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Commercializing Innovation

Author : Jerome Schaufeld
ISBN : 9781430263531
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Commercializing Innovation: Turning Technology Breakthroughs into Products shows how to turn ideas from R&D labs, universities, patent offices, and inventors into commercially successful products and services. Commercializing technology has never been easy, and it's getting tougher all the time. All the decisions you need to make are complicated by today's breakneck rates of change in enabling technology and by competitive pressures disseminated globally at the speed of the internet: Where to get ideas? Which to pursue? Whom to hire? Where to manufacture? How to fund? Create a startup or license to another? To answer these questions adequately and bring sophisticated products and services successfully to market, you need to deploy the systematic methods detailed in this book. Jerry Schaufeld--serial technology entrepreneur, angel investor, and distinguished professor of entrepreneurship--presents in detail his proven step-by-step commercialization process, beginning with technology assessment and culminating with the successful launch of viable products into the global market. Using case studies, models, and practical tips culled from his entrepreneurial career, he shows readers of Commercializing Innovation how to Source technology that can be turned into products Recognize an opportunity to create a viable product Perform feasibility analyses before sinking too much money into a project Find the right method and means to introduce the product to market Plan the project down to the last detail Execute the project in ways that improve chances of its success Comply with government regulation without crippling your project Decide whether offshore manufacturing is your best option Compete globally with globally sourced ideas and funding
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Commercialization Of Innovative Technologies

Author : C. Joseph Touhill
ISBN : 9781118210789
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book helps you find innovative new technology ideas and guides you through the complete lifecycle of product innovation, including screening, funding, development, and commercialization. It gives you an edge by enabling you to start off with a solid foundation and strategy. Commercialization of Innovative Technologies focuses on three core areas that set the stage for successful commercialization: Developing and managing a strong, flexible "innovation team" of inventors, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs; building a portfolio that spreads risk; leveraging input from technologists throughout the commercialization process.
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Research To Revenue

Author : Don Rose
ISBN : 9781469625270
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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University start-ups are unique in the world of business and entrepreneurship, translating research conducted at and owned by universities into market-ready products--a complex process that requires a combination of scientific, technical, legal, business, and financial skills to be successful. Start-ups have the potential to generate revenue for universities, enhance faculty recruitment and retention, create jobs, and create investment opportunities for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Research to Revenue presents the first-ever comprehensive guide to understanding, starting, and managing university startups. By systematically describing the process of translating academic research into commercial enterprises, Don Rose and Cam Patterson give a thorough, process-oriented, and practical set of guidelines that cover not only best practices but also common--and avoidable--mistakes. They detail the key factors and components that contribute to a successful start-up, explain what makes university start-ups unique, delineate the steps of building and managing them, and describe how to foster and maintain start-ups at a university. Written for faculty and staff working on campus, tech-transfer officers, university administrators, and venture capitalists unfamiliar with university structures, Research to Revenue ensures that any reader unfamiliar with technology commercialization and entrepreneurship will understand the fundamentals of the process, including intellectual property rights, fund-raising, and business models. This work is an invaluable resource for the successful formation and well-managed operation of university start-ups.
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Organized Innovation

Author : Steven C. Currall
ISBN : 9780199330713
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Organized" and "innovation" are words rarely heard together. But an organized approach to innovation is precisely what America needs today. This book presents a blueprint for coordinating technology breakthroughs to advance America's global competitiveness and prosperity. That prosperity is at risk. As other nations bolster technology innovation efforts, America's research, development, and commercialization enterprise is falling behind. An "innovation gap" has emerged in recent decades, where US universities focus on basic research and industry concentrates on incremental product development. The country has failed to address the innovation gap because of three myths--innovation is about lone geniuses, the free market, and serendipity. These myths blind us from recognizing our dysfunctional system of unorganized innovation. In Organized Innovation, Currall, Frauenheim, Perry and Hunter provide a framework for optimizing the way America creates, develops, and commercializes technology breakthroughs. A roadmap for universities, business, and government, the book is grounded in the authors' seminal study of the National Science Foundation's Engineering Research Center program, which has returned to the US economy more than ten times the funding invested in it. For too long, our approach to technology innovation has been unorganized. The authors enable us to turn the page. They show us how to organize innovation for a more prosperous, hopeful future.
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University Startups And Spin Offs

Author : Manuel Stagars
ISBN : 9781484206232
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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University Startups and Spin-Offs teaches university students, researchers, and educators the most effective strategies and tactics for launching their own startups from academic platforms with the backing of school programs, public grants, incubators, seed accelerators, and private partnerships in all parts of the world. Serial entrepreneur Manuel Stagars advises students, faculty, and researchers how to test their ideas for marketability, how to develop commercial products out of research projects, and how to engage companies and investors with attractive value propositions. The author has seventeen years of experience as startup entrepreneur, founder of seven companies in the United States, Europe, and Japan, consultant to universities on commercializing their research programs, angel investor, and startup mentor. Stagars’ advice is field-tested, battle-hardened, and supported with a wealth of instructive first-hand examples from his international experience. The author advises academic entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands instead of relying on the initiative and support of universities and governments. He shows students and researchers how to fit lean startup methods to their existing university ecosystems, leveraging their strengths without getting bogged down in bureaucratic morass. Avoiding theory and jargon, the book focuses on real-world situations, practical steps, checklists, and case studies. University students and researchers will learn the skills they need to become startup entrepreneurs on an academic platform. The final part of University Startups and Spin-Offs addresses university administrators, educators, technology licensing officers, incubator managers, and government grant officers. It shows them with practical examples from the private and academic sectors how to integrate startups into the fabric of the university, develop a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem for students and researchers, leverage latent network effects, build bridges between scientific research and industries seeking innovative solutions, enhance the public image of the university, and motivate the university’s best and brightest to engage in startup enterprises that will deliver benefits to the university and the public as well as to themselves.
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New Medical Devices

