Celtic Flames

Author : Kathie Walters
ISBN : 1888081554
Genre : Christian saints
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Celtic Flame

Author : T. M. Moore
ISBN : 0738835358
Genre : Poetry
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St. Patrick, the patron saint of the Irish people, is one of the best-loved but least known of the patriarchs of Christianity. His life and work have become the stuff of legend, myth, and tall tales – Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, taught the doctrine of the Trinity using a shamrock, and bested the high king’s druids at Tara. Few, however, have ever taken the time to look into the heart of the great saint as this is revealed in his own writings. In Celtic Flame: The Burden of Patrick, theologian and poet T. M. Moore provides a look at the soul of the man – his calling to and love for the Irish people, his courage and determination in the face of obstacles and trials, and his profoundly personal faith in God. Using ancient documents, in particular, those from Patrick’s own hand, the author allows the saint to speak for himself in a lively verse paraphrase supported by scholarly research, Scripture references, and a study guide for group or personal use. The lessons from Patrick’s life and work – his piety, sense of calling, courage and conviction, and love for the people under his care – can be of much encouragement to those seeking a deeper and more meaningful experience of God today.
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Celtic Flame

Author : Aedh Rua
ISBN : 9780595529704
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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This book is a complete, practical guide to Irish Pagan traditions that will give you access to essential information about the Pagan Irish deities, spirits, worldview, values, and way of life. More important, it includes information on tools, rituals, and magick that will allow you to begin practicing right away! With Celtic Flame, you can begin practicing Irish Paganism, accessing the power of the Irish deities and spirits with rituals that work! Beyond this, it gives you the inside scoop on the Irish deities, who they are, what they want, and how to get them on your side. So, get this book and begin practicing a more meaningful and authentic Celtic path than you ever thought possible.
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Selected English Writings Of Yone Noguchi Prose

Author : Yoné Noguchi
ISBN : 0838634222
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume contains a selection of prose from Noguchi's autobiography, The Story of Yone Noguchi Told by Himself. It casts a significant light not only upon Noguchi the transcultural poet and critic, but also upon the entire history of the relationship between modern Japan and the West.
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Tending Brigid S Flame

Author : Lunaea Weatherstone
ISBN : 9780738746760
Genre : Religion
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Brigid is worshiped worldwide as a source of inspiration, protection, and blessing. In Tending Brigid’s Flame, Lunaea Weatherstone presents the beloved Celtic goddess as a true soul-friend for women today, exploring her legends and lore, attributes and allies, holidays, symbols, and sacred places. Filled with rituals, exercises, and meditations, Tending Brigid’s Flame shows how to welcome Brigid into your home and make sacred all the activities of everyday life, from food magic to faery traditions, and from scrying to personal healing. Using the symbolism of fires that burn in hearth, temple, and forge, this breathtaking book sends you on a journey through the transformative power of one of the world’s most revered goddesses. With illuminating reflections and real-world inspiration from nineteen wisewoman devotees of Brigid
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Whose Church Is It Anyway

Author : Peter Una
ISBN : 1467882941
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Whose Church is it Anyway? A layman’s perspective on popular church teachings and practices and their impact on revival in black majority churches This book looks at the role recent and emerging Biblical teachings have in shaping the church as it moves forward in its role as the Bride of Christ. It also sheds some insight into revival. How they come about, the qualities of the people God uses to bring revival to a nation and the impact of revival in our lives, the church and community. “Whose Church is it Anyway” boldly addresses several issues that the average Christian shies away from, in particular, obedience to God and motives for doing what we do. This book has been written for both lay members and church leaders in a none threatening friendly way and is easy to read. It will challenge and inspire you as you read through its pages. Pastor Roland Henshaw — Word of Life Church, London, England I picked up this book to read and could not put it down. Peter Una has written straight from his heart with passion, fervour and deep cutting honesty. The contents of these pages will challenge your life and drive you to your knees. The truth outlined here will annoy church-goers but bless followers of Jesus Christ. This compelling book will help you build God’s Kingdom, de-clutter for destiny and stand ready for eternity. Dr. Jonathan Oloyede — Convener of Global Day of Prayer, London, England
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101 Celtic Crosses

Author : Courtney Davis
ISBN : 0715316672
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
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A comprehensive design source book of all types of Celtic crosses by leading exponent of Celtic art, Courtney Davis. The 101 crosses cover the whole history of Celtic design from the earliest examples found on ancient stone tablets and monuments to Courtney Davis's own celebrated modern interpretations. With crosses from the famous Celtic manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells and from intricate Celtic jewellery. The 101 cross designs are all hand painted by Courtney Davis and printed in full colour. Each is accompanied by a black and white version of the same image on the adjacent page - perfect for scanning or photocopying for use on readers' personal art, design or craft project. The introduction gives a brief history of the Celts and an explanation of the birth and development of their artistic style with particular relation to cross designs.
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