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The Civil War A Narrative

Author : Shelby Foote
ISBN : 9780307744678
Genre : History
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This first volume of Shelby Foote's classic narrative of the Civil War opens with Jefferson Davis’s farewell to the United Senate and ends on the bloody battlefields of Antietam and Perryville, as the full, horrible scope of America’s great war becomes clear. Exhaustively researched and masterfully written, Foote’s epic account of the Civil War unfolds like a classic novel. Includes maps throughout. "Here, for a certainty, is one of the great historical narratives…a unique and brilliant achievement, one that must be firmly placed in the ranks of the masters."—Van Allen Bradley, Chicago Daily News "A stunning book full of color, life, character and a new atmosphere of the Civil War, and at the same time a narrative of unflagging power. Eloquent proof that an historian should be a writer above all else." —Burke Davis "To read this great narrative is to love the nation—to love it through the living knowledge of its mortal division. Whitman, who ultimately knew and loved the bravery and frailty of the soldiers, observed that the real Civil War would never be written and perhaps should not be. For me, Shelby Foote has written it.... This work was done to last forever." —James M. Cox, Southern Review
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Journal Of The Indian Wars Volume 1 Number 3

Author : Michael Hughes
ISBN : 9781940669229
Genre : History
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Journal of the Indian Wars, or JIW was a quarterly publication on the study of the American Indian Wars. Before JIW, no periodical dedicated exclusively to this fascinating topic was available. JIW's focus was on warfare in the United States, Canada, and the Spanish borderlands from 1492 to 1890. Published articles also include personalities, policy, and military technologies. JIW was designed to satisfy both professional and lay readers with original articles of lasting value and a variety of columns of interest, plus book reviews, all enhanced with maps and illustrations. JIW's lengthy essays of substance are presented in a fresh and entertaining manner. Most readers of the Civil War and Indian War history know that a small force of Indians participated in the Battle of Pea Ridge; John Pope was banished to Minnesota after his disastorous performance at Second Bull Run to face the rebellious Sioux; Stand Watie and Ely Parker rose to high rank in the Confederate and Union armies, respectively; and a region labeled simply "Indian Territory" existed somewhere in the Trans-Mississippi Theater. All true. Yet the situation of American Indians during the Civil War period was much more complex, their fate more devastating and far-reaching than most students appreciate. Each of the articles in this issue underscore this point. In this edition: Foreword Firm but Fair: The Minnesota Volunteers and the Coming of the Dakota War of 1862 The Most Terrible Stories: The 1862 Dakota Conflict in White Imagination Chiefs by Commission: Stand Watie and Ely Parker Flowing with Blood and Whiskey: Stand Watie and the Battles of First and Second Cabin Creek Nations Asunder: Western American Indian Experiences During the Civil War, 1861-1865, Part I Interview: A Conversation with Battlefield Interpreter Doug Keller Features: Wisconsin's 1832 Black Hawk Trail The Indian Wars: Organizational, Tribal, and Museum News Thomas Online: Daughters of the Lance: Native American Women Warriors Book Reviews Index
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The Civil War

Author : Shelby Foote
ISBN : 9780394746227
Genre : History
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Follows the course of the war from 1862 to 1864, discusses the strategies of both sides in major battles, and assesses the performance of the Union generals
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The First Conflict

Author : Comte De Paris
ISBN : 9781582187969
Genre : History
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The South has seceded and Fort Sumter has fallen. Armies have been raised on both sides. Lincoln is in the White House and determined to preserve the Republic. European powers have hastily declared neutrality. Washington D.C. is being threatened by confederate armies and needs to be guarded by federal troops. Modern warfare is being born. The importance of railways and waterways for the transport of men and supplies through a sparsely populated countryside where no food crops are planted will largely influence military decisions. The first conflict will take place at Manassas Junction in the first Battle of Bull Run.
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A Time For Soldiers A Civil War Journey Volume 1

Author : James Edwards Jr.
ISBN : 9781483636474
Genre : History
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Today is May 1, 1917. Word has just come to me that several local boys have been drafted to fight the war in Europe. This one is called "The Great War." It's been raging since August 1914. President Wilson asked the Congress for a declaration of war last month. He got it. Hundreds of thousands have died already. Now, many of our own good boys will die. War is a chronic condition, and stupid. I was that young when I first went off to war, fifty-seven years ago. I was twenty-one, about the same age as these kids. I had no idea that I was entering my own personal season in hell when I joined up with a New York volunteer regiment. These young men are about to march off to another war, another cause. Many will die uselessly on torn-up battlefields that nobody will remember except the men who fight there. I still see those faces in the distance, on a hillside at a place called Gettysburg. I see myself, young, but no longer a boy. My innocence was a façade. War is butchery, and I experienced it close-up. I was part of a monster, trained to overwhelm and destroy my enemy, my brother. By the end of the war, I was good at it. It fit me well. I was a seasoned veteran. Killing had become second nature. Experience being the best teacher, I learned well. In April 1865, I knew what I was. The question had become, what was I going to be? The thought once occurred to me that maybe I should not have survived the war, that war should devour its own and leave the remnant in peace.
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Utah And The American Civil War

Author : Kenneth L. Alford
ISBN : 9780806159164
File Size : 26.1 MB
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Collected and published together for the first time, these records document the unique role Utah played in the Civil War and reveal the war's influence, both subtle and overt, on the emerging state of Utah.
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A Documentary History Of The Civil War Era

Author : Thomas C. Mackey
ISBN : 9781572339279
Genre : History
File Size : 49.11 MB
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A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era is the first comprehensive collection of public policy actions, political speeches, and judicial decisions related to the American Civil War. This three-volume set gives scholars, teachers, and students easy access to the full texts of the most important, fundamental documents as well as hard-to-find, rarely published primary sources on this critical period in U.S. history. The first volume of the series, Legislative Achievements, contains legislation passed in response to the turmoil seizing the country on the brink of, during, and in the wake of the Civil War. Forthcoming are volume 2, Political Arguments, which contains voices of politicians, political party platforms, and administrative speeches, and volume 3, Judicial Decisions, which provides judicial opinions and decisions as the Civil War raged in the courtrooms as well as on the battlefields. Organized chronologically, each of the selections is preceded by an introductory headnote that explains the document’s historical significance and traces its lasting impact. These headnotes provide insight into not only law and public policy but also the broad sweep of issues that engaged Civil War–era America. Legislative Achievements features some of the most momentous and enduring public policy documents from the time, beginning with the controversial September 15, 1850, Fugitive Slave Act and concluding with the June 18, 1878, Posse Comitatus Act. Both military and nonmilitary legislation constitute this part, including the April 19, 1861, proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln declaring a naval blockade on Southern ports and Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s proclamation authorizing blockade runners to attack Northern shipping, both issued on the same day. Nonmilitary legislation includes statutes affecting the postwar period, such as the 1862 Homestead Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and all four of the Reconstruction Acts. Also in this section are the three constitutional amendments, the Habeas Corpus Acts of 1863 and 1867, the Freedman’s Bureau Acts of 1865 and 1866, and the 1867 Tenure of Office Act together with President Andrew Johnson’s message vetoing the Act. A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era is an essential acquisition for academic and public libraries in addition to being a valuable resource for students of the Civil War and Reconstruction, legal history, public policy, and nineteenth-century American history. THOMAS C. MACKEY is a professor of history at the University of Louisville and adjunct Professor of Law at Brandeis School of Law. He is the author of Pornography on Trial (2002) and Pursuing Johns (2005).
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Civil War Records

Author : Kenneth Weant
ISBN : WISC:89082316407
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The Civil War In North Carolina Volume 1 The Piedmont

Author : Christopher M. Watford
ISBN : 9781476616780
Genre : History
File Size : 39.66 MB
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“I think that we can hold our position here against any force that the enemy can bring against us, as we have an admirable position & are all ready. I can give you no idea when the general attack will take place. It may be this evening, tomorrow or at any moment as both parties are apparently ready & we have nothing to do but pitch in.”—Captain Charles C. Blacknall, “Granville Rifles,” Company G, 23rd North Carolina Troops, Yorktown, Virginia, April 22, 1862 This work is a compilation of letters and diary entries (and a few other documents) that tell the Civil War experiences of soldiers and citizens from 29 North Carolina counties: Alamance, Alexander, Anson, Cabarrus, Caswell, Catawba, Chatham, Cleveland, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Gaston, Granville, Guilford, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Moore, Orange, Person, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Rowan, Stanly, Stokes, Union, and Yadkin. The book is arranged chronologically, 1861 through 1865, and a chart at the beginning of each chapter tells the date, subject, document type (letter, diary entry, or other), author, recipient, and the home county and unit of soldiers.
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The Civil War In Tennessee 1862 1863

Author : Jack H. Lepa
ISBN : 9781476604671
Genre : History
File Size : 29.31 MB
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In 1862, with the outcome of the Civil War far from sure, leaders on both sides began to pinpoint places vital for their army's success. For both Union and Confederate forces, Tennessee was a prize. Drawing on contemporary sources such as memoirs and official correspondence, this book details the struggle for control of Tennessee during 1862 and 1863. It follows troop movements through some of1the worst battles, including Shiloh, Stone's River and Chickamauga. The Union victory at the battle of Chattanooga--which brought Tennessee definitively under Union control--and its consequences for both sides are discussed in detail.
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