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Theory Of The Border

Author : Thomas Nail
ISBN : 9780190618667
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 55.47 MB
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Despite -- and perhaps because of -- increasing global mobility, there are more types of borders today than ever before in history. Borders of all kinds define every aspect of social life in the twenty-first century. From the biometric data that divides the smallest aspects of our bodies to the aerial drones that patrol the immense expanse of our domestic and international airspace, we are defined by borders. They can no longer simply be understood as the geographical divisions between nation-states. Today, their form and function has become too complex, too hybrid. What we need now is a theory of the border that can make sense of this hybridity across multiple domains of social life. Rather than viewing borders as the result or outcome of pre-established social entities like states, Thomas Nail reinterprets social history from the perspective of the continual and constitutive movement of the borders that organize and divide society in the first place. Societies and states are the products of bordering, Nail argues, not the other way around. Applying his original movement-oriented theoretical framework "kinopolitics" to several major historical border regimes (fences, walls, cells, and checkpoints), Theory of the Border pioneers a new methodology of "critical limology," that provides fresh tools for the analysis of contemporary border politics.
Category: Political Science

The Chinese State At The Borders

Author : Diana Lary
ISBN : 9780774840873
Genre : History
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The People's Republic of China claims to have 22,000 kilometres of land borders and 18,000 kilometres of coast line. How did this vast country come into being? The state credo describes an ancient process of cultural expansion: border peoples gratefully accept high culture in China and become inalienable parts of the country. And yet, the "centre" had to fight against manifestations of discontent in the border regions, not only to maintain control over the regions themselves, but also to prevent a loss of power at the edges from triggering a general process of regional devolution in the Han Chinese provinces. The essays in this volume look at these issues over a long span of time, questioning whether the process of expansion was a benevolent civilizing mission.
Category: History


Author : Pat Mora
ISBN : 1611920752
Genre :
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Author : Barbara Segall
ISBN : 1859676618
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 38.57 MB
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Formally planted or wildly romantic, no garden is complete without a stunning garden border. This colorful, practical guide is full of expert guidance, inspiring ideas and irresistible photographs; offering borders to suit different sites and soil types and different gardens and sizes -- from the glorious