Ich Bin Bei Dir Morgen Und Abendandachten

Author : Sarah Young
ISBN : 9783961222506
Genre : Religion
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Auf den Seiten dieses Andachtsbuches finden Sie Worte aus Jesu Perspektive - Worte, die Trost, Hoffnung und Ermutigung schenken. Worte, die uns immer wieder vor Augen führen, dass er bei uns ist - bis ans Ende der Welt. Diese neue, erweiterte Ausgabe des Bestsellers enthält Andachten für morgens und abends. Sie will Ihnen helfen, Ihren Blick zu Beginn des Tages auf die Hoffnung und den Frieden zu richten, die wir nur bei Jesus finden, und jeden Tag mit Gedanken über Gottes Wort abzuschließen.
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Empowering Marginal Communities With Information Networking

Author : Rahman, Hakikur
ISBN : 9781591407010
Genre : Computers
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"This book details how new technologies can help people living in poverty improve their livelihood, increase productivity, improve the quality of services, and empower them if technologies are used in ways that are appropriate to their context and needs"--Provided by publisher.
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Quicklet On Ruby K Payne S A Framework For Understanding Poverty Cliffnotes Like Summary

Author : Jeff Davis
ISBN : 9781614649670
Genre : Study Aids
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ABOUT THE BOOK A Framework for Understanding Poverty provides important insight into the nation’s ongoing difficulty educating poor children. Students from impoverished backgrounds at all levels of America’s education system achieve success at lower rates than students who are not impoverished. The author, Ruby Payne, suggests that individuals who have experienced generational poverty—that is, individuals whose parents also grew up in poverty—behave in certain characteristics ways that put them at a disadvantage in institutional settings like public school. Payne defines generational poverty as different from “situational poverty,” that is the condition of poverty caused by lack of resources due to a particular event like death, chronic illness, or divorce. The idea is that raising oneself out of situational poverty is easier that raising oneself out of generational poverty. MEET THE AUTHOR Jeff Davis is a life long educator with a Ph.D. in English Studies who has taught at both the high school and university levels. He is also an artist and an amateur anthropologist who is a proponent of “First Art,” that art which our ancient ancestors practiced some 30,000 years ago and even earlier. His most recent book, The First-Generation Student Experience, expanded the college student-affairs field describing the challenges of contemporary nontraditional students. Related to his interest in evolutionary biology, he is currently working on a writing pedagogy book that argues that motivation is the most important dimension of the creative process, even more important than skill and native ability. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Payne establishes her working definition of poverty as “the extent to which an individual does without resources” such as financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, support systems, relationships/role models, and knowledge of hidden rules (8). The challenge for the school or work setting is to analyze and understand the available resources before problem solving and to utilize opportunities that impact the non-financial resources. She describes “three aspects of language: registers of language, discourse patterns, and story structure (27). Registers of language include frozen, formal, consultative, casual, and intimate. Dropping down one register in the same conversation is socially acceptable; dropping down two registers is socially offensive. Buy a copy to keep reading!
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Making Strategy Count In The Health And Human Services Sector

Author : Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN
ISBN : 9780826129826
Genre : Social Science
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This is the first guide to achieving long-term impact and social change by employing critical strategies in the health and human services sector. It is based on lessons from a learning lab of 20 human services organizations and their chief strategy officers who, as part of the ìStrategy Countsî initiative, engineered significant improvements in their ability to adjust to change, reap the benefits of more data-driven decisions, innovate in ways that have meaningful impact, and establish fruitful partnerships with companies, communities, and government. The book is based on the findings of a long-term pilot projectóthe Alliance for Children and Families Strategy Counts initiativeówhich focused on enhancing the social impact of human services organizations by increasing their reliance on strategy and its effective deployment throughout the entire organization. Included among these findings are those tools and methods that have the greatest potential to help nonprofits effectively anticipate emerging market forces and adapt strategies accordingly. Replete with lessons learned and case studies, the book will inform a great variety of human services organizations in their quest to improve the lives of children, adults, and families. Key Features: Comprises the first guide to using critical strategies in human service organizations to achieve transformation and long-term social impact Designed to foster agility in adjusting to change, reliance on data-driven decisions, and successful partnerships with companies, communities, and government Describes how the chief strategy officers from a learning lab of human services organizations used strategy to innovate, strengthen organizational culture, and effect meaningful change Based on the findings of the Alliance for Children and Families Strategy Counts initiative
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From The Sanctuary To The Streets

