Chicken Soup For The Grieving Soul

Author : Jack Canfield
ISBN : 9781453279014
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 23.32 MB
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This collection of inspirational stories will undoubtedly touch many hearts. Written by authors who have lost loved ones, these stories offer comfort, peace and understanding to those going through the grieving process.
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Helping Those Experiencing Loss A Guide To Grieving Resources

Author : Robert J. Grover Professor Emeritus
ISBN : 9781598848274
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 61.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides a guide for grieving youth and adults as well as extensive descriptive lists of recommended professional literature resources. • Provides over 450 evaluative annotations of recommended books, audio recordings, video recordings, websites, and organizations • Presents an introduction to the topic as well as a bibliography of consulted sources with each chapter • Includes a comprehensive author-title-subject index
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The Gift Of Now

Author : Eleanor Vaughan
ISBN : 9781468902099
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66.94 MB
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Rainbows And Rain

Author : Peggy Waterfall
ISBN : 1419611259
Genre : Education
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Grief and loss are universal experiences which are shared by all but rarely discussed openly. As a result, many of us feel alone and isolated when we are in the grip of the crushing emotions that accompany the death of someone we love. Nothing prepares us for the barrage of bewildering behaviors, thoughts and reactions that so often follow a loss. When author Peggy Waterfall watched both parents and her life partner die within one year, she emerged with a unique perspective on the timeless experience of grief and loss. In Rainbows and Rain: Finding Comfort in Times of Loss, we learn that it is possible to find joy again, but we must first learn to grieve. We also learn that we are often unable to express to others what we are experiencing and can find ourselves at a loss to adequately convey our feelings. We want desperately to find the right words so that we can explain our strange behavior to our families, our co-workers, our friends. This book helps us to understand the importance of being patient with ourselves and is the first step in healing.
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Cancer 100 Ways To Fight

Author : John Roberts
ISBN : 9781450080859
Genre : Self-Help
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Cancer: 100 Ways to Fight Your own attitude is your brightest guiding star. Some of success is doing what you like to do. But, more of it is doing the things you don’t like to do, but must. It is too easy to make an excuse, and not do it, and fail. –John Roberts As this book goes to press early in 2010, I am 75 and into my fifth year with incurable metastatic prostate cancer, which had already spread to the bones before cancer was diagnosed and the prostate removed. The statistical prognosis for the current treatments of choice is that one-half of these patients will die within three years, 75% within five. This usually happens after the standard treatments and chemotherapy fail and must be discontinued due to harmful side effects or weakening effectiveness, resumed cancer growth, and the failure of bones or key organs. I am still feeling fine, no pain, living a normal life, and I have completed eight months of chemotherapy with a 63% drop in my PSA (prostate cancer blood test) without major side affects or rising PSA. I have fought this cancer and its personal consequences in more than a hundred ways as described here. Above all, a lifetime of fitness, and my current excellent physical and mental condition, supplemented by great medical care and everything else I can learn or think of, is partially responsible for my success in living beyond the average life span for my particular fatal disease. We cannot know which weapon or how much each one contributes to the extension of life, so we must use them all. The doctors all say that cancer survival is very unpredictable, and I figured that many of the positive outcomes must depend on how comprehensively and how hard the individual fights. So, I immediately started this book and organized my fight. I was extremely unfortunate: most prostate cancer either is so slow growing, or eliminated by removal, that survivors live for many years. In my case, it had already spread, or metastasized, to the bones prior to the operation, and that cancer is inoperable and incurable. But, some people in that condition die very early, while others, like me, live much longer. This is highly unpredictable in individual cases due to variation in patient condition, treatment effectiveness, and other unknowns. More than half of all people newly diagnosed with cancer will be cured or given extended remission. They will die of something else. Of the other half, a large number have treatable cancer and they still have many years to live. The remainder, probably including me, have learned that they have incurable cancer that has grown too strong or spread and taken root in such places that it cannot be killed or removed and death is likely in the next few months or years. Nevertheless, normally incurable cancer and conventional predictability sometimes fail, and others may prolong life by fighting with strong mental and physical effort. As the disease progresses and is treated, and science advances, sometimes in great leaps, we are rarely sure of which group we are in. That uncertainty, that hope, and the dreadful power of cancer, call for great strength of character and effort in both patients and those around them. This book is about that. The animal instinct to survive is, in humans alone, expanded in our unique cortex to something much greater––the intelligent understanding of self-awareness and an intense desire to prolong the experience, growth, and emotion of life. The human spirit, beyond the mere motivation of existence, is largely responsible for all that our species has conquered and achieved. It is an essential quality to be trained, treasured, and put to use, and one of the finest ways is to survive, continue, and improve our exceptional life through our collective and individual intellect. In the last century, medical science, the visibility of living in distant years, and the recognition that we are, and can be, responsible for increasing our own longevity have ad
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Guide To Ministering To Alzheimer S Patients And Their Families

