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Charter School Leadership

Author : Cameron Curry
ISBN : 9781475803280
Genre : Education
File Size : 68.56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Understanding the issues and the challenges faced daily by school leaders takes on a significant role when creating, managing, and sustaining high expectations and performance. With limited resources available on this industry specific topic, Cameron Curry has created a user-friendly guide to help emerging or seasoned school leaders focus on five key elements for school success.
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Bridging The Achievement Gap

Author : John B. King
ISBN : 1243545208
Genre :
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This dissertation examines how three successful urban charter schools are using key elements of charter school autonomy---budgets, staffing, curriculum and instruction, and school culture---to bridge the achievement gap between African-American and White students. The research design rests on four assumptions: (1) Schools have the capacity to be effective in bridging the achievement gap; (2) Standardized test scores provide a useful measure of the effectiveness of individual schools in bridging the achievement gap; (3) As a result of their autonomy---defined as freedom plus accountability---charter schools are uniquely positioned (i.e., differently positioned than district schools) to implement effective practices; (4) Decisions about budgets, staffing, curriculum and instruction, and school culture contribute to the effectiveness of three urban charter schools in bridging the achievement gap. Case studies are constructed from published documents, interviews with school leaders, and focus groups with teachers, parents, trustees, and students, using four research questions: (1) How, if at all, do these schools allocate their resources to advance student achievement? (2) How, if at all, do these schools recruit, support, evaluate, and retain school staff to advance student achievement? (3) How, if at all, do these schools develop, assess, and refine their curricula to advance student achievement? (4) How, if at all, does each of these schools cultivate and sustain a student, parent, and staff culture to advance student achievement? A cross-case analysis reveals that while individual practices vary significantly, a common set of hypotheses about the culture necessary to bridge the achievement gap drives decision-making: (1) a culture that teaches that effort yields success; (2) a culture of high expectations that shapes student beliefs; (3) a disciplined culture that yields a physically and emotionally safe context for learning; (4) a culture built on relationships that yield trust; and (5) a culture of excellence in teaching that challenges and inspires. The dissertation discusses implications for practice and policy, and calls for further research into life within high-performing charters, the differences between high-performing charters and other schools serving similar populations, and the role of school leaders in fostering the cultures within high-performing charters.

Identifying Leaders For Urban Charter Autonomous And Independent Schools

Author : Kimberly B. Hughes
ISBN : 9781781905012
Genre : Education
File Size : 76.29 MB
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A critical challenge for urban charter/autonomous/independent schools is finding educational leaders with the courage to lead with authenticity; integrity and ingenuity using standards based practices to effect transformational change within schools. Two decades after the first charter school opened, leaders still continue to face a range of challenges that traditional public school leaders do not face. Without the type of district support that traditional public school leaders benefit from, charter/autonomous leaders must be able to prepare themselves by tapping into alternative resources quickly and efficiently. This book begins by cultivating the balance of self, both personal and professional, that will guide leaders to manage the operational and educational demands of leading a charter/autonomous school. With a didactic approach identifying skills and capacities needed above and beyond the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC), this book will give administrators the requisite skills and necessary tools to effectively manage the complexities of leadership in urban charter/autonomous schools.
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Waiting For Superman

Author : Participant Media
ISBN : 9781586489281
Genre : Education
File Size : 78.7 MB
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Each book includes a 15 gift card from to give to a classroom in need. The American public school system is in crisis, failing millions of students, producing as many drop-outs as graduates, and threatening our economic future. By 2020, the United States will have 123 million high-skill jobs to fill—and fewer than 50 million Americans qualified to fill them. Educators, parents, political leaders, business people, and concerned citizens are determined to save our educational system. Waiting for "Superman" offers powerful insights from some of those at the leading edge of educational innovation, including Bill and Melinda Gates, Michelle Rhee, Geoffrey Canada, and more. Waiting for "Superman" is an inspiring call for reform and includes special chapters that provide resources, ideas, and hands-on suggestions for improving the schools in your own community as well as throughout the nation. For parents, teachers, and concerned citizens alike, Waiting for "Superman" is an essential guide to the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing America’s schools.
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Leading Schools To Success

