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China S Economic Transformation

Author : Gregory C. Chow
ISBN : 9781118909959
Genre : Business & Economics
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Revised edition of the author's China's economic transformation 2007.
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China S Great Economic Transformation

Author : Loren Brandt
ISBN : 9781139470940
Genre : Business & Economics
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This landmark study provides an integrated analysis of China's unexpected economic boom of the past three decades. The authors combine deep China expertise with broad disciplinary knowledge to explain China's remarkable combination of high-speed growth and deeply flawed institutions. Their work exposes the mechanisms underpinning the origin and expansion of China's great boom. Penetrating studies track the rise of Chinese capabilities in manufacturing and in research and development. The editors probe both achievements and weaknesses across many sectors, including China's fiscal, legal, and financial institutions. The book shows how an intricate minuet combining China's political system with sectorial development, globalization, resource transfers across geographic and economic space, and partial system reform delivered an astonishing and unprecedented growth spurt.
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China S Economic Transformation

Author : Jeffrey J. Schott
ISBN : 9780881327090
Genre : Business & Economics
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China's efforts to transition from an economy driven by investment and exports to one based on private consumption and services are roiling global markets. Its problems are compounded by an economic slowdown, rising debt levels, languishing real estate market, and lagging productivity growth. In these essays, scholars from the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) recommend a number of reforms for Chinese leaders to consider, including steps to further open up its capital account and develop its financial markets. This collection of papers is part of a series of interactions and discussions between PIIE and the China Finance 40 (CF40) Forum, which began in 2012. The papers are intended to illuminate the challenges facing China as it engages increasingly with the global economy and builds on its phenomenal economic success of the past three decades.
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The Economic Transformation Of China

Author : Dwight H Perkins
ISBN : 9789814612395
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.36 MB
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The Economic Transformation of China is a collection of essays written by an eminent observer of the Chinese economy. The book covers the Chinese transformation beginning in the 1950s and continuing through the second decade of the twenty-first century. It includes an analysis of the forces that held China back before 1949, the nature of the economy as it operated under the Soviet model of development, and the transformation since 1978 into a “socialist market economy.” The essays of the post-1978 era reflect the author's view of the state of the reform effort at the time the essay was written and carries the story up to the 2012–2013 slowdown in economic growth. Contents:IntroductionThe Historical Foundation:History, Politics and 30 Years of Development and ReformGovernment as an Obstacle to Industrialization: The Case of 19th Century ChinaCentral Planning and Collective Agriculture, 1955–1978:Centralization and Decentralization in Mainland China's Agriculture, 1949–1962Industrial Planning and ManagementChina's Economic Policy and PerformanceChina's Economic Reforms, 1978–2013:Reforming China's Economic SystemChina's “Gradual” Approach to Market ReformsThe Challenges of China's GrowthThe Future:Forecasting China's Economic Growth to 2025China's Investment and GDP Growth Boom: When and How Will It End? Readership: Graduate students and researchers interested in Chinese Studies and Asian economies. Key Features:Covers the economic transformation of China from 1950s until nowForecasts China's economic growth in the next 25 yearsHighly informative, timely and insightful resource for researchers interested in Chinese economic history Keywords:Chinese Economy;Economic Reform;Central Planning;Markets;State Enterprises;Rural Development
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China S Third Economic Transformation

Author : Ross Garnaut
ISBN : 9781134392100
Genre : Political Science
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The Chinese economy is currently undergoing an institutional transformation as profound as the replacement of the people's communes with the household responsibility system in the early 1980s and the emergence of township and village enterprises as the main locus of economic dynamism in the second half of the 1980s. This third dramatic transformation is the emergence of the private sector as the main source of the country's economic growth. This book discusses the key issues in private sector development in China and includes: An overview of the development of private enterprises in China Analysis of the development and emerging paths toward private enterprise Examination of the business environment in which private enterprises operate How the legal environment has changed through economic reform Managerial capabilities and state-business interactions Suggestions of policy recommendations Perhaps controversially, the contributors suggest that private sector development is necessary to maintain the dynamism of the Chinese economy and create greater employment opportunities. China's Third Economic Transformation will appeal to scholars of Asian Economics and business who are interested in the rapid growth of the private sector in China.
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China S Emerging Middle Class

Author : Cheng Li
ISBN : 9780815704058
Genre : Business & Economics
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Decades ago, there was no distinct middle class in the People's Republic of China. Any meaningful discussion of China's economy, politics, or society must take into account the rapid emergence and explosive growth of the Chinese middle class. This book details the origins and characteristics of this dramatic change.
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The China Paradox

Author : Paul G. Clifford
ISBN : 9781501507212
Genre :
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The Political Economy Of China S Great Transformation

Author : Xingyuan Feng
ISBN : 9781315530369
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Political Economy of China’s Great Transformation consists of three parts: first, covering the current political transformation, providing a general political background for the socio-economic, fiscal and urban and rural transformation. The book analyses the economic transformation and addresses the shortcomings of existing interpretations of the "Chinese Miracle" and develops a new multi-dimensional framework. In addition, it shows how the private sector has been developing and what a major role it is playing in pushing forward the overall economic development. The book also focuses on the analysis of China’s fiscal transformation. With the set of refined principles of fiscal federalism that the author has developed, it examines the problems of Chinese fiscal federalism in contrast to them. It further elaborates on topics such as the local government debt and explains why further reforms are necessary, making this book a very comprehensive read to understand China’s progress.
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Critical Perspectives On China S Economic Transformation

Author : Hari P. Sharma
ISBN : 9788189654344
Genre : China
File Size : 48.63 MB
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China, socialism, and especially China s three-decades-long experiment in building socialism has been an issue of much interest and debate among scholars as well as practicing Marxists in India and elsewhere. They also confront the realities of post-Mao China and how these have been impacting the lives of the peasants and workers in that society, as well as face the question of today s China being a development model for other third world countries. In mid-2005 several editors of Critical Asian Studies (formerly the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) convened in a Roundtable to engage the issues raised by Martin Hart-Landsberg and Paul Burkett in their book China and Socialism: Market Reforms and Class Struggle (Monthly Review Press, 2005). The articles published in this Roundtable, along with a Rejoinder by Hart-Landsberg and Burkett, appeared in two issues of Critical Asian Studies (37:3 and 4) in 2005. They, along with an Introduction by Hari P. Sharma, are reprinted here in Critical Perspectives on China s Economic Transformation in order to stimulate further discussion. As Hari P. Sharma writes in the Introduction: It is our task to learn the positive and negative lessons from the Chinese experience and carry on with the task of fighting and defeating imperialism and its hold, wherever we live; as well as lend support to the struggles for national liberation and for socialism, wherever they take place.
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