Author : Mike Royko
ISBN : 9781101660584
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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"The best book ever written about an American city, by the best journalist of his time.”— Jimmy Breslin New edition of the classic story of the late Richard J. Daley, politician and self-promoter extraordinaire, from his inauspicious youth on Chicago’s South Side through his rapid climb to the seat of power as mayor and boss of the Democratic Party machine. A bare-all account of Daley’s cardinal sins as well as his milestone achievements, this scathing work by Chicago journalist Mike Royko brings to life the most powerful political figure of his time: his laissez-faire policy toward corruption, his unique brand of public relations, and the widespread influence that earned him the epithet of “king maker.” The politician, the machine, the city—Royko reveals all with witty insight and unwavering honesty, in this incredible portrait of the last of the backroom Caesars. New edition includes an Introduction in which the author reflects on Daley’s death and the future of Chicago. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Early Royko

Author : Mike Royko
ISBN : 9780226730776
Genre : Humor
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Combining the incisive pen of a newspaperman and the compassionate soul of a poet, Mike Royko became a Chicago institution—in Jimmy Breslin’s words, "the best journalist of his time." Early Royko: Up Against It in Chicago will restore to print the legendary columnist’s earliest writings, which chronicle 1960s Chicago with the moral vision, ironic sense, and razor-sharp voice that would remain Royko’s trademark. This collection of early columns from the Chicago Daily News ranges from witty social commentary to politically astute satire. Some of the pieces are falling-down funny and others are tenderly nostalgic, but all display Royko’s unrivaled skill at using humor to tell truth to power. From machine politicians and gangsters to professional athletes, from well-heeled Chicagoans to down-and-out hoodlums, no one escapes Royko’s penetrating gaze—and resounding judgment. Early Royko features a memorable collection of characters, including such well-known figures as Hugh Hefner, Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Dr. Martin Luther King. But these boldfaced names are juxtaposed with Royko’s beloved lesser knowns from the streets of Chicago: Mrs. Peak, Sylvester "Two-Gun Pete" Washington, and Fats Boylermaker, who gained fame for leaning against a corner light pole from 2 a.m. Saturday until noon Sunday, when his neighborhood tavern reopened for business. Accompanied by a foreword from Rick Kogan, this new edition will delight Royko’s most ardent fans and capture the hearts of a new generation of readers. As Kogan writes, Early Royko "will remind us how a remarkable relationship began—Chicago and Royko, Royko and Chicago—and how it endures."
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Royko In Love

Author : Mike Royko
ISBN : 9780226730790
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Street-smart, wickedly funny, piercingly perceptive, and eloquent enough to win a Pulitzer Prize, Mike Royko continues to have legions of devoted fans who still wonder “what Royko would have said” about some outrageous piece of news. One thing he hardly ever wrote or talked about, though, was his private life, especially the time he shared with his first wife, Carol. She was the love of his life, and her premature death at the age of forty-four shook him to his soul. Mike’s unforgettable public tribute to Carol was a heart-wrenching column written on what would have been her forty-fifth birthday, “November Farewell.” His most famous and requested piece, it was the end of an untold story. Royko in Love offers that story’s moving and utterly beguiling beginning in letters that “Mick” Royko, then a young airman, wrote to his childhood sweetheart, Carol Duckman. He had been in love with her since they were kids on Chicago’s northwest side, but she was a beauty and he was, well, anything but. Before leaving for Korea, he was crushed to hear she was getting married, but after returning to Blaine Air Force Base in Washington, he learned she was getting a divorce. Mick soon began to woo Carol in a stream of letters that are as fervent as they are funny. Collected here for the first time, Royko’s letters to Carol are a mixture of sweet seduction, sarcastic observations on military life, a Chicago kid’s wry view of rural folk, the pain of self-doubt, and the fear of losing what is finally so close, but literally so far. His only weapons against Carol’s many suitors were his pen, his ardor, and his brilliance. And they won her heart.
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Literature Suppressed On Political Grounds

Author : Margaret Bald
ISBN : 9780816071517
Genre : Censorship
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Literature Suppressed on Religious Grounds, Revised Edition profiles the censorship of many such essential works of literature. The entries new to this edition include extensive coverage of the Harry Potter series, which has been frequently banned in the United States on the grounds that it promotes witchcraft, as well as entries on two popular textbook series, The Witches by Roald Dahl, Women Without Men: A Novel of Modern Iran, and more. Also included are updates to such entries as The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie and On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.
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American Pharaoh

