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Author : Julia Farley
ISBN : 071412835X
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The real and imagined legacy of the ancient Celts has shaped modern identities across the British Isles and retains a powerful hold over the popular imagination. Furthermore, Celtic art is one of Europe's great artistic traditions, with the skills of Celtic craftspeople standing alongside the best of the ancient and medieval worlds. But who were the Celts? Recent research and new archaeological discoveries are continuing to transform our understanding of the idea of the Celts - a subject involving much controversy and academic debate since the late 1990s. Drawing on the latest scholarship, the authors explore how the Celts have been defined differently from ancient times to the modern day, by people with different perspectives and agendas. They look, too, at what is meant by Celtic art, from its origins c.500 BC in western Europe, through its transformations and revivals in the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods, to its rediscovery in Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Over 250 remarkable objects have been selected from the collections of the British Museum, the National Museums of Scotland and other key European museums to richly illustrate the narrative and highlight the artistic accomplishments of craftspeople through the centuries. Here are iconic, intricately decorated masterpieces as well as less well-known fixtures and fittings; items of warfare and adornment; the ceremonial and the utilitarian.

Rethinking Celtic Art

Author : Duncan Garrow
ISBN : 9781842173183
Genre : Art
File Size : 55.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Early Celtic art' - typified by the iconic shields, swords, torcs and chariot gear we can see in places such as the British Museum - has been studied in isolation from the rest of the evidence from the Iron Age. This book reintegrates the art with the archaeology, placing the finds in the context of our latest ideas about Iron Age and Romano-British society. The contributions move beyond the traditional concerns with artistic styles and continental links, to consider the material nature of objects, their social effects and their role in practices such as exchange and burial. The aesthetic impact of decorated metalwork, metal composition and manufacturing, dating and regional differences within Britain all receive coverage. The book gives us a new understanding of some of the most ornate and complex objects ever found in Britain, artefacts that condense and embody many histories.
Category: Art

Die Welt Der Kelten

Author : Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg
ISBN : 3799507523
Genre : Celts
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Category: Celts

Celtic Art In Europe

Author : Christopher Gosden
ISBN : 9781782976554
Genre : Social Science
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The ancient Celtic world evokes debate, discussion, romanticism and mythicism. On the one hand it represents a specialist area of archaeological interest, on the other, it has a wide general appeal. The Celtic world is accessible through archaeology, history, linguistics and art history. Of these disciplines, art history offers the most direct message to a wider audience. This volume of 37 papers brings together a truly international group of pre-eminent specialists in the field of Celtic art and Celtic studies. It is a benchmark volume the like of which has not been seen since the publication of Paul JacobsthalÕs Early Celtic Art in 1944. The papers chart the history of attempts to understand Celtic art and argue for novel approaches in discussions spanning the whole of Continental Europe and the British Isles. This new body of international scholarship will give the reader a sense of the richness of the material and current debates. Artefacts of rich form and decoration, which we might call art, provide a most sensitive set of indicators of key areas of past societies, their power, politics and transformations. With its broad geographical scope, this volume offers a timely opportunity to re-assess contacts, context, transmission and meaning in Celtic art for understanding the development of European cultures, identities and economies in pre- and proto-history.
Category: Social Science

Celtic Art

Author : M. Ruth Megaw
ISBN : 0500275858
Genre : Art, Celtic
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First published in the UK in 1990, this lavishly illustrated survey of Celtic arts and crafts from 700 BC to 700 AD includes a discussion of the origin and identity of the Celts, the antecedents of Celtic art, and the relationship of the Celts and their art to ancient Mediterranean civilisation. Also presents a detailed examination of Celtic art in Britain and Ireland, its survival under Roman occupation and its expression in the early Christian period. Includes a bibliography and an index. Vincent Megaw is head of Visual Arts at Flinders University. His other publications include T Art of the European Iron Age.' Ruth Megaw is a former head of American Studies at the Nene College, Northampton.
Category: Art, Celtic

The Archaeology Of Celtic Art

Author : D.W. Harding
ISBN : 9781134264643
Genre : Art
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More wide ranging, both geographically and chronologically, than any previous study, this well-illustrated book offers a new definition of Celtic art. Tempering the much-adopted art-historical approach, D.W. Harding argues for a broader definition of Celtic art and views it within a much wider archaeological context. He re-asserts ancient Celtic identity after a decade of deconstruction in English-language archaeology. Harding argues that there were communities in Iron Age Europe that were identified historically as Celts, regarded themselves as Celtic, or who spoke Celtic languages, and that the art of these communities may reasonably be regarded as Celtic art. This study will be indispensable for those people wanting to take a fresh and innovative perspective on Celtic Art.
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Pablo Picasso Suite Vollard Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Diese Publikation Erscheint Anl Sslich Der Ausstellung Pablo Picasso Suite Vollard 16 September 18 November 2012

Author : Pablo Picasso
ISBN : 3866787529
Genre : Art
File Size : 76.17 MB
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Die von dem Pariser Kunsthändler Ambroise Vollard angeregte grafische Folge umfasst insgesamt 100 Radierungen von Pablo Picasso, die zwischen den Jahren 1930 und 1937 entstanden. Die Suite Vollard, eine Leihgabe aus Privatbesitz, ist als komplette Folge erhalten und vermittelt durch die Wahl verschiedener Radiertechniken Picassos Lust an grafischen Experimenten und Variationen. Themen, die den Künstler in dieser Zeit beschäftigt haben, wie das Atelier des Bildhauers, Minotaurus sowie die Auseinandersetzung mit Rembrandt, setzt er virtuos in Szene. 0Exhibition: Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany (2012).
Category: Art

Celtic Art

Author : Miranda Jane Aldhouse-Green
ISBN : 0297833650
Genre : Art, Celtic
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The art of the pagan early Christian Celts (500BC -AD800) was central to their identity. Its significance was all-pervasive, trancending mere ornamentation with a system of symbols that made clear statements about status, power, and gender, about war and the supernatural. In the absence of contemporary written records, this thought-provoking study adopts other means to crack the code of Celtic art. Locating it clearly in its archaeological context, Miranda Green works towards an understanding of its place within Celtic society. The code may be too complex to crack in its entirety, but this book enhances as none has done before our understanding of the art, and of the world which it reflects.
Category: Art, Celtic

The Atlantic Celts

Author : Simon James
ISBN : 0299166740
Genre : History
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The Celtic peoples of the British Isles hold a fundamental place in our national consciousness. In this book Simon James surveys ancient and modern ideas of the Celts and challenges them in the light of revolutionary new thinking on the Iron Age peoples of Britain. Examining how ethnic and national identities are constructed, he presents an alternative history of the British Isles, proposing that the idea of insular Celtic identity is really a product of the rise of nationalism in the eighteenth century. He considers whether the 'Celticness' of the British Isles is a romantic fantasy, even a politically dangerous falsification of history which has implications in the current debate on devolution and self-government for the Celtic regions.
Category: History