Author : Wendy R. McCaig
ISBN : 9781608990894
Genre : Religion
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What does it mean to be church? Is it spending an hour on Sunday with people who look, think, and act much as we do? Or is it something more incarnational that seeks out those who are different, the ones living on the margins? For centuries, Christians have presumed that we are to take the gospel to the poor. Instead, the author invites us to receive the gospel from the poor. through a series of encounters with incarcerated, homeless, and impoverised individuals, the author experienced the mysterious power of Christian hospitality that turns strangers into family. Her gift of storytelling brings this mysterious transformation to life.... These twenty stories-within-a-story about what ordinary people can do when they come together across racial, economic, and geographic divides to fight poverty will expand your vision of what it means to be the church. With your eyes opened to the needs and gifts of your neighbors, you too can begin to dream God-sized dreams for a hurting world. And as you pray "Thy kingdom come on earth," you will be inspired to live in such a way as to make it happen in your own community. - Publisher info.
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Konomie F R Den Menschen

Author : Amartya Kumar Sen
ISBN : 3423362642
Genre : Wirtschaftsentwicklung - Freiheit - Soziale Gerechtigkeit
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Das große Buch des Nobelpreisträgers: Eine Programmschrift, die ökonomische Vernunft, politischen Realismus und soziale Verantwortung zusammenführt. Mit diesem Buch hat Sen eine Schneise in die Globalisierungsdebatte geschlagen. Als einer der bedeutenden Wirtschaftstheoretiker der Gegenwart fordert er die Moral in der Marktwirtschaft ein und packt das Weltproblem Nr. 1 an: die sich immer weiter öffnende Schere zwischen dem global agierenden Turbokapitalismus und der zunehmenden Arbeitslosigkeit und Verarmung. Dieses engagierte Buch hat er für die breite Öffentlichkeit geschrieben, eindringlich stellt er dar, daß Freiheit, Gleichheit und Solidarität keine abstrakten Ideale sind, sondern fundamentale Voraussetzungen für eine prosperierende, gerechte Weltwirtschaft.
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The Impact Of Mentoring African American Middle Grade Males

Author : Linda W. Washington
ISBN : 9781477157992
Genre : Education
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This insightful book gives suggestions on increasing academic rigor of the middle school male student, increasing consistent student attendance, and decreasing discipline referrals. This book gives situational examples and possible suggestions to help single parents, teachers, administrators, board members, and the male student to overcome obstacles to be successful. Washington believes that bonding should initially take place early in the relationship of the teacher to student and student to teacher. Much like a client coming to a store for specific items, the store owner has to get to know his customer in order to effectively serve this individual for continued customer satisfaction. The same principles apply for teachers getting to know their students. Oftentimes, this notion is not developed because of constant new initiatives being introduced to teachers without lasting results. Hence, mentoring of students can eliminate many problems schools face. Using the suggestions offered in this book will cause increase academic performance and attendance, while decreasing discipline referrals tremendously.
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B Se Seelen

Author : Linda Castillo
ISBN : 9783104903460
Genre : Fiction
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Wenn das Böse im Verborgenen lauert Der fesselnde Thriller von Spiegel-Bestsellerautorin Linda Castillo führt Polizeichefin Kate Burkholder in eine isolierte und verschwiegene Amisch-Gemeinde im Bundesstaat New York, in der der Schrecken zu Hause ist. Der achte Fall für Polizeichefin Kate Burkholder. Die junge Rachel Esh wird tot im Wald gefunden. Sie war fünfzehn und erfror jämmerlich. Offenbar wollte sie weg von zu Hause. Böse Gerüchte machen die Runde über diese isolierte Amisch-Gemeinde im Bundesstaat New York. Aber niemand will offen sprechen. Deshalb bittet der örtliche Sheriff Kate Burkholder um Hilfe. Allein und auf sich selbst gestellt, soll sie herausfinden, was sich dort wirklich abspielt. Kate gibt sich als trauernde Witwe aus und taucht ein in eine Welt, die voller Verbrechen und Grausamkeit ist. Und in dieser Welt steht ihr der gefährlichste Kampf noch bevor: Sie muss ihr eigenes Leben retten.
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