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China S Asian Dream

Author : Tom Miller
ISBN : 9781783609260
Genre : Political Science
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"China", Napoleon once remarked, "is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world." In 2014, President Xi Jinping triumphantly declared the lion had awakened. Under his leadership, China is pursuing a dream to restore its historical position as the dominant power in Asia. From the Mekong River Basin to the Central Asian steppe, China is flexing its economic muscles for strategic ends. By setting up new regional financial institutions, Beijing is challenging the post-World War II order established under the watchful eye of Washington. And by funding and building roads, railways, ports and power lines—a New Silk Road across Eurasia and through the South China Sea and Indian Ocean—China aims to draw its neighbours ever tighter into its embrace. Combining a geopolitical overview with on-the-ground reportage from a dozen countries, China’s Asian Dream offers a fresh perspective on the rise of China’ and asks: what does it means for the future of Asia?
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China S Asian Dream

Author : Tom Miller
ISBN : 1783609230
Genre :
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"China," Napoleon once remarked, "is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world." In 2014, President Xi Jinping triumphantly declared that the lion had indeed awoken, and "China's Asian Dream" became his signature slogan. Under Xi, China has pursued an increasingly ambitious foreign policy with the aim of restoring its historical status as the dominant power in Asia. Journalist Tom Miller has been on the ground in Asia watching this unfold for over a decade and in China's Asian Dream he offers an approachable, exciting, and in-depth look at China's growth and ascendant power. As Miller shows, from the Mekong Basin to the Central Asian steppe, the country is wooing its neighbors with promises of new roads, railways, dams, and power grids; Chinese trade and investment presents huge opportunities for these nations, and its ability to build much-needed infrastructure could assist in the development of some of the world's poorest countries. Yet China's rise also threatens to exploit its neighbors' vulnerability and make them wholly reliant on Chinese resources. In Vietnam and Myanmar, as Miller explains, resentment of Chinese encroachment has already incited anti-Chinese protests, and many countries in the region are seeking to counterbalance its influence by turning to the United States or Japan. Combining a concise overview of the situation with in-depth reportage, China's Asian Dream offers a fresh perspective on one of the most important questions of our time: what does China's rise mean for the future of Asia and the globe?

China S Asian Dream

Author : Tom Miller (Journalist)
ISBN : 1783609257
Genre : Business & Economics
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What does China's rise mean for the future of Asia, and of the world?
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China S Urban Billion

Author : Tom Miller
ISBN : 9781780321448
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39.38 MB
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By 2030, China's cities will be home to 1 billion people - one in every eight people on earth. What kind of lives will China's urban billion lead? And what will China's cities be like? Over the past thirty years, China's urban population expanded by 500 million people, and is on track to swell by a further 300 million by 2030. Hundreds of millions of these new urban residents are rural migrants, who lead second-class lives without access to urban benefits. Even those lucky citizens who live in modern tower blocks must put up with clogged roads, polluted skies and cityscapes of unremitting ugliness. The rapid expansion of urban China is astonishing, but new policies are urgently needed to create healthier cities. Combining on-the-ground reportage and up-to-date research, this pivotal book explains why China has failed to reap many of the economic and social benefits of urbanization, and suggests how these problems can be resolved. If its leaders get urbanization right, China will surpass the United States and cement its position as the world's largest economy. But if they get it wrong, China could spend the next twenty years languishing in middle-income torpor, its cities pockmarked by giant slums.
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China S One Belt One Road

Author : B K Sharma
ISBN : 9789385563607
Genre : Political Science
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The Chapters in this book written by Chinese and Indian academics and researchers from United Service Institution of India and Sichuan University, explaining the inter-disciplinary approaches and comparative perspectives, that may help to understand the essence and implication of China’s ‘One Belt One Road’, initiative by identifying the convergences of interest in terms of social and economic development, political and cultural exchanges and remove the potential hindrance. The Chapters explained the scope of the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative as the mega development project and framework proposed by China, focussing on connectivity and cooperation amoung the regional countries, which till date received mixed reactions. There have been debates across the world regarding different facets of the OBOR initiative from whether it is an economic or strategic initiative or only a re-branding or a slogan for already existing ideas and projects. The views and vision expressed by the authors on OBOR in this volume focused on OBOR’s economic approach and nature with parallel initiative to cultural aspects, along with the educational and health care sectors cooperation. The Chapters in this Book focussed on OBOR connectivity both on ‘Land’ and ‘Sea’ routes, as OBOR initiative has proposals to connect the Nations by road, rail, and sea. It is quite obvious that OBOR is an ambitious project aimed at spurring the growth of Chinese economy; however, it is natural that such a vast project and ambition needs to provide adequate security guarantees and confidence building measures. The authors highlighted in the Chapters that to ensure proper consideration of both core and specific interests of individual countries for active participation in the OBOR projects there is a need to promote active interaction for studying the implications and benefits. The authors also elaborated in the Chapters the challenges, opportunities, basic principle and rules of action for such trans-regional project like OBOR for achieving success. In this Volume the authors tried to provide both China’s and India’s perspective highlighting the significance of reviving the ancient Silk Road connectivity that extends on the world map connecting East with the West. The Chapter’s highlighted opinion expressed by the policy makers, strategic analysts and academics in India and China, concerning various implications attached with the OBOR initiative. Chapters in this volume highlighted various opportunities, concerns and challenges looking into the policy options as well as academic considerations, however, the argument clearly indicates that there is a need to act strategically on issues related to OBOR both on the ‘land’ and ‘Sea’ roads. The arguments given focuses on the suspicion that still exists in understanding the OBOR’s aspirations clearly, hence, it is felt that further clarification on OBOR, alongside with a range of issues between India and China is necessary to facilitate an objective understanding on OBOR and formulate the structure based on mutual benefits.
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China S One Belt One Road Initiative

