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Learning With Penny

Author : Makda Araya
ISBN : 1494808609
Genre :
File Size : 56.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ten-year old Penny Padilla takes readers on an exciting adventure at Stone Ridge-Elementary school. Sometimes Penny gets confused when a problem comes up, and she has trouble making the right decision. One night while gazing into the star-lit sky, Penny wishes for a guide to help her make smart choices. Suddenly, her wish is granted when Star, her super hero friend magically appears. With advice from Star, her friend Tabi, and her wise cat Mr. Abbot,Penny faces her most difficult challenges head on. She learns to look at things in a different perspective, all while learning how to have a positive attitude.

Startup Cities

Author : Peter S. Cohan
ISBN : 9781484233931
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book offers a comprehensive model for explaining the success and failure of cities in nurturing startups, presents detailed case studies of how participants in that model help or hinder startup activity, and shows how to apply these lessons to boost local startup activity. Startup Cities explains the factors that determine local startup success based on a detailed comparison of regional startup cities—pairing the most successful and less successful cities within regions along with insights and implications from case studies of each of the model’s elements. The book compares local city pairs, highlighting factors that distinguish successful from less successful cities and presents implications for stakeholders that arise from these principles. Peter Cohan is a lecturer of Strategy at Babson College and one of the world’s leading authorities on regional startup ecosystems. Starting in 2012, he created and led Startup Strategy courses that explore four regional startup ecosystems—Hong Kong/Singapore, Israel, Paris, and Spain/Portugal. These courses are based on an original framework for evaluating why a few cities host most startup creation and the rest fail to do so. In running these courses, Peter has built a network of local policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and professors from which he draws practical insights for what distinguishes successful Startup Commons from their peers. The book provides vital benefits to these stakeholders. What You’ll Learn Local policymakers will know how to build a local team to set objectives for their local Startup Commons and develop a comprehensive strategy to realize those goals Entrepreneurs will know how to choose where to locate their startups based on factors such as the supply and quality of talent—from chief marketing and technology officers to coders and sales people; quality of life, access to capital, customers, and mentors; and costs such as salary and real estate expense University administrators and faculty will know how to take research out of their labs and house it in companies that can commercialize that research, create academic programs that will encourage more entrepreneurship among their students, and connect with local policymakers and capital providers to spur local startup activity Capital providers will know how to scout out emerging startup cities where they can get access to the best investment opportunities at more favorable valuations and have greater influence on how the local startup scene evolves Who This Book Is For All key startup stakeholders, including local policymakers (mayors, directors of economic development, treasurers, controllers, presidents of regional chamber of commerce), entrepreneurs (CEOs, chief marketing officers, chief financial officers, chief HR officers, chief technology officers), universities (presidents; deans of faculty; provosts; professors of finance, management, and entrepreneurship; directors of international education), and capital providers (venture capital partners and associates, angel investors, bank loan officers, managers of accelerator operations)
Category: Business & Economics

Rare Earth Frontiers

Author : Julie Michelle Klinger
ISBN : 9781501714610
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 30.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rare Earth Frontiers is a work of human geography that serves to demystify the powerful elements that make possible the miniaturization of electronics, green energy and medical technologies, and essential telecommunications and defense systems. Julie Michelle Klinger draws attention to the fact that the rare earths we rely on most are as common as copper or lead, and this means the implications of their extraction are global. Klinger excavates the rich historical origins and ongoing ramifications of the quest to mine rare earths in ever more impossible places. Klinger writes about the devastating damage to lives and the environment caused by the exploitation of rare earths. She demonstrates in human terms how scarcity myths have been conscripted into diverse geopolitical campaigns that use rare earth mining as a pretext to capture spaces that have historically fallen beyond the grasp of centralized power. These include legally and logistically forbidding locations in the Amazon, Greenland, and Afghanistan, and on the Moon. Drawing on ethnographic, archival, and interview data gathered in local languages and offering possible solutions to the problems it documents, this book examines the production of the rare earth frontier as a place, a concept, and a zone of contestation, sacrifice, and transformation.
Category: Political Science

Victory Through Coalition

Author : Elizabeth Greenhalgh
ISBN : 1139448471
Genre : History
File Size : 74.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Germany's invasion of France in August 1914 represented a threat to the great power status of both Britain and France. The countries had no history of co-operation, yet the entente they had created in 1904 proceeded by trial and error, via recriminations, to win a war of unprecedented scale and ferocity. Elizabeth Greenhalgh examines the huge problem of finding a suitable command relationship in the field and in the two capitals. She details the civil-military relations on each side, the political and military relations between the two powers, the maritime and industrial collaboration that were indispensable to an industrialised war effort and the Allied prosecution of war on the western front. Although it was not until 1918 that many of the war-winning expedients were adopted, Dr Greenhalgh shows that victory was ultimately achieved because of, rather than in spite of, coalition.
Category: History

Human Genome Editing

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN : 9780309452885
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77.56 MB
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Genome editing is a powerful new tool for making precise alterations to an organism’s genetic material. Recent scientific advances have made genome editing more efficient, precise, and flexible than ever before. These advances have spurred an explosion of interest from around the globe in the possible ways in which genome editing can improve human health. The speed at which these technologies are being developed and applied has led many policymakers and stakeholders to express concern about whether appropriate systems are in place to govern these technologies and how and when the public should be engaged in these decisions. Human Genome Editing considers important questions about the human application of genome editing including: balancing potential benefits with unintended risks, governing the use of genome editing, incorporating societal values into clinical applications and policy decisions, and respecting the inevitable differences across nations and cultures that will shape how and whether to use these new technologies. This report proposes criteria for heritable germline editing, provides conclusions on the crucial need for public education and engagement, and presents 7 general principles for the governance of human genome editing.
Category: Medical

The Case For Creativity

Author : James Hurman
ISBN : 0958299730
Genre : Advertising
File Size : 56.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Debate in the advertising and marketing industries has raged for decades: do high levels of creativity make advertising more effective? Or is creativity just the folly of creative people looking to win their next award? The arguments of both advocates and cynics have until now been based on conjecture and anecdotal evidence. 'The Case for Creativity' brings the debate to a conclusion, telling the story of two decades of international research into the link between creativity and business results.The book includes comment and perspective from some of advertising and marketing’s leading minds, including Jim Stengel (former P&G Global Marketing Offocer), Jim McDowell (Mini USA CEO), David Lubars (BBDO Chief Creative Officer), Tony Davidson (Wieden+Kennedy London Executive Creative Director), and IPA Consultant and leading advertising effectiveness researcher Peter Field.
Category: Advertising

Emerging Professionals

Author : Joe Kanka
ISBN : 1418470066
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58.97 MB
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The stories in this book are fiction. Each story is built around an actual incident. The seeds of compassion, kindness, and accepted social graces that are planted in these stories can have a positive influence on children. It is extraordinarily fulfilling to know that these stories may have impact on the development of quality character in young minds.
Category: Business & Economics