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Cancer Genomics

Author : Graham Dellaire
ISBN : 9780123972743
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Cancer Genomics addresses how recent technological advances in genomics are shaping how we diagnose and treat cancer. Built on the historical context of cancer genetics over the past 30 years, the book provides a snapshot of the current issues and state-of-the-art technologies used in cancer genomics. Subsequent chapters highlight how these approaches have informed our understanding of hereditary cancer syndromes and the diagnosis, treatment and outcome in a variety of adult and pediatric solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. The dramatic increase in cancer genomics research and ever-increasing availability of genomic testing are not without significant ethical issues, which are addressed in the context of the return of research results and the legal considerations underlying the commercialization of genomic discoveries. Finally, the book concludes with "Future Directions", examining the next great challenges to face the field of cancer genomics, namely the contribution of non-coding RNAs to disease pathogenesis and the interaction of the human genome with the environment. Tools such as sidebars, key concept summaries, a glossary, and acronym and abbreviation definitions make this book highly accessible to researchers from several fields associated with cancer genomics. Contributions from thought leaders provide valuable historical perspective to relate the advances in the field to current technologies and literature.
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Cancer Genetics And Genomics For Personalized Medicine

Author : Il-Jin Kim
ISBN : 9781315341101
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.1 MB
Format : PDF
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This book covers almost all fields of cancer genetics and genomics for personalized medicine. Targeted therapy, or precision medicine, or personalized medicine is becoming a standard treatment for many diseases, including cancer. However, how much do we know about the personalized medicine approach? This lucid book helps undergraduate and graduate students, professional researchers, and clinicians to better understand the key concept of personalized medicine. The most up-to-date topics on personalized medicine in this book cover the recent trends in and updates on lung, gastric, liver, breast, and other types of cancers. Circulating tumor cell, cell-free circulating DNA, and microRNAs are discussed as new diagnostic and prognostic markers for cancer. The avatar mouse model is also discussed for maximizing treatment efficacy and prognosis prediction, and so is microenvironment as a drug resistance mechanism. With classical and new pathological approaches, the book provides a systemic overview of personalized immunotherapies and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, followed by new emerging fields of hereditary cancer, thereby equipping readers to eventually contribute in developing more advanced tools and therapies for curing cancer.
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Essentials Of Genomic And Personalized Medicine

Author : Geoffrey S. Ginsburg
ISBN : 0080958117
Genre : Science
File Size : 59.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Derived from the comprehensive two-volume set, Genomic and Personalized Medicine also edited by Drs. Willard and Ginsburg, this work serves the needs of the evolving population of scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that are embracing one of the most promising avenues for advances in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human disease. From principles, methodology and translational approaches to genome discoveries and clinical applications, Essentials of Genomic and Personalized Medicine will be a valuable resource for various professionals and students across medical disciplines, including human genetics and genomics, oncology, neuroscience, gene therapy, molecular medicine, pharmacology, and biomedical sciences. Updates with regard to diagnostic testing, pharmacogenetics, predicting disease susceptibility, and other important research components as well as chapters dedicated to cardiovascular disease, oncology, inflammatory disease, metabolic disease, neuropsychiatric disease, and infectious disease, present this book as an essential tool for a variety of professionals and students who are endeavouring into the developing the diverse and practical field of genomic and personalized medicine. * Full color throughout * Includes contributions on genetic counselling, ethical, legal/regulatory, and social issues related to the practice of genomic medicine from leaders in the field * Introductory chapter highlights differences between personalized and traditional medicine, promising areas of current research, and challenges to incorporate the latest research discoveries and practice * Ancillary material includes case studies and lab questions which highlight the collaborative approach to the science
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Dna Repair And Cancer

Author : Srinivasan Madhusudan
ISBN : 9781466577442
Genre : Medical
File Size : 63.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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DNA repair is a rapidly advancing field in biology and these systems represent a major defense mechanism against environmental and intracellular damaging agents such as sunlight, ionizing radiation, and reactive oxygen species. With contributions from eminent researchers, this book explores the basics and current trends in this critical field. Topics include carcinogenesis as a predictive and/or prognostic biomarker for cancer therapy, nucleotide excision repair, and tumor genetics and personalized medicine. The contributions provide essential information to scientists, pharmaceutical investigators, and clinicians interested in cancer therapy.
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Cancer Genomics

Author : Michael Fraser
ISBN : 9780128061114
Genre : Medical
File Size : 27.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Prostate cancer (CaP) is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in men in the Western world. In North America, more than 275000 men are diagnosed annually whereby approximately 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with CaP in their lifetime, and 1 in 34 men will die from castrate-resistant metastatic disease. Unfortunately, current clinical prognostic factors explain only a proportion of the observed variation in clinical outcome from patient to patient. Furthermore, over-treatment of indolent and low-risk cancers leads to inappropriate morbidity following radiotherapy or surgery. As such, better predictors of individualized prognosis and treatment response are urgently needed to triage patients to customized and intensified CaP treatment. Recent developments in next-generation sequencing have made it possible to identify prognostic and predictive signatures based on genomic profiles. Herein, we review the recent genetic data pertaining to prostate cancer carcinogenesis, progression, castrate-resistance and metastases. We discuss the genetic basis of CaP progression from localized to systemic disease (e.g. point mutations, copy number alterations and structural variants) and important considerations for CaP biology including intra- and inter-prostatic heterogeneity, multifocality and multiclonality, TMPRSS2–ERG and other ETS-family gene fusions and the role of the tumor microenvironment (e.g. hypoxia and the contribution of caner-associated stroma). Finally, we focus on the use of genomic markers as prognostic factors for local failure and for systemic disease, as novel risk stratification tools, in triaging patients to existing treatment options and, ultimately, the potential of genomics for the identification of molecular targets for CaP therapy. We conclude by summarizing selected outstanding questions in CaP biology that can be addressed effectively through international cooperation between genome sequencing projects such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC).
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Advancing Healthcare Through Personalized Medicine

Author : Priya Hays
ISBN : 9781498767095
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This innovative book provides a unique perspective on the biomedical and societal implications of personalized medicine and how it will help mitigate the healthcare crisis and rein in ever-growing expenditure. It introduces the reader to underlying concepts at the heart of personalized medicine - pharmacogenomics, targeted therapies and individualized diagnosis and treatment - and shows how, with the advent of genomic technologies, clinicians will have the capability to predict and diagnose disease more efficiently. Advocating a patient-centred approach at the heart of care, this introduction to personalized medicine, the science behind it, its economic effects, its effects upon patients and its overall implications for society will be invaluable to clinicians, to healthcare providers and to patients.
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Genes Chromosomes And Disease From Simple Traits To Complex Traits To Personalized Medicine

Author : Nicholas W. Gillham
Genre : Genetic disorders
File Size : 86.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This readable overview covers the rise of medical genetics through the past century, and the eugenic impulses it has inspired. Nicholas Gillham reviews the linkages between genes and disease; ethnic groups & rsquo; differential susceptibility to genetic traits and disorders; personalized medicine; and crucial social and ethical issues arising from the field & rsquo;s progress.
Category: Genetic disorders

Progress And Challenges In Precision Medicine

Author : Mukesh Verma
ISBN : 9780128095027
Genre : Medical
File Size : 43.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Progress and Challenges in Precision Medicine presents an insightful overview to the myriad factors of personalized and precision medicine. The availability of the human genome, large amounts of data on individual genetic variations, environmental interactions, influence of lifestyle, and cutting-edge tools and technologies for big-data analysis have led to the age of personalized and precision medicine. Bringing together a global range of experts on precision medicine, this book collects previously scattered information into one concise volume which covers the most important developments so far in precision medicine and also suggests the most likely avenues for future development. The book includes clinical information, informatics, public policy implications, and information on case studies. It is a useful reference and background work for students, researchers, and clinicians working in the biomedical and medical fields, as well as policymakers in the health sciences. Provides an overview of the growing field of precision medicine Contains chapters from geographically diverse experts in their field Explores important aspects of precision medicine, including applications, ethics, and development
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Author : Franco Dammacco
ISBN : 0128117850
Genre :
File Size : 71.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Oncogenomics: From Basic Research to Precision Medicine offers a thorough survey of precision medicine and its diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology. Gathering contributions from leading international researchers in the field, chapters examine recent translational advances in oncogenomic methods and technologies, detailing novel molecular classifications of tumors as well as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for various types of cancers including pancreatic, gastrointestinal, breast, hematological, lung, osteotropic, genitourinary, and skin cancers. This book provides a foundation for clinical oncologists, human geneticists, and physicians to develop new targeted cancer treatments and incorporate genomic medicine into clinical practice, with particular attention paid to non-invasive diagnostic techniques such as the liquid biopsy and molecular characterization of solid malignancies. Provides clinical oncologists, human geneticists, physicians, and students with a thorough understanding of current diagnostic and prognostic applications of genomic methods and technologies to a variety of solid malignancies Employs current knowledge in oncogenomics towards developing therapeutic interventions for various cancer types, detailing novel molecular classifications of tumors as well as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of pancreatic, gastrointestinal, breast, lung, hematological, osteotropic, genitourinary, and skin cancers among others Features a team of internationally recognized researchers and physicians in clinical oncology, oncogenomics, and precision medicine

Genomic And Personalized Medicine

Author :
ISBN : 9780123822284
Genre : Science
File Size : 51.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Genomic and Personalized Medicine, Second Edition — winner of a 2013 Highly Commended BMA Medical Book Award for Medicine — is a major discussion of the structure, history, and applications of the field, as it emerges from the campus and lab into clinical action. As with the first edition, leading experts review the development of the new science, the current opportunities for genome-based analysis in healthcare, and the potential of genomic medicine in future healthcare. The inclusion of the latest information on diagnostic testing, population screening, disease susceptability, and pharmacogenomics makes this work an ideal companion for the many stakeholders of genomic and personalized medicine. With advancing knowledge of the genome across and outside protein-coding regions of DNA, new comprehension of genomic variation and frequencies across populations, the elucidation of advanced strategic approaches to genomic study, and above all in the elaboration of next-generation sequencing, genomic medicine has begun to achieve the much-vaunted transformative health outcomes of the Human Genome Project, almost a decade after its official completion in April 2003. Highly Commended 2013 BMA Medical Book Award for Medicine More than 100 chapters, from leading researchers, review the many impacts of genomic discoveries in clinical action, including 63 chapters new to this edition Discusses state-of-the-art genome technologies, including population screening, novel diagnostics, and gene-based therapeutics Wide and inclusive discussion encompasses the formidable ethical, legal, regulatory and social challenges related to the evolving practice of genomic medicine Clearly and beautifully illustrated with 280 color figures, and many thousands of references for further reading and deeper analysis
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