Author : Tai Wei Lim
ISBN : 9781783269310
Genre : Political Science
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Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Silk Road Economic Belt component of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative at Kazakhstan in 2013. OBOR is a development strategy and framework that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily in Eurasia. It consists of two main components, the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" (SREB) and ocean-going "Maritime Silk Road" (MSR). This book studies the equilibrium or balance between overland and maritime trade routes of OBOR. This book has two major sections. The interpretive section examines contemporary media narratives related to the OBOR initiative and how contemporary commentators appropriate narratives about historical events related to the maritime Silk Road to interpret current policy agendas and legitimize diplomatic or economic exchanges. In terms of institutional studies, the chapters related to Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will look at the issues facing the Bank in its quest in forming a new world platform for multilateral development financing. The other section, the empirical case study of the publication highlights the fact that Euro-China High Speed Rail (HSR) and Central Asia-China HSR are not viable at the moment as passenger volume is not sufficient to justify the HSR line. This section examines the overland route of the OBOR and looks at recent Chinese HSR history and conventional sub-high speed rail technology development, and identifies technical & economic criteria determining the appropriate technology for a certain line. The chapter in this section will use the developed criteria to analyze the various rail linkage projects currently under study in the OBOR framework, highlight the economic, bureaucratic and geo-political challenges that these projects likely face and lay down conditions that will determine the outcome of these projects.
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Everything Under The Heavens

Author : Howard W. French
ISBN : 9780385353328
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41.8 MB
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For many years after its reform and opening in 1978, China maintained an attitude of false modesty about its ambitions. That role, reports Howard French, has been set aside. China has asserted its place among the global heavyweights, revealing its plans for pan-Asian dominance by building its navy, increasing territorial claims to areas like the South China Sea, and diplomatically bullying smaller players. Underlying this attitude is a strain of thinking that casts China's present-day actions in decidedly historical terms, as the path to restoring the dynastic glory of the past. If we understand how that historical identity relates to current actions, in ways ideological, philosophical, and even legal, we can learn to forecast just what kind of global power China stands to become--and to interact wisely with a future peer.
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The China Paradox

Author : Paul G. Clifford
ISBN : 9781501507212
Genre :
File Size : 43.69 MB
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Bully Of Asia

Author : Steven W. Mosher
ISBN : 9781621577058
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 50.52 MB
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THE ONCE AND FUTURE HEGEMON In a world bristling with dangers, only one enemy poses a truly mortal challenge to the United States and the peaceful and prosperous world that America guarantees. That enemy is China, a country that invented totalitarianism thousands of years ago whose economic power rivals our own that believes its superior race and culture give it the right to universal deference that teaches its people to hate America for standing in the way of achieving its narcissistic "dream" of world domination that believes in its manifest destiny to usher in the World of Great Harmony which publishes maps showing the exact extent of the nuclear destruction it could rain down on the United States Steven Mosher exposes the resurgent aspirations of the would-be hegemon–and the roots of China's will to domination in its five-thousand-year history of ruthless conquest and assimilation of other nations, brutal repression of its own people, and belligerence toward any civilization that challenges its claim to superiority. The naïve idealism of our "China hands" has lulled America into a fool's dream of "engagement" with the People's Republic of China and its "peaceful evolution" toward democracy and freedom. Wishful thinking, says Mosher, has blinded us to the danger we face and left the owlrd vulnerable to China's overweening ambitions. Mosher knows China as few Westerners do. Having exposed as a visiting graduate student the monstrous practice of forced abortions, he became the target of the regime's crushing retaliation. His encyclopedic grasp of China's history and its present-day politics, his astute insights, and his bracing realism are the perfect antidote for our dangerous confusion about the Bully of Asia.
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Ceo China

Author : Kerry Brown
ISBN : 9781784533229
File Size : 70.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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