Buddhist Wisdom

Author : Edward Conze
ISBN : UVA:X004526066
Genre : Religion
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A landmark publication from its first appearance more than forty years ago, Buddhist Wisdom offers Western readers a unique combination of what Buddhists worldwide consider the holiest of holy texts -- The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra, or scriptures, ascribed to the early centuries of the first millennium. The Diamond Sutra, or the "Perfection of Wisdom which cuts like a thunderbolt", is one of the cornerstone texts of Mahayana Buddhism and provides a summary of the core concepts of the Buddha. The Heart Sutra, perhaps the most important of all Buddhist texts, sets out to formulate the very "heart" or essence of perfect wisdom and is studied with special reverence in Zen monasteries and the Tibetan Buddhist lamaseries.
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Buddhist Wisdom

Author : George Grimm
ISBN : 8120805100
Genre : Aneatman
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The author devotes a good part of his book to the elaboration of the anatta doctrine; he states that the Buddha sought for the atta in the indirect way, by taking away from the atta everything that is not the atta. The Buddha followed this way so radi
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Buddhist Wisdom

Author : David Crosweller
ISBN : 9781462919123
Genre : Religion
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Awaken your heart and engage your mind with Buddhist Wisdom: Daily Reflections, a simple but powerful collection of Buddhist sayings and extracts that offer an easy way to incorporate the Buddha's greatest teachings into your everyday life. Use it daily or at random to find help facing a particular issue, problem or simple uncertainty. Illustrated with photographs of traditional Buddhist people, sacred places and monuments, the book provokes contemplation and deeper understanding for all individuals, regardless of religious persuasion. Buddhist Wisdom also offers a brief overview of the life of the Buddha, Buddhist teachings and the spread of Buddhism around the world; includes a Buddhist calendar of celebration days and festivals.
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Buddhist Wisdom The Path To Enlightenment

Author : Gerald Benedict Editor
ISBN : 9781780284392
Genre : Religion
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These selections, taken from both original texts and modern commentaries, offer readers a taste of all the basic Buddhist concepts and teachings. Although no book can do justice to such a diverse tradition, the pages that follow will prove to be valuable and inspiring both for the seasoned practitioner and for those encountering Buddhism for the first time' - (from Dr Loy's Introduction). Buddhist Wisdom is an anthology of texts dealing with all aspects of Buddhist thought and practice. Buddhism can hold the key to a more complete life for many of us, and it's not just for the more spirituals. An increasing number of psychotherapists now practice Buddhist meditation and their therapies incorporate Buddhist-inspired techniques. By learning and using Buddhism's ancient techniques, you can life a better modern life.
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Solid Ground

Author : Sylvia Boorstein
ISBN : 9781935209812
Genre : Religion
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'Solid Ground' is a lively and topical book that offers guidance on how to respond to the individual crises that inevitably arise in all of our lives as well as to the political, economic and social challenges society is currently facing.
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Transform Your Life

Author : Kelsang Gyatso
ISBN : 0948006757
Genre : Self-Help
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By following the practical advice given in this resource, readers can transform their minds and lives, fulfill their human potential, and find everlasting peace and happiness. What is the real meaning of human life? How to find the source of happiness The actual methods to solve our daily problems How to accomplish our ultimate goal
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The Buddha Is Still Teaching

Author : Jack Kornfield
ISBN : 9781590309223
Genre : Religion
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Following the success of Teachings of the Buddha (Shambhala 1993, over 240,000 copies sold), this new collection represents the Buddha's teachings as they are taught and practised now in the West. Jack Kornfield's selections of passages and quotes includes inspiring favourites from many of the most highly regarded contemporary masters and teachers. The collection is organized by content, presenting the progression of Buddhist practice from an experiential point of view.
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The Little Book Of Buddhist Wisdom

Author : Diana St. Ruth
ISBN : 1843330644
Genre : Buddhism
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The Little Book series aims at bringing within the reach of everyone beautiful texts that will stimulate the mind and inspire the heart; these miniature masterpieces will fit into the bag or pocket, or find a permanent place by the bedside. Beautifully illustrated in two colour or full colour, each is a treasure chest of wisdom, and an inspiring introduction to its subject. Keep this little book in your pocket and carry it with you. Wherever you find yourself, in the noise of the city, in the peace of the countryside, or in the silence of your room, the wisdom it contains will inspire and comfort you.
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