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Understanding China S Economy

Author : Gregory C. Chow
ISBN : 9810218583
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.96 MB
Format : PDF
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In the early 1990's, the world began to recognize China as a rising economic power to reckon with. China's economy is dynamic ? her human and natural resources are plentiful and her economic growth has been well sustained over the last 16 years. In fact, some have predicted that by the year 2020, China's economic output will be close to half that of the US. It is undeniable that China will be an economic giant, if she is not already one today.In this book, the author has traced China's economic development over the last 16 years. The steps and characteristics of China's economic reform are detailed. The prospects for China's economic growth are studied. The author also attempts to analyze topical issues pertaining to China's economic relations with the US and her integration with the other Asian economies. This book provides the interested reader with a bird's eye view of the Chinese economy over the last 16 years. Most chapters are written for the general reader, while a few are for professional economists. For the questions it answers or for those that it raises, this is an important book to read.
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China S Economy

Author : Arthur R. Kroeber
ISBN : 9780190239046
Genre : Business & Economics
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China's Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know? is a concise introduction to the most astonishing economic growth story of the last three decades. In the 1980s China was an impoverished backwater, struggling to escape the political turmoil and economic mismanagement of the Mao era. Today it is the world's second biggest economy, the largest manufacturing and trading nation, the consumer of half the world's steel and coal, the biggest source of international tourists, and one of the most influential investors in developing countries from southeast Asia to Africa to Latin America. China's growth has lifted 700 million people out of poverty. It has also created a monumental environmental mess, with smog-blanketed cities and carbon emissions that are a leading cause of climate change. Multinational companies make billions of dollars in profits in China each year, but traders around the world shudder at every gyration of the country's unruly stock markets. Most surprising of all, its capitalist economy is governed by an authoritarian Communist Party that shows no sign of loosening its grip. How did China grow so fast for so long? Can it keep growing and still solve its problems of environmental damage, fast-rising debt and rampant corruption? How long can its vibrant economy co-exist with the repressive one-party state? What do China's changes mean for the rest of the world? China's Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know? answers these questions in straightforward language that you don't need to be an economist to understand, but with a wealth of detail drawn from academic research, interviews with dozens of company executives and policy makers, and a quarter-century of personal experience. Whether you're doing business in China, negotiating with its government officials, or a student trying to navigate the complexities of this fascinating and diverse country, this is the one book that will tell you everything you need to know about how China works, where it came from and where it's going.
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China S Economy

Author : Zhenglai Deng
ISBN : 9789814291859
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.14 MB
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Annotation. Series on Developing China-Translated Research from China contains a collection of the most outstanding academic articles written by prestigious Chinese scholars of humanities and social sciences within the last 30 years. All the contributors are native Chinese scholars who have experienced China's dramatic changes by themselves. In the past, research done by Chinese scholars has not been adequately represented in English due to the language barrier. In this series, all the volumes are quality works translated from Chinese to English. This series will benefit international readers interested in China's reform process and the development of Chinese humanities and social sciences.
Category: Social Science

China S Economy Into The New Century

Author : John Wong
ISBN : 9812778276
Genre : China
File Size : 88.92 MB
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In the last two decades of the 20th century, China stood out as the world''s star performer in economic growth, thanks to the market-oriented reform that started in 1978. At the turn of the century, the Chinese economy faces a series of challenges to sustain its growth and stability. The two-decade-long rapid growth has effectively strengthened China''s economic power and raised its people''s standard of living. It has also transformed China from a centrally planned command economy into a OC socialist market economyOCO, which operates increasingly in line with capitalist norms. Major structural problems, however, remain and are growing acute. Weakness in the fiscal system breeds rent seeking at the local level and causes tension in the state budget. The flawed financial institutions and the biased ownership structure continue to distort resource allocation and cause huge efficiency losses. Inter-provincial and inter-regional disparity is reaching a level that threatens national unity and social stability. As China joins the World Trade Organization and becomes more integrated into the world economy, it urgently needs to improve the domestic business environment and to beef up indigenous industries for foreign competition.This volume is a collection of papers written by scholars at the East Asian Institute to address those problems during the period 1999OCo2001. The authors, with their knowledge and experience in China studies, provide in-depth observations and professional analyses of some of the most important issues for the Chinese economy at the turn of the century. Some of the observations and analyses lead to enlightening policy recommendations. The solid scholarship combined with the policy orientation of these papers will appeal greatly to researchers in academia, governments and other institutions. The policy-oriented and fact-based analyses will also be of interest to practitioners in business, including business consultants."
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China S Economy

Author : David J. Pyle
ISBN : 9781349258024
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.68 MB
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China's dramatic economic transformation can only be understood in relation to her modern history. David Pyle reviews the post-1978 reform process in the context of two centuries of Chinese economic, social and political history. Agricultural, industrial and financial reforms and the attraction of foreign trade and direct investment are analysed in detail. The conclusion compares China's gradualist approach with the 'big bang' of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, examining China's prospects and the lessons to be learnt elswhere.
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Interpreting China S Economy

Author : Gregory C. Chow
ISBN : 9789814317955
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Beginning with entrepreneurship that propels the dynamic economic changes in China today, this book is organized into four broad parts to discuss China's economic development, to analyze significant economic issues, to recommend economic policies and to comment on the economic issues in the American economy for comparison
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China And The Global Economy

Author : P. Nolan
ISBN : 9780230599284
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book tells the story of China's emergence as a major economic power and the huge impact this will have on world business. Over the last five years Peter Nolan has conducted a major investigation into Chinese industry, its economic structure, and the opportunities for growth in the future. As one of just four world experts invited by the Chinese Government to consult on their application to joint the World Trade Organisation he has worked closely with the heads of Chinese industry and with many foreign multinationals operating in China. China and the Global Economy is an executive summary of the opportunities for business in one of the largest markets in the world, by one passionate about its possibilities for the future.
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China S Economy

Author : Iris Claus
ISBN : 9781118982471
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.45 MB
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"Explores topics including the household registration system, urbanization, demographic transition, inequality, and the sustainability of economic growth"--
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