Closing Of The American Mind

Author : Allan Bloom
ISBN : 1451683200
Genre : Social Science
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THE BRILLIANT AND CONTROVERSIAL CRITIQUE OF AMERICAN CULTURE WITH NEARLY A MILLION COPIES IN PRINT In 1987, eminent political philosopher Allan Bloom published The Closing of the American Mind, an appraisal of contemporary America that “hits with the approximate force and effect of electroshock therapy” (The New York Times) and has not only been vindicated, but has also become more urgent today. In clear, spirited prose, Bloom argues that the social and political crises of contemporary America are part of a larger intellectual crisis: the result of a dangerous narrowing of curiosity and exploration by the university elites. Now, in this twenty-fifth anniversary edition, acclaimed author and journalist Andrew Ferguson contributes a new essay that describes why Bloom’s argument caused such a furor at publication and why our culture so deeply resists its truths today.
Category: Social Science

Beyond Cheering And Bashing

Author : William K. Buckley
ISBN : 0879725486
Genre : Education
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The debate over the central issue confronted in The Closing of the American Mind—the role of the university and the liberal arts in the United States—has become increasingly urgent and contentious. The goal of this collection of essays is to see what we can learn about the dilemmas confronting American culture through consideration of both The Closing of the American Mind and the debate it aroused.
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Cultural Conservatism Political Liberalism

Author : James Seaton
ISBN : 0472106457
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Examines whether cultural studies has been too dismissive of the tradition of literary-cultural criticism that preceded it
Category: Literary Criticism

Opening Education

Author : Terry Evans
ISBN : 9781135104009
Genre : Education
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The overall theme of this book is the relationships between government and organisational policies and the work of practitioners in open and distance learning. The book does this by exploring a selection of international examples, many of which concern the use of new technologies for opening education.
Category: Education

Meeting The Challenge

Author : Ellen Rose
ISBN : 9781136770630
Genre : Education
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This collection demonstrates how feminist pedagogy can be implemented in a variety of institutional and disciplinary settings. Unlike most of the current literature, it provides a vast array of examples of feminist pedagogy in action. It suggests practical ways of creating classroom environments open to feminist and anti-racist teaching, way feminists at universities can intervene in community programs and how to apply feminist pedagogy to new challenges such as distance education, cyberspace, fiscal constraints, and the changing political climate. Meeting the Challenge also looks to other nations for examples of how to successfully implement feminist pedagogy.
Category: Education

How To Write A Ba Thesis

Author : Charles Lipson
ISBN : 9780226481265
Genre : Education
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Lipson has guided hundreds of students through the thesis-writing process and provides step-by-step advice on how to turn a vague idea into a clearly defined proposal, then a draft paper, and, ultimately, a polished thesis.
Category: Education

Fantasies Of The New Class

Author : Stephen Schryer
ISBN : 9780231527477
Genre : Literary Criticism
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America's post-World War II prosperity created a boom in higher education, expanding the number of university-educated readers and making a new literary politics possible. Writers began to direct their work toward the growing professional class, and the American public in turn became more open to literary culture. This relationship imbued fiction with a new social and cultural import, allowing authors to envision themselves as unique cultural educators. It also changed the nature of literary representation: writers came to depict social reality as a tissue of ideas produced by knowledge elites. Linking literary and historical trends, Stephen Schryer underscores the exalted fantasies that arose from postwar American writers' new sense of their cultural mission. Hoping to transform capitalism from within, writers and critics tried to cultivate aesthetically attuned professionals who could disrupt the narrow materialism of the bourgeoisie. Reading Don DeLillo, Marge Piercy, Mary McCarthy, Saul Bellow, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ralph Ellison, and Lionel Trilling, among others, Schryer unravels the postwar idea of American literature as a vehicle for instruction, while highlighting both the promise and flaws inherent in this vision.
Category: Literary Criticism

Professor Bloom S Delight On The Right American Conservatism And The Closing Of The American Mind

Author : Moritz P. Mücke
ISBN : 9783954893034
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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In 1987 the American philosopher Allan Bloom published his controversial book The Closing of the American Mind, in which he criticized contemporary trends in American academia as well as in the culture at large. The book was largely perceived to be a conservative tract, and many commentators on the political Right praised the work, although Bloom himself rejected the label ‘conservative’. The controversy Bloom unleashed was - and is - a battle between political forces for cultural sovereignty, especially in the universities, and the commanding heights of American intellectual life. This conflict was well captured in Camille Paglia’s famous description of The Closing of the American Mind as the ‘first shot in the culture wars.’ The purpose of this study is to inquire into the American Right’s reception and reconstruction of Bloom’s book and to determine the initial impact and lasting influence it had on American conservative thought. To provide the necessary context, the history of American conservatism from 1945 up to the respective points in time is also illuminated in this work.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Leo Strauss The Straussians And The American Regime

Author : Kenneth L. Deutsch
ISBN : 0847686922
Genre : Philosophy
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Responding to volatile criticisms frequently leveled at Leo Strauss and those he influenced, the prominent contributors to this volume demonstrate the profound influence that Strauss and his students have exerted on American liberal democracy and contemporary political thought. By stressing the enduring vitality of classic books and by articulating the theoretical and practical flaws of relativism and historicism, the contributors argue that Strauss and the Straussians have identified fundamental crises of modernity and liberal democracy. This book emphasizes the broad range of Strauss's influence, from literary criticism to constitutional thought, and it denies the existence of a monolithic Straussian political orthodoxy. Both critics and supporters of Strauss' thought are included. All political theorists interested in Strauss's extraordinary impact on political thought will want to read this book.
Category: Philosophy

The Lost Soul Of Higher Education

Author : Ellen Schrecker
ISBN : 9781595586032
Genre : Education
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Schrecker, the leading historian of the McCarthy-era witch hunts, examines both the key fronts in the present battles over higher ed, and their historical parallels in previous eras – offering a deeply-researched chronicle of the challenges to academic freedom, set against the rapidly changing structure of the academy itself. The Lost Soul of Higher Education tells the interwoven stories of successive, well-funded ideological assaults on academic freedom by outside pressure groups aimed at undermining the legitimacy of scholarly study, viewed alongside decades of eroding higher education budgets -- a trend that has sharply accelerated during the recent economic downturn.
Category: Education