Bowling Alone

Author : Robert D. Putnam
ISBN : 9780743203043
Genre : History
File Size : 47.72 MB
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Shows how changes in work, family structure, women's roles, and other factors have caused people to become increasingly disconnected from family, friends, neighbors, and democratic structures--and how they may reconnect.
Category: History

Klassiker Der Sozialwissenschaften

Author : Samuel Salzborn
ISBN : 9783658132132
Genre : Social Science
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Der vorliegende Band stellt 100 zentrale Titel vor und liefert einerseits Stichworte zu Leben und Gesamtwerk der AutorInnen, legt andererseits den zentralen Fokus auf das Schlüsselwerk, dessen Titel man in jedem Studium hören wird, der als geflügeltes Wort durch die Feuilletons geistert und zahlreiche Reden schmückt. Es gibt sozialwissenschaftliche Werke, die muss man kennen: egal, ob man Soziologie oder Politikwissenschaft, Sozialpsychologie, Ethnologie, Erziehungswissenschaft oder Geschlechterforschung studiert oder sich für sozialwissenschaftliche Fragestellungen aus dem Blickwinkel affiner Fächer wie Geschichte, Rechtswissenschaft oder Philosophie interessiert. Der Band soll die (Lese-)Lust an den sozialwissenschaftlichen Klassikern (neu) wecken und „Appetit“ auf das Gesamtwerk einzelner AutorInnen machen.​
Category: Social Science

Better Together

Author : Robert D. Putnam
ISBN : 1439106886
Genre : Social Science
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In his acclaimed bestselling book, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, Robert Putnam described a thirty-year decline in America's social institutions. The book ended with the hope that new forms of social connection might be invented in order to revive our communities. In Better Together, Putnam and longtime civic activist Lewis Feldstein describe some of the diverse locations and most compelling ways in which civic renewal is taking place today. In response to civic crises and local problems, they say, hardworking, committed people are reweaving the social fabric all across America, often in innovative ways that may turn out to be appropriate for the twenty-first century. Better Together is a book of stories about people who are building communities to solve specific problems. The examples Putnam and Feldstein describe span the country from big cities such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Chicago to the Los Angeles suburbs, small Mississippi and Wisconsin towns, and quiet rural areas. The projects range from the strictly local to that of the men and women of UPS, who cover the nation. Bowling Alone looked at America from a broad and general perspective. Better Together takes us into Catherine Flannery's Roxbury, Massachusetts, living room, a UPS loading dock in Greensboro, North Carolina, a Philadelphia classroom, the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, naval shipyard, and a Bay Area Web site. We meet activists driven by their visions, each of whom has chosen to succeed by building community: Mexican Americans in the Rio Grande Valley who want paved roads, running water, and decent schools; Harvard University clerical workers searching for respect and improved working conditions; Waupun, Wisconsin, schoolchildren organizing to improve safety at a local railroad crossing; and merchants in Tupelo, Mississippi, joining with farmers to improve their economic status. As the stories in Better Together demonstrate, bringing people together by building on personal relationships remains one of the most effective strategies to enhance America's social health.
Category: Social Science

Schl Sselwerke Der Politikwissenschaft

Author : Steffen Kailitz
ISBN : 9783531904009
Genre : Political Science
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Die Politikwissenschaft kann stolz auf einen bemerkenswerten Bestand an fruchtbaren Theorien und Forschungsergebnisse blicken. Die Vielzahl der politikwissenschaftlichen Werke ist aber selbst für den ausgebildeten Politikwissenschaftler kaum überschaubar. Die „Schlüsselwerke“ sollen bei der Orientierung helfen. Aus dem reichhaltigen Bestand der politikwissenschaftlichen Literatur nimmt der Band jene heraus, die in besonderem Maße die Entwicklung der Politikwissenschaft spiegeln. Der spannende Streifzug durch die Politikwissenschaft führt von Platons politischer Philosophie bis zum aktuellen Vetospieleransatz von Georg Tsebelis.
Category: Political Science

Bowling Alone

Author : Elizabeth Morrow
ISBN : 9781351350228
Genre :
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American political scientist Robert Putnam wasn't the first person to recognize that social capital - the relationships between people that allow communities to function well - is the grease that oils the wheels of society. But by publishing Bowling Alone, he moved the debate from one primarily concerned with family and individual relationships one that studied the social capital generated by people's engagement with the civic life. Putnam drew heavily on the critical thinking skill of interpretation in shaping his work. He took fresh looks at the meaning of evidence that other scholars had made too many assumptions about, and was scrupulous in clarifying what his evidence was really saying. He found that strong social capital has the power to boost health, lower unemployment, and improve life in major ways. As such, any decrease in civic engagement could create serious consequences for society. Putnam's interpretation of these issues led him to the understanding that if America is to thrive, its citizens must connect.

Konflikt Integration Religion

Author : Peter Antes
ISBN : 9783847001201
Genre : Religion
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Scheinbar gegenläufige Prozesse von Säkularisierung und der »Wiederkehr des Religiösen« prägen Wandlungsprozesse in modernen Gesellschaften ebenso wie Entwicklungen im Zuge von Globalisierungsprozessen (z.B. Migration) und technisch-(natur-)wissenschaftlichen Innovationen (z.B. Gentechnik, Reproduktionstechniken). Diese Entwicklungen führen zu einer verstärkten Wahrnehmung des Themas »Religion/-en« in der Öffentlichkeit. Besonders die Fragen nach dem Konfliktpotential, das Religion/en unterstellt wird, auf der einen Seite, und ihrer angeblichen sozialintegrativen Funktion auf der anderen stehen im Zentrum des öffentlichen Diskurses. Die Auseinandersetzung mit dem vermeintlichen Integrations- und Konfliktpotential von Religion/-en wird in den Beiträgen des Bandes aufgegriffen und aus religionswissenschaftlicher Perspektive vertieft.
Category: Religion

Political Thinking Political Theory And Civil Society

Author : Steven M DeLue
ISBN : 9781317345534
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.84 MB
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A comprehensive overview of the Western tradition of political thought that approaches concepts with the aim of helping readers develop their own political thinking and critical thinking skills. This text is uniquely organized around the theme of civil society — what is the nature of a civil society? why is it important? — that will engage students and help make the material relevant. Major thinkers discussed in the text are explored not only with the goal of understanding their views, but also with an interest in understanding the relationship of their ideas to the notion of a civil society. DeLue contends that a civil society is important for securing the way of life that most of us value and want to preserve, a way of life that allows people to live freely and place significance on their own lives.
Category: Political Science

Encyclopedia Of American Religion And Politics

Author : Paul A. Djupe
ISBN : 9781438130200
Genre : Religion and politics
File Size : 78.57 MB
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Presents an encyclopedia of religion and politics in America including short biographies of important political and religious figures like Ralph Abernathy, civil rights leader, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer, and synopses of religious entities like the Branch Davidians and the Episcopal church as well as important court cases of relevancy like Epperson et al. v. Arkansas having to do with evolution.
Category: Religion and politics