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Handgun Bullet Stopping Power

Author : George B. Bredsten
ISBN : 9781926585031
Genre : History
File Size : 67.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For the law enforcement officer and the civilian who may be in a situation that requires the use of a handgun to stop a lethal threat action, it is important that the person differentiates between the crass, glib and self-serving advertisements of ammunition vendors and the reality of how, what and why effective stopping power occurs. Factors to consider are the physiological response, the psychological response, the time frame parameter and bullet efficacy. Of these four factors, only bullet efficacy can be somewhat controlled by the person, this only by understanding how and to what extent the bullet contributes to the degree of stopping power obtained. A number of concepts / formulae have been included so as to permit the reader to consider their merits and whether or not they are consistent with the reality of biology, physics and other relevant sciences. Finally the material in this book is intended to permit those persons to instruct, teach or make decisions regarding the selection of a service handgun/cartridge combination that will help to provide the means to prevail in a lethal threat confrontation. About the Author: Mr. Bredsten retired from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center/Firearms Division (FLETC/FAD). With FLETC/FAD he performed duties as a firearms instructor and he also taught ballistics to the FLETC/FAD staff and to students in the Law Enforcement Rifle Training Program and in the Precision Rifle (Sniper) and Observer Program. Subjects covered included the ballistic coefficient, barrel time, the coefficient of reduction (form), Greenhill formula (rate of rifling twist), firearm recoil, bullet time-of-flight, bullet drop, bullet midrange, wind deflection, bullet penetration potential and bullet terminal (wounding) efficacy. Since retiring he has provided ballistics consultation service for the FLETC/FAD, the Transportation Security Agency, the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff's Department and Exxon Mobil Corporation. Mr. Bredsten attended and completed various classes/courses relating to firearms (e.g., H&K MP5, Steyr Aug, Uzi, Tactical Speed Shooting and advanced shotgun) and ballistics (e.g., the first and second International Wound Ballistics Conferences, a Federal Law Enforcement Ammunition and Ballistics Seminar and Oehler's Ballistic Instrumentation). Mr. Bredsten has an AA degree from Chaffey Jr. College and a BA degree from Sacramento State College and currently resides in Georgia.
Category: History

Gunshot Wounds

Author : Vincent J.M. DiMaio, M.D.
ISBN : 1420048376
Genre : Law
File Size : 46.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Written by the nation's foremost authority on gunshot wounds and forensic techniques as they relate to firearm injuries, Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques, Second Edition provides critical information on gunshot wounds and the weapons and ammunition used to inflict them. The book describes practical aspects of ballistics, wound ballistics, and the classification of various wounds caused by handguns, bang guns, rifles, and shotguns. The final chapters explain autopsy technique and procedure and laboratory analysis relating to weapons and gunshot evidence.
Category: Law

One Bullet Away

Author : Nathaniel C. Fick
ISBN : 0547349548
Genre : History
File Size : 76.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If the Marines are “the few, the proud,” Recon Marines are the fewest and the proudest. Nathaniel Fick’s career begins with a hellish summer at Quantico, after his junior year at Dartmouth. He leads a platoon in Afghanistan just after 9/11 and advances to the pinnacle—Recon— two years later, on the eve of war with Iraq. His vast skill set puts him in front of the front lines, leading twenty-two Marines into the deadliest conflict since Vietnam. He vows to bring all his men home safely, and to do so he’ll need more than his top-flight education. Fick unveils the process that makes Marine officers such legendary leaders and shares his hard-won insights into the differences between military ideals and military practice, which can mock those ideals. In this deeply thoughtful account of what it’s like to fight on today’s front lines, Fick reveals the crushing pressure on young leaders in combat. Split-second decisions might have national consequences or horrible immediate repercussions, but hesitation isn’t an option. One Bullet Away never shrinks from blunt truths, but ultimately it is an inspiring account of mastering the art of war.
Category: History

No Magic Bullet

Author : Allan M. Brandt
ISBN : 0195042379
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This expanded edition of Brandt's analysis of the treatment of venereal diseases since the 1880s includes a new chapter on the recent AIDS epidemic.
Category: Medical

Speeding Bullet

Author : Neal Shusterman
ISBN : 9780689873485
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 29.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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After becoming famous and getting the attention of the daughter of a wealthy New York City developer following his rescue of a little girl from a speeding subway train, Nick looks for other people to rescue. Reprint.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

No Magic Bullet

Author : Joe Willmore
ISBN : 9781562865092
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Chances are you've tried many of the latest management fads in the hope that they'll give you a quick fix for troubling performance issues in your organization. But there's a problem: those quick fixes don't bring effective long-term change. As emotionally appealing as the latest "magic bullet" theory may be, it's unlikely to address an important reality in most organizations: complexity. Change needs to be made in a logical, systemic way at different levels to be successful and sustainable. InNo Magic Bullet: Seven Steps to Better Performance, author Joe Willmore delivers seven steps to help you create serious performance improvements in your organization. His approach includes techniques and tips that help you · understand why quick fixes don't work · avoid "management fashion" fads · figure out if your organization thinks systemically · identify outstanding performers and start learning from them · focus on what really matters.
Category: Business & Economics

Bullet Trains

Author : David Biello
ISBN : 0823961133
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 47.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Uses color photographs, diagrams, and maps to illustrate a review of high speed trains, including the Japanese Shinkansen, the French TGV, the InterCity Express, tilting trains, Acela trains, and Maglev trains.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Bullet Chess

Author : Hikaru Nakamura
ISBN : 9781936490363
Genre : Chess variations
File Size : 32.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Chess in the Fast Lane! Can anyone play a decent game of chess in one minute? Surprisingly, the answer is "Yes" as this unique book reveals. "Bullet" chess, where each player has one minute for the entire game, has attracted thousands of followers since it was popularized on the internet a decade ago. In this book the authors discuss the relationship between the position on the board and time on the clock, the techniques and dangers of "pre-moving," bullet openings, the importance of the initiative and consistent strategy, and how endings are different in bullet chess. The authors also explore the psychology of bullet chess and the most common causes of tactical oversights and blunders. The many examples illustrate the principles of bullet chess and how they may even apply to blitz chess and time scrambles in standard chess. Most of all, bullet chess is shown to be entertaining and addictive, and not at all as random as it first appears.
Category: Chess variations

The Bullet

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 61.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Out Gunnar And Bullet

Author : Isaac Morales
ISBN : 9781628383874
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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OUT: Gunnar and Bullet tells the tale of a powerful family re-emerging to fight for their kingdom after many years of hiding in a faraway land. Gunnar and Bullet work together--along with an assortment of compelling characters, ancient weapons, and even a few legendary creatures--to launch a rebel attack in hopes of reclaiming their king's rightful throne. Their journey takes them from tavern fights to dragon dens to sword fights in the king's arena. Along the way, they learn many truths, but none so important as this: even when today's battle is won, the war is far from over.
Category: Fiction