Author : Pat Otwell
ISBN : 9781135696597
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Learn how to develop an effective Alzheimer’s ministry. The Guide to Ministering to Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families examines the importance of spirituality in dealing with the everyday challenges of this mysterious disease. Not a “how-to” manual with step-by-step instructions or tried and true formulas, this unique book instead examines the essential elements of ministering to dementia patients based on the first-hand accounts of family members living through pain and uncertainty. The book explores the stages of Alzheimer's, grief and guilt, available resources, and implications of spiritual care for patients and families. It is equally useful as a textbook for graduate and undergraduate work, a reference for study groups and seminars, and a primer for those with limited knowledge of the illness. Ministers sometimes neglect Alzheimer’s patients and their families because they feel they don’t know what to say or do even though they want to be obedient and faithful servants in this specialized ministry. The Guide to Ministering to Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Families communicates the thoughts, feelings, and needs of those affected by the disease to help ministers feel more comfortable, confident, and competent as they develop a theological understanding of God, Alzheimer’s patients, and their role in ministry. The book also provides models for ministry; role-play scenarios; a sample text for a care facility worship service, a care facility memorial service, and a funeral service for a Christian and a non-Christian as well as a sample clergy seminar program on Alzheimer’s ministry. The Guide to Ministering to Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Families examines: common characteristics of early, mild, moderate, and severe Alzheimer’s general information about Alzheimer’s ethical decision-making support group ministry respite care religious rites faith issues heredity hospitalization of Alzheimer’s patients long-distance caregiving working with other clergy The Guide to Ministering to Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Families also includes a special appendix of selections from the Scriptures. This book is a unique resource for all Christians who desire to minister to those affected by Alzheimer’s—especially pastors, priests, chaplains, pastoral counselors, church leaders, healthcare professionals, and seminary students.
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Healing Your Life

Author : Jodi Ann Graf
ISBN : 9780595302956
Genre : Self-Help
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Healing Your Life: A Workbook on Dealing with Death is the only workbook you will need to ease your grief. It is made up of 17 different activities that enable you to pick and choose the order in which you accomplish them. Each chapter is outlined with a definition, what is needed, and how to achieve the activity. Options and alternatives are also suggested with worksheets at the end of each chapter. The workbook is geared toward adults, but modifications are given to help children as well. All of the activities have been successful in the author's work with adults and children. This is the essential workbook to help you get through and beyond your grief.
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Meaning In Positive And Existential Psychology

Author : Alexander Batthyany
ISBN : 9781493903085
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 64.87 MB
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This book is a first attempt to combine insights from the two perspectives with regard to the question of meaning by examining a collection of theoretical and empirical works. This volume therefore is destined to become an important addition to psychological literature: both from the viewpoint of the history of ideas (again this would be one of the first times that positive and existentialist psychologies meet) and from the viewpoint of theoretical and empirical research into the meaning concept in psychology.
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Grief And Its Challenges

Author : Neil Thompson
ISBN : 9780230356351
File Size : 69.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The experience of loss and the healing process of grief are fundamental parts of being human. Written by acclaimed author Neil Thompson, Grief and its Challenges provides a theoretically rich and emotionally compassionate introduction to this complex topic. Incorporating both traditional and newer viewpoints, this book explores how grieving has been theorized and explains the many social as well as personal factors affecting how individuals encounter, interpret and respond to grief. Brief but telling vignettes show how theory works in practice across a wide variety of grieving experiences, from bereavement and trauma to the breakdown of a relationship or losing a job. This text provides holistic understanding as well as guidance on how to respond to the bereaved and grieving. It is essential reading for trainees and practitioners in counselling, psychotherapy, social work and nursing looking to make sense of issues around loss, trauma and grief, and give skilled, sensitive support.

Grief And Bereavement

Author : Jolene Oppawsky
ISBN : 9781462843381
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book on grief and bereavement describes and recommends individual and group activities and techniques for use in therapy with children, adolescents, adults, and couples, and at the same time, offers connections to models and theories for use by those clinicians and educators that want to deepen their understanding of what drives the recommended treatments. Clinical vignettes demonstrate the application of the activities and techniques. A bonus offered in the book is that each chapter stands alone for quick reference or use.
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