directors Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, or the Coen brothers. Not only has Kaufman transformed our sense of what can take place in a film, but he also has made a significant impact on our understanding of the role of the screenwriter. The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman, edited by David LaRocca, is the first collection of essays devoted to a rigorous philosophical exploration of Kaufman’s work by a team of capable and critical scholars from a wide range of disciplines. From political theorists to philosophers, classicists to theologians, professors of literature to filmmakers, the contributing authors delve into the heart of Kaufman’s innovative screenplays, offering not only original philosophical analyses but also extended reflections on the nature of film and film criticism.
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Bad Grass Never Dies

Author : Chuck Barris
ISBN : 0786713798
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21.41 MB
Format : PDF
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The Hollywood insider who moonlights as a CIA assassin releases more details from his life, including his efforts to recruit a Mexican terrorist and his discovery of a plot by an Egyptian biochemist to attack the United States.
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Who Killed Art Deco

Author : Chuck Barris
ISBN : 9781416583998
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Art Deco Jr. is heir to a vast fortune, scion of one of America's most powerful men -- Art Deco Sr. -- though by the time we meet him in these pages, Art has fallen into a life of depravity: booze, drugs, you name it. The Deco family is almost too embarrassed to acknowledge him as their own. And by the time Art is found shot dead in his elegant Manhattan apartment, there is a long list of friends and family who may have wanted to kill him -- so the police have their work cut out for them. NYPD detectives Eddie Roach and Jackie Hallerhan are up against a wall when private investigator Jimmy Netts is called on the case by Art Deco Sr. His first case, no less! Netts teams with the NYPD (mostly because he's not exactly sure how to go about solving crimes, much less understands the procedure, and doesn't have a detective's license) to find out who killed poor Art Jr. It could be just about anyone. As a storyteller, the infamous Chuck Barris is the blackest comedian there is. As a satirist, his is a wickedly razor-sharp voice. The deadpan dialogue, investigative snafus, crime drama parody, and cast of hilarious characters in Who Killed Art Deco? bring to mind an unholy combination of Agatha Christie and the Pink Panther, with just a dash of Homicide. This is a dark and delightfully funny book from an equally, delightfully, troubled mind.
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The Discrete Charm Of Charlie Monk

Author : David Ambrose
ISBN : 9781471128059
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'It was some moments before Charlie turned his gaze back to Control. When he did, there were tears in his eyes. "What have you done?"' "Something that evolution wouldn't have accomplished in a million years, left to itself," Control replied calmly. "You're custom-built, Charlie, a hero for our time..."' Charlie Monk is the ultimate superhero. He has no conscience. He has no fear. But he also has no memory. Dr Susan Flemyng has found a way to give memory back. In a world where even virtual reality is controlled, that is the most dangerous knowledge of all. Can she trust those she works for, or should she take the greatest risk and trust Charlie?
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Memoirs Of An Artist

Author : Billy Selesnick
ISBN : 1945772433
Genre :
File Size : 44.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here's the first-person story of a talented artist who freelanced as an assassin. If this sounds somewhat like Gong Show host Chuck Barris's "unauthorized autobiography," Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, there's good reason. According to Billy Selesnick, he worked with Barris. Not only did they ply their deadly trade in the '60s, when George Clooney decided to do the movie version of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Barris sent him to meet Billy Selesnick, as an example of a real-deal hitman. Aside from that, Billy Selesnick's life has been a fascinating journey of art, sex, drugs, political activism, and breathless travels around the world.


Author : Robin Lane Fox
ISBN : 9780465061570
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 53.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"This narrative of the first half of Augustine's life conjures the intellectual and social milieu of the late Roman Empire with a Proustian relish for detail." --New York Times In Augustine, celebrated historian Robin Lane Fox follows Augustine of Hippo on his journey to the writing of his Confessions. Unbaptized, Augustine indulged in a life of lust before finally confessing and converting. Lane Fox recounts Augustine's sexual sins, his time in an outlawed heretical sect, and his gradual return to spirituality. Magisterial and beautifully written, Augustine is the authoritative portrait of this colossal figure at his most thoughtful, vulnerable, and profound.
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Author : Chuck Barris
ISBN : 1439168083
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 63.82 MB
Format : PDF
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This surprisingly candid, often funny, and entirely moving memoir is Chuck Barris’s story about life with his only child, Della. Born on Christmas Eve in 1962, Della was a lovable charmer like her father, an adventurous and quick-witted kid. She had a carefree suburban childhood, even while her father was fast becoming an entertainment superstar, inventing, hosting, and producing his legendary game shows. When Barris and his wife eventually divorced, Della was shuttled between parents in New York and California, then moved from boarding school in Switzerland to Beverly Hills High, among other places. Bored, lonely, and often depressed, she discovered drugs and petty crime early in adolescence, and her escapades soon took on a far more alarming and dangerous aspect. She was lost, yearning for attention and guidance, and growing up in Los Angeles amid temptation everywhere. Her father felt helpless: caring for a daughter was more than Barris had bargained for. Ranging from late-night phone calls from the neighbors to emergency room visits, Della’s behavior was out of control. When Della decided at age sixteen to move out on her own, Barris didn’t object. He gave her a trust fund and let her go out into the world alone, a regret that he shares with readers here in heartbreaking and clear-eyed detail as he chronicles Della’s descent into addiction and her eventual death from an overdose at age thirty-six. But Della is not just a grief-stricken story. Filled with loving memories and spontaneous humor, it is a brave and hard-earned reflection on fatherhood and a tribute to innocence lost.
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