Author : Adam Cohen
ISBN : 9780759524279
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This is a biography of mayor Richard J. Daley. It is the story of his rise from the working-class Irish neighbourhood of his childhood to his role as one of the most important figures in 20th century American politics.
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Author : Gregory D. Squires
ISBN : 0877226172
Genre : Social Science
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Despite local folklore, Chicago is not always a city that works. No longer the "Hog Butcher for the World," the Windy City has, in recent decades, pursued economic growth at all costs--to the detriment of many of its citizens. This book describes the social, economic, and political costs of the growth ideology and examines the populist response that promises an alternative Chicago. Tracing the city's uneven economic development since World War II, the authors demonstrate how unchecked growth in favor of private enterprise has resulted in severe poverty, unemployment, crime, reduced tax revenues and property values, a decline in municipal services, and racial, ethnic, and class divisiveness. And yet proponents of Daley-style machine politics and the notion of the city as a growth machine still assert that the future of the city depends exclusively on its ability to grow. The victory of Harold Washington is the most visible symbol of the movement toward an alternative Chicago. Naming different priorities and using more participatory tactics, this challenge to the politics of growth promotes development that is responsive to social need, not just market signals. Author note: Gregory D. Squires is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Larry Bennett is Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at DePaul University. Kathleen McCourt is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Loyola University of Chicago. Philip Nyden is Associate Professor of Sociology at Loyola University of Chicago.
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Popular Culture And The Enduring Myth Of Chicago 1871 1968

Author : Lisa Krissoff Boehm
ISBN : 9781135932565
Genre : History
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This book is an examination of the image of Chicago in American popular culture between the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and Chicago's 1968 Democratic National Convention.
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Usa Gro E Seen Chicago Reisef Hrer Von Iwanowski

Author : Marita Bromberg
ISBN : 9783864571930
Genre : Travel
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Rund um die Großen Seen in den USA und Kanada kann der Reisende eine einzigartige Symbiose aus Natur und Großstadt erleben. Die Touren durch die Bundesstaaten Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Michigan mit Detroit, Illinois mit Chicago sowie nach Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Cleveland in Ohio sowie Toronto in Kanada mit den Niagarafällen sind an Vielfältigkeit kaum zu überbieten, sodass neben Kanufahrten, Schwimmen oder Wandern auch der Besuch einer Sportveranstaltung, eines Musikclubs oder eines Museums von Weltruf auf dem Programm stehen sollte. Um dieses riesige Gebiet während eines normalen Urlaubs individuell erschließen zu können, geben die erfahrenen Autoren Empfehlungen für zwei- bis vierwöchige Routen mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten. Die Infos sind ganz auf die Bedürfnisse von Selbstfahrern abgestimmt. Detaillierte Übernachtungstipps zeigen die ganze Bandbreite von preiswerten Motels über klassische Hotels und Bed&Breakfast-Häuser bis hin zu kleinen Ferienresorts. Die 45 Detailkarten samt der Sehenswürdigkeiten können per QR-Code kostenlos als PDF-Datei heruntergeladen werden. Beste Reisezeit ist von April bis Oktober, Städte wie Chicago und Toronto auch ganzjährig
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The City In American Political Development

Author : Assistant Professor of Political Science Richardson Dilworth
ISBN : 9781135853181
Genre : History
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There are nearly 20,000 general-purpose municipal governments—cities—in the United States, employing more people than the federal government. About twenty of those cities received charters of incorporation well before ratification of the U.S. Constitution, and several others were established urban centers more than a century before the American Revolution. Yet despite their estimable size and prevalence in the United States, city government and politics has been a woefully neglected topic within the recent study of American political development. The volume brings together some of the best of both the most established and the newest urban scholars in political science, sociology, and history, each of whom makes a new argument for rethinking the relationship between cities and the larger project of state-building. Each chapter shows explicitly how the American city demonstrates durable shifts in governing authority throughout the nation’s history. By filling an important gap in scholarship the book will thus become an indispensable part of the American political development canon, a crucial component of graduate and undergraduate courses in APD, urban politics, urban sociology, and urban history, and a key guide for future scholarship.
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