Author : Karen B. Ekelman
ISBN : NAP:13522
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74.14 MB
Format : PDF
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As in other areas of technological advance, the benefits of new medical devices are not without cost and raise many issues for study. We know that certain medical devices, such as the computed tomographic scanner, have reduced the net cost of treating som diseases. But how are other new technologies related to the rising cost of health care, and how can we ensure the most cost-effective use of new equipment? How can we promote innovation in medical technologies when the trends in the judical application of tort law have made industries hesitant to develop products for which profits may be modest and liabilities severe? The symposium considered topics in three general areas, which make up the three major devisions of this volume. These topics are 1) innovation and use of new medical devices; 2) current trends in federal and private support of technological innovation, medical device regulation, product liability, and health care reimbursement; and 3) several perspectives on how these trends interact to influence the availability and appropriate use of new medical devices.
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Mastering Technology Commercialization

Author : Steven D Overholt
ISBN : 0983448027
Genre :
File Size : 22.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Continually UPDATED with the latest implications of the America Invents and JOBS Acts. Knowledge is power. Don't be the one without it Instead, sit down with this inspiring book, dig in deep, and come up strong with a clear-cut map to your goal. Sweeping in scope and a little unconventional (just like you), this holistic guide brims with proven tools and strategies you can use to forge your technology into a business or licensing deal that creates great wealth. Surely this is the most complete How-to on this topic ever available to the public. It's all here: Business Startup; Angels and VCs; Patent & Trademarks; Market Research; Product Design; Prototypes & Manufacturing; Contract Negotiation; Regulatory Compliance; Sales & Marketing; Licensing; International Trade; Strategic Alliances; Money-saving Tips, and more. Here's what Terry Jones, Founder & Past CEO- Travelocity; Chairman- Kayak has to say: Mastering Technology Commercialization is an encyclopedia for anyone trying to take an invention and turn it into a successful business. Steve Overholt, who has counseled countless entrepreneurs from startup to exit, has taken his high-priced consulting knowledge and distilled it into a book that contains hundreds of nuggets of wisdom and an impressive list of pitfalls to avoid. The book is worth it simply for the section that explains the complex dance of funding-from dilution to valuation to the art of the pitch. This section is gold Any budding technology entrepreneur would do well to keep this book on their desk and use it to guide their path to success. Topics are covered in nuts & bolts detail, including hundreds of references for further study, providing a great summary for a quick start. Written by a plain-spoken author in a conversational style and with great sympathy for the uninitiated, this guide actually makes sense. The reading is fast, entertaining, and smooth... the How-to guide as literature? Keeping the dry topic interesting, the author sprinkles in humor and tells inspiring stories that you can relate to-tales of those who failed miserably, succeeded wildly, and managed to do both. How did the winners win? Why did the losers lose? Victory is out there, but it's down a narrow path. Especially valuable is the wisdom the author dispenses that comes only from having gone through the entire process himself. Your guide points out pitfalls to avoid if you want to survive this thrilling experience of grabbing your technology by the horns and creating big wealth. Need another testimonial? Here's what Kathy Misunas, Past CIO- American Airlines; Past CEO Brandwise; Principal- Essential Ideas Consulting has to say: I am often confronted with the build it and they will come entrepreneurial approach to starting a business, especially by engineers. The need is often identified, but the business plan is lacking in the 5P's of product definition vis-a-vis the market, pricing, packaging, promotion and product launch. Steve has provided a great primer identifying how to avoid the pitfalls, but more importantly of suggesting solutions to ensure success. I give the book a definite thumbs-up

Business Innovation Development And Advancement In The Digital Economy

Author : Oncioiu, Ionica
ISBN : 9781466629356
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Digital technologies maintain an important tool in today’s business economy. As the economy continues to change, businesses seek out solutions in order to enhance and develop their organization. Business Innovation, Development, and Advancement in the Digital Economy highlights the competitive advantages on the emerging digital economy. Bringing together the classic economy theory and the developments of new technology, this book provides research on current innovations in the digital economy. It is vital resource for practitioners, researchers as well as graduate and undergraduate students.
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Kellogg On Technology Innovation

Author : Ranjay Gulati
ISBN : 9780471273080
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The future of business technology This book examines the exciting new technologies that will soon be entering the workplace. The experts from the Kellogg School of Management offer a uniquely business-oriented approach and perspective on the subject. The editors provide not only an overview of the lure and promise of these domains but also a rich account of the business propositions underlying the commercialization of these efforts. There is also a discussion on alternative business models surrounding each technology as well as on the sources of value creation and those who will benefit from it.
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