Author : James W. Guthrie
ISBN : 9781412979016
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What’s missing in education reform in the United States? The answer is leadership; specifically, the ability of school and district leaders to construct and continually nurture a culture of sustained high performance. A true leader needs to have not only a vision of the desired culture, but the skills and information necessary to make that vision a reality. Providing a combined 70 years of classroom and administrative experience, renowned authors James Guthrie and Patrick Schuermann offer a practice-based approach, grounded in research and theory, to achieving and maintaining an atmosphere of success in schools through effective leadership.
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Handbook Of Urban Educational Leadership

Author : Muhammad Khalifa
ISBN : 9781442220850
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.21 MB
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This authoritative handbook examines the community, district, and teacher leadership roles that affect urban schools. It will serve as a foundation for pedagogical and educational leadership practices that foster social justice, equity, and advocacy for those who have been traditionally and historically underserved in education.
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Learning To Lead Together

Author : Janet H. Chrispeels
ISBN : 9780761928867
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.27 MB
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Through real-life single and multiple case studies, Learning to Lead Together addresses how principals and their staffs struggle with the challenge of shared leadership, how they encourage teacher growth and development, and how shared leadership can lead to higher levels of student learning. The cases show how shared leadership, a powerful adaptive change, is socially constructed across contexts and evolves as teachers and principals learn how to work together. The book also illustrates how principal preparation and professional development programs that utilize problem-based learning and provide opportunities for genuine collaboration with colleagues can provide school leaders with the skills they need to share leadership and accountability effectively.
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Excellent Educators A Wise Giver S Guide To Cultivating Great Teachers And Principals

Author : Laura Vanderkam
ISBN : 9780989220262
Genre : Reference
File Size : 26.83 MB
Format : PDF
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The strongest influence on whether a student learns (and how much) is the teacher. Never mind fancy facilities, new technology, top curricula, or more school spending—research shows that the intelligence, skill, and dedication of the instructor is two to three times as important as any other contribution to student outcomes. If we want to improve schools, we must raise the quality of teachers. Yet credentials, degrees, years on the job have little to do with classroom excellence. Fascinating investigations have recently given us clearer pictures of what a successful teacher looks like. Now leading schools are beginning to hire and mentor teachers differently, with a clear-eyed focus on their demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to their students. New techniques for measuring and enhancing the teacher’s capacity to add value in the classroom are the most promising elements in school reform today. Putting them into effect, though, requires wise and brave school leaders. Without bold, sober, demanding principals, few schools will build a truly excellent set of instructors. This book is for public-spirited donors who want to foster educational excellence by elevating teachers and principals. It reviews the latest academic research and on-the-ground experience of reformers and offers practical advice on multiple fronts. It is written for philanthropists and allies active in the field who want to make a positive difference.
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Teaching As Leadership

Author : Teach For America
ISBN : 0470593067
Genre : Education
File Size : 55.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A road map for teachers who strive to be highly effective leaders in our nation's classrooms Teach For America has fought the daunting battle of educational equity for the last twenty years. Based on evidence from classrooms across the country, they've discovered much about effective teaching practice, and distilled these findings into the six principles presented in this book. The Teaching As Leadership framework inspires teachers to: Set Big Goals; Invest Students and Their Families; Plan Purposefully; Execute Effectively; Continuously Increase Effectiveness; Work Relentlessly. The results are better educational outcomes for our nation's children, particularly those who live in low-income communities. Inspires educators to be leaders in their classrooms and schools Demystifies what it means to be an effective teacher, describes key elements of practice and provides a clear vision of success Addresses the challenges every teacher, in every classroom, faces on a daily basis An accompanying website includes a wealth of tools, videos, sample lessons, discussion boards, and case studies.
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Creating Productive Cultures In Schools

Author : Joseph Murphy
ISBN : 9781412995696
Genre : Education
File Size : 43.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Leading Researcher Joseph Murphy and his colleague Daniela Torre shed light on two critical issues in education today: student underachievement and how to build effective, high-performing schools. Murphy draws from considerable research and scholarship in the area of school reform. This research is based on meaningful links with the worlds of practice and policy, and builds upon our most robust understanding about school improvement. The book examines the historical footings of the American public school to expose the economic, political, social, and cultural currents that have shaped and continue to influence our understanding of public education and underachievement.
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