Circling Round Nature

Author : Arlene Corwin
ISBN : 9781499020403
Genre : Poetry
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When Arlene Corwin is not thinking about music, yoga, our times and culture, God, love relationships, baths, coffee, time or science, she makes it a practice to write about something in nature - just to keep her ‘poetic mind in trim’. It usually begins with a simple observation – a siting perhaps. Then, being the person she is, the siting suggests, evokes, implies... expands. You could call it a meditation on nature in its many forms – nature, including her own. Circling Round Nature has as wide a scope as has nature, the opportunities for observations and reactions diverse, endless. Nature is the flattened frog on the road, the mushroom, the plasticized face, the weather, cycles involved in everything: all the forces controlling the physical world. The result has become a mix of of 269 minutely observed, moving, thought provoking but colloquial and often downright funny poems. Written over a period of some 60 odd years, they continue to be written and collected right up to the minute of publication. “After many years of practicing the poet's craft, Arlene Corwin, has honed her skills so that many -- almost any -- observation prompts her to poetry. Her poetry is clear and straightforward. The words on the page are as willowy and lithe as if they, like their author, were an experienced and accomplished yoga practitioner. But, better than that, Arlene is also a lifelong jazz musician and brings to her poetry a sensitivity to sound, line and rhythm and that is always musical. Like any lifelong meditator, she brings as well, insights -- not in a ponderous tone of voice but simply, with keen observation and sensitivity. These are poems to read and reread and savor as you would a recording of a good jazz set.” - June Calendar
Category: Poetry

Circling Round Eros 2

Author : Arlene Corwin
ISBN : 9781477116746
Genre : Poetry
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Circling Round Eros + 2 is for the mature: erotic poetry for the mature. Of all the collections I have in my computer, this might have been the last to publish.But the more I thought about it, the more enticing the idea became. After all, I was moved to write the stuff. Why hide it? A short collection, it says all I have observed so far, about the act, the actions, the motivations, the dynamics of making love after the age of, say, thirty. No, forty. No, fifty. No. sixty. Well, seventy! Coffee Book honors the heightened creative effects of coffee. I thought of sending Coffee Book to the coffee industry. Surely they would appreciate the homage, I thought. Then I thought better of it. However, every coffee drinker will appreciate it, identify with effects that can vary from the gymnastically, creatively sublime to the exhausting. Circling Round Baths is a collection composed, inspired and written down on dripping paper, sullied, sodden, sopping notebooks, stripes of ballpoint ink made transparent by hands too impatient to be dried, the mind too impulsive to have towel ready by the side. It honors baths.
Category: Poetry

Our Cultural Agony

Author : V. Vycinas
ISBN : 9789401023955
Genre : Philosophy
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Cultural twilight means cultural disintegration or death. It means cul tural agony. Such agony gradually fades into the dawn of tomorrow's culture, just as the twilight of a summer's evening proceeds into the daylight of the forthcoming day. Consequently cultural twilight or agony simul taneously is the dawn - the milieu of birth - of future gods. With these words a close interbelonging of the recently published SEARCH FOR GoDS with the present study, OUR CULTURAL AGONY, is stressed. Both of these books belong together and constitute one and the same "story". While SEARCH FOR GODS deals with man of tomorrow in his venture to find the way which would lead him to his dawning gods, OUR CULTURAL AGONY attempts to disclose contemporary man's ways of erring - his stray ing ways. Moreover, just as the way towards man's future gods is simul taneously his way to his true cultural self, so are his straying ways his ways of a lack of self. Man's way to his true self is his authentic, innermost, "bloody" or "ex-istential" way, while the way of his lack of self is his inauthentic way. The inauthentic ways, generally speaking, are "democratic" ways: they are the public and common ways of modem society, most typical or characteristic of it. Accordingly, while SEARCH FOR GODS has an indi vidualistic character, OUR CULTURAL AGONY has a social character.
Category: Philosophy

Red Thunder

Author : David Matheson
ISBN : 1935347098
Genre : Fiction
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Steeped in authentic cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs, this rich and wonderful historical novel follows the times and trials of a family band of the Schi'tsu'umsh Indians, now called the Coeur d'Alene Tribe in northern Idaho. Through a boy named Sun Bear and his sister, Rainbow Girl, the band's oral stories are told as it struggles to hold onto what is precious and sacred about life.
Category: Fiction

Building Cultural Competence

Author : Darla K. Deardorff
ISBN : 9781579228064
Genre : Education
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For HR directors, corporate trainers, college administrators, diversity trainers and study abroad educators, this book provides a cutting-edge framework and an innovative collection of ready-to-use tools and activities to help build cultural competence—from the basics of understanding core concepts of culture to the complex work of negotiating identity and resolving cultural differences. Building Cultural Competence presents the latest work in the intercultural field and provides step-by-step instructions for how to effectively work with the new models, frameworks, and exercises for building learners’ cultural competence. Featuring fresh activities and tools from experienced coaches, trainers, and facilitators from around the globe, this collection of over 50 easy-to-use activities and models has been used successfully worldwide in settings that range from Fortune 500 corporations to the World Bank, non-profits, and universities. Learn updates on classic models like the DIE (Description, Interpretation, Evaluation) framework and the U-Curve model of adjustment. Engage in new exercises to help build intercultural competence, using the practical step-by-step guidance on how to effectively facilitate these activities. Stay relevant and have positive impact with clients, organizations, and students with these well-organized, easy-to-implement, and high impact collection of frameworks, models, and activities. The new, research-based models work for developing cultural competence in any environment, and for designing effective cultural competence courses. Education abroad administrators will be able to use these activities in their pre- departure orientations for students going abroad. Corporate human resource professionals will find these activities invaluable in cultural competence building programs.
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Women Artists News

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106020699556
Genre : Art, American
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The Rollright Ritual

Author : William G. Gray
ISBN : 9781908011176
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In the early 1970s the redoubtable old occultist William G. Gray bicycled from his Gloucestershire home to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a clear and full-mooned summer night. The visionary experiences he encountered on that night and in other similar visits resulted in the writing of this book, originally published by Helios Books in 1975 and now a classic among pagan and craft traditions. The text of the ritual is given in full, along with a discussion of its pattern and purpose. The Rollright Ritual is a powerful initiatory rite for attuning oneself to a personal and communal path of spiritual growth, presented here with an explanatory text and a discussion of the spiritual lives and practices of the stone circle builders of Great Britain. "Somehow, we ought to get away from ideas that a Standing Stone is only an outworn sign of our past, and see it as an upraised Finger of Fate beckoning us ahead toward our future. The Stone is not merely a memorial of bygone beliefs, but a pointer that should raise our highest hopes of finding faith in all the Life that lies ahead of us."
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit