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Building Microservices

Author : Sam Newman
ISBN : 9781491950333
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Annotation Over the past 10 years, distributed systems have become more fine-grained. From the large multi-million line long monolithic applications, we are now seeing the benefits of smaller self-contained services. Rather than heavy-weight, hard to change Service Oriented Architectures, we are now seeing systems consisting of collaborating microservices. Easier to change, deploy, and if required retire, organizations which are in the right position to take advantage of them are yielding significant benefits. This book takes an holistic view of the things you need to be cognizant of in order to pull this off. It covers just enough understanding of technology, architecture, operations and organization to show you how to move towards finer-grained systems.
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Cracking Spring Microservices Interviews

Author : Munish Chandel
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This ebook discusses 100 plus real problems and their solutions for microservices architecture based on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Native Applications. It covers core concepts of microservices architecture, various design patterns, interview questions & answers, security in microservices, testing strategies and best practices in distributed system design. Table of Contents: 1. Core concepts related Spring powered microservices architecture 2. Introduction to Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Native Applications, Netflix OSS 3. Design Patterns in microservices architecture - API Gateway, Hystrix, etc. 4. 100 plus Interview Questions 5. Security - OAuth2 and JWT 6. Testing Strategies in microservices architecture 7. Best Practices and common pitfalls


Author : Eberhard Wolff
ISBN : 9780134650401
Genre : Computers
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The Most Complete, Practical, and Actionable Guide to Microservices Going beyond mere theory and marketing hype, Eberhard Wolff presents all the knowledge you need to capture the full benefits of this emerging paradigm. He illuminates microservice concepts, architectures, and scenarios from a technology-neutral standpoint, and demonstrates how to implement them with today’s leading technologies such as Docker, Java, Spring Boot, the Netflix stack, and Spring Cloud. The author fully explains the benefits and tradeoffs associated with microservices, and guides you through the entire project lifecycle: development, testing, deployment, operations, and more. You’ll find best practices for architecting microservice-based systems, individual microservices, and nanoservices, each illuminated with pragmatic examples. The author supplements opinions based on his experience with concise essays from other experts, enriching your understanding and illuminating areas where experts disagree. Readers are challenged to experiment on their own the concepts explained in the book to gain hands-on experience. Discover what microservices are, and how they differ from other forms of modularization Modernize legacy applications and efficiently build new systems Drive more value from continuous delivery with microservices Learn how microservices differ from SOA Optimize the microservices project lifecycle Plan, visualize, manage, and evolve architecture Integrate and communicate among microservices Apply advanced architectural techniques, including CQRS and Event Sourcing Maximize resilience and stability Operate and monitor microservices in production Build a full implementation with Docker, Java, Spring Boot, the Netflix stack, and Spring Cloud Explore nanoservices with Amazon Lambda, OSGi, Java EE, Vert.x, Erlang, and Seneca Understand microservices’ impact on teams, technical leaders, product owners, and stakeholders Managers will discover better ways to support microservices, and learn how adopting the method affects the entire organization. Developers will master the technical skills and concepts they need to be effective. Architects will gain a deep understanding of key issues in creating or migrating toward microservices, and exactly what it will take to transform their plans into reality.
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Business Modeling And Software Design

Author : Boris Shishkov
ISBN : 9783319942148
Genre : Computers
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design, BMSD 2018, held in Vienna, Austria, in July 2018. The 14 full papers and 21 short papers selected for inclusion in this book deal with a large number of research topics: (i) Some topics concern Business Processes (BP), such as BP modeling / notations / visualizations, BP management, BP variability, BP contracting, BP interoperability, BP modeling within augmented reality, inter-enterprise collaborations, and so on; (ii) Other topics concern Software Design, such as software ecosystems, specification of context-aware software systems, service-oriented solutions and micro-service architectures, product variability, software development monitoring, and so on; (iii) Still other topics are crosscutting with regard to business modeling and software design, such as data analytics as well as information security and privacy; (iv) Other topics concern hot technology / innovation areas, such as blockchain technology and internet-of-things. Underlying with regard to all those topics is the BMSD’18 theme: Enterprise Engineering and Software Engineering - Processes and Systems for the Future.
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Microservices Patterns And Applications

Author : Lucas Krause
ISBN : 069242427X
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Microservices: Patterns and ApplicationsMicroservices are the next big thing in designing scalable, easy to maintain applications. This book will explain everything you need to know about Microservices to make your next project successful. You will learn: Microservice PatternsThis book goes into great detail on all of the Microservice Architecture patterns including * Monolithic Architecture* Microservice Architecture* Service Discovery* Gateway / Proxy API* Orchestrated API* Service Registration* CQRS and Event Sourcing* Bulk Heads* Circuit Breaker* Message BrokerThe most important thing about Microservices is when and how to apply a pattern, along with explaining what choices you must make and why. Every system is different so it is vital to understand a lot of basics before designing and developing your own Microservices. From Monolithic to Microservice The basics here are how to decompose a Monolithic system into a Microservice and this book shows exactly how this process is completed. Service Oriented Architecture to MicroserviceA more common need is to migrate your system from a SOA based architecture to Microservices, there are many advantages and the process is not as straightforward as you would expect.New MicroservicesIf you want to build a brand-new system and leverage the power of Microservices this book outlines the pitfalls, strategies and tactics needs to make this work for you. It is not as easy as it would seem and you will understand why after reading this book. Microservice TechnologiesYou'll learn about what technologies you need to use and understand for successful Microservices. *Virtualization*Containers (Docker and Rocket)*Databases*Security (JSON Web Tokens)*Logging*Exceptions*Caching*Timeouts*Scalability (CAP, Cube)*Platform as a Service (PaaS)*Cloud architecture*Technology agnosticWhy Microservices? Isn't this just the latest buzz word?While Microservices may be a recent trend and is gaining traction across the industry as a silver-bullet. It is not a silver-bullet. In this book you will learn important reasons why you cannot treat Microservices or any technology or technique as a silver-bullet. There are tradeoffs and advnatages to every architectural decision, you will understand the details by reading this book. Most importantly you will understand how Microservices is what SOA had promised and never delivered. Author: Lucas KrauseLucas has been in the technology industry as a consultant, contractor, architect, engineer, and manager and understands and has used Microservices successfully to solve his client problems. Philosophy of MicroservicesYou'll learn about what the philosophy of Microservices is and why this is important. It is critical to understand the philosophy as that is what makes Microservices work at so many other companies and solutions.If you are looking to gain an understanding of Microservices along with the patterns and application around the process to implementing them than, this is the book for you! Ready to learn about Microservices? Let's go! Want To Be brought up to speed on the latest innovations and techniques with Microservices? Want to Understand Why Microservices? What Makes Microservices so Special? What are the potential pitfalls? Why Are Microservices so popular? How do I make my projects successful?

Dependable Software Engineering Theories Tools And Applications

Author : Xinyu Feng
ISBN : 9783319999333
Genre : Computers
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Dependable Software Engineering: Theories, Tools, and Applications, SETTA 2018, held in Beijing, China, in September 2018. The 9 full papers presented together with 3 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 22 submissions. The purpose of SETTA is to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to share cutting-edge advancements and strengthen collaborations in the field of formal methods and its interoperability with software engineering for building reliable, safe, secure, and smart systems.
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Spring Security

Author : Mick Knutson
ISBN : 9781787126466
Genre : Computers
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Learn how to secure your Java applications from hackers using Spring Security 4.2 About This Book Architect solutions that leverage the full power of Spring Security while remaining loosely coupled. Implement various scenarios such as supporting existing user stores, user sign up, authentication, and supporting AJAX requests, Integrate with popular Microservice and Cloud services such as Zookeeper, Eureka, and Consul, along with advanced techniques, including OAuth, JSON Web Token's (JWS), Hashing, and encryption algorithms Who This Book Is For This book is intended for Java Web and/or RESTful webservice developers and assumes a basic understanding of creating Java 8, Java Web and/or RESTful webservice applications, XML, and the Spring Framework. You are not expected to have any previous experience with Spring Security. What You Will Learn Understand common security vulnerabilities and how to resolve them Learn to perform initial penetration testing to uncover common security vulnerabilities Implement authentication and authorization Learn to utilize existing corporate infrastructure such as LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, CAS, OpenID, and OAuth Integrate with popular frameworks such as Spring, Spring-Boot, Spring-Data, JSF, Vaaden, jQuery, and AngularJS. Gain deep understanding of the security challenges with RESTful webservices and microservice architectures Integrate Spring with other security infrastructure components like LDAP, Apache Directory server and SAML In Detail Knowing that experienced hackers are itching to test your skills makes security one of the most difficult and high-pressured concerns of creating an application. The complexity of properly securing an application is compounded when you must also integrate this factor with existing code, new technologies, and other frameworks. Use this book to easily secure your Java application with the tried and trusted Spring Security framework, a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. The book starts by integrating a variety of authentication mechanisms. It then demonstrates how to properly restrict access to your application. It also covers tips on integrating with some of the more popular web frameworks. An example of how Spring Security defends against session fixation, moves into concurrency control, and how you can utilize session management for administrative functions is also included. It concludes with advanced security scenarios for RESTful webservices and microservices, detailing the issues surrounding stateless authentication, and demonstrates a concise, step-by-step approach to solving those issues. And, by the end of the book, readers can rest assured that integrating version 4.2 of Spring Security will be a seamless endeavor from start to finish. Style and approach This practical step-by-step tutorial has plenty of example code coupled with the necessary screenshots and clear narration so that grasping content is made easier and quicker.
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