Christianity And Classical Culture

Author : Jaroslav Pelikan
ISBN : 0300062559
Genre : Art
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The momentous encounter between Christian thought and Greek philosophy reached a high point in fourth-century Byzantium, and the principal actors were four Greek-speaking Christian thinkers whose collective influence on the Eastern Church was comparable to that of Augustine on Western Latin Christendom. In this erudite and informative book, a distinguished scholar provides the first coherent account of the lives and writings of these so-called Cappadocians (named for a region in what is now eastern Turkey), showing how they managed to be Greek and Christian at the same time. Jaroslav Pelikan describes the four Cappadocians--Gregory of Nazianzus, Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, and Macrina, sister and teacher of the last two--who were trained in Classical culture, philosophy, and rhetoric but who were also defenders and expositors of Christian orthodoxy. On one issue of faith and life after another--the nature of religious language, the ways of knowing, the existence of God, the universe as cosmos, time, and space, free will and immortality, the nature of the good life, the purpose of the universe--they challenged and debated the validity of the Greek philosophical tradition in interpreting Scripture. Because the way they resolved these issues became the very definition of normative Christian belief, says Pelikan, their system is still a key to our understanding not only of Christianity's diverse religious traditions but also of its intellectual and philosophical traditions. This book is based on the prestigious Gifford Lectures, presented by Jaroslav Pelikan at the University of Aberdeen in 1992 and 1993.
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Hellenische Identit T In Der Sp Tantike

Author : Jan Stenger
ISBN : 9783110213287
Genre : History
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Review text: "In sum, Stenger's book can motivate a critical re-reading of its sources through the new lens of its ambitious approach. It is a thought-provoking contribution that certainly merits careful study and no doubt will incite further critical consideration and discussion."Fabian Sieber in: BMCR2010.10.16.
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Ethik Und Christliche Identit T Bei Gregor Von Nyssa

Author : Sandra Leuenberger-Wenger
ISBN : 3161496779
Genre : Religion
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English summary: In this work, the author examines the significance of the concept of identity for the ethical reflections of Gregory of Nyssa. Depending on the audience for which his message was intended, Gregory approached the issue of a lifestyle in accordance with the principles of Christianity in various ways. Whereas the vast majority of his community members had to be exhorted to lead a good and decent Christian life, the literate audience who read Gregory's texts or asked him what a good and virtuous Christian life was had already thought about this subject and had to be shown the superiority of the Christian way of life in comparison to other philosophical concepts. German description: Sandra Leuenberger-Wenger untersucht die ethischen Reflexionen und Ratschlage Gregors von Nyssa, ihre unterschiedlichen Formen und ihre Bedeutung fur die Vergewisserung christlicher Identitat. Dabei zeigt sie, dass sich die Frage nach dem gegluckten Leben in einer spezifisch christlichen Lebensweise mit wechselndem Adressatenkreis unterschiedlich stellte. Je nachdem, ob Gregor sich in Predigten an seine Gemeinde wandte oder Schriften fur ein literarisches Publikum verfasste, ging er von unterschiedlichen Voraussetzungen und Interessen aus, welche sich in seiner Argumentationsweise niederschlagen. Die Mehrheit der Gemeinde musste zuerst von der Bedeutung einer guten christlichen Lebensweise uberzeugt und dazu motiviert werden. Dagegen brachte das literarische Publikum Gregors sowohl Bildung als auch Interesse an einem moglichst vollkommenen christlichen Leben mit, zudem vielfach auch Kenntnisse von philosophischen Konzepten des guten Lebens, gegenuber denen das christliche uberzeugen musste. Die Autorin stellt dar, wie Gregor gegenuber seinen unterschiedlichen Adressatenkreisen die Bedeutung eines guten christlichen Lebens aufzeigte und sich bemuhte, seinen Adressaten ein Bewusstsein fur christlich motiviertes Handeln zu vermitteln: Die Adressaten sollten sich sowohl durch ihr Handeln als auch durch die Begrundung ihres Handelns vor sich und der Umwelt als Christen ausweisen. Auf der Grundlage seines Tugendbegriffs und seiner christlichen Anthropologie zeigte Gregor in unterschiedlichen Kontexten und anhand verschiedener Problemstellungen sozial- wie auch individualethischer Art auf, worin ein geglucktes christliches Leben besteht.
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Entertaining The Triune Mystery

Author : Jeffrey C. Pugh
ISBN : 1563384019
Genre : Religion
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"Drawing on one of Christianity's great mysteries - the life of the Trinity - Jeffrey Pugh seeks to bridge the gap between ancient faith traditions and scientific inquiry, in part by celebrating that gap itself as God's essence." "Pugh uses the wisdom of Plato, Irenaeus, the Cappadocians, Einstein, and many others to prompt us to think of God's energies within the processes of creation and life as the presence of God's suffering love for the cosmos. God not only nourishes the possibilities of the creation, but is fully present in them, both suffering with and extending hope for a world coming to be."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Key Theological Thinkers

Author : Svein Rise
ISBN : 9781317109273
Genre : Religion
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The 20th and 21st Centuries have been characterized by theologians and philosophers rethinking theology and revitalizing the tradition. This unique anthology presents contributions from leading contemporary theologians - including Rowan Williams, Fergus Kerr, Aidan Nichols, G.R. Evans and Tracey Rowland - who offer portraits of over fifty key theological thinkers in the modern and postmodern era. Distinguished by its broad ecumenical perspective, this anthology spans arguably one of the most creative periods in the history of Christian theology and includes thinkers from all three Christian traditions: Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox. Each individual portrait in this anthology includes a biographical introduction, an overview of theological or philosophical writing, presentation of key thoughts, and contextual placing of the thinker within 20th Century religious discourse. Overview articles explore postmodern theology, radical orthodoxy, ecumenical theology, feminist theology, and liberation theology. A final section includes portraits of important thinkers who have influenced Christian thought from other fields, not least from Continental philosophy and literature.
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Mariology At The Beginning Of The Third Millennium

Author : Kevin Wagner
ISBN : 9781532601446
Genre : Religion
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Since the Second Vatican Council the place of Mary in theology and generally in the life of the Church has been at times muted. This is perhaps understandable given the debates concerning Mary's "place" in the documents of Vatican II. In an ecumenical age, it was argued, the church needed a less triumphalist Mariology and piety with a greater focus on Mary as model disciple. In certain respects this has led to a dichotomy between the continued Marian piety of many faithful (and, truth be told, the piety of the post-conciliar popes) and a theological timidity concerning Mary. This collection of chapters seeks to address the current situation of Mariology. Taken as a whole these chapters represent a welcome call for renewal and reawakening in Mariology. The collection is also delightfully eclectic, both in terms of topics covered and in terms of the denominational and academic backgrounds of the authors.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Natural Theology

Author : Russell Re Manning
ISBN : 9780199556939
Genre : Religion
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The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology is the first collection to consider the full breadth of natural theology from both historical and contemporary perspectives and to bring together leading scholars to offer accessible high-level accounts of the major themes. The volume embodies and develops the recent revival of interest in natural theology as a topic of serious critical engagement. Frequently misunderstood or polemicized, natural theology is anunder-studied yet persistent and pervasive presence throughout the history of thought about ultimate reality - from the classical Greek theology of the philosophers to twenty-first century debates in science andreligion. Thirty eight new essays trace the transformations of natural theology in different historical and religious contexts, the place of natural theology in different philosophical traditions and diverse scientific disciplines, and the various cultural and aesthetic approaches to natural theology to reveal a rich seam of multi-faceted theological reflection rooted in human nature and the environments within which we find ourselves.
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A Free Corrector

Author : Joshua McNall
ISBN : 9781451487961
Genre : Religion
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A Free Corrector evaluates Colin Gunton's treatment of Augustine's legacy on the Trinity and the doctrine of creation. Gunton claimed that Augustine's work ultimately contributed to a host of problems for the Western tradition. Joshua McNall addresses this in conjunction with Gunton's argument regarding Augustine's "afterlife." In the end, A Free Corrector argues that while Gunton was far too "free" in his correction of Augustine, it is also true that isolated aspects of his Augustinian narrative remain viable.
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A Christian S Guide To Greek Culture

Author : Jennifer Nimmo Smith
ISBN : 0853239177
Genre : History
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Elizabeth A. Kaye specializes in communications as part of her coaching and consulting practice. She has edited Requirements for Certification since the 2000-01 edition.
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Divine Complexity

Author : Paul R. Hinlicky
ISBN : 9781451415681
Genre : Religion
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Divine Complexity intentionally combines Reformation theology, patristic studies, and modern biblical criticism in order to argue for a social view of the Trinity—the view of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as three distinct persons united in love—as the grounds of the Christian hope in the coming of the "Beloved Community." This book is written with the student of early Christianity and the development of doctrine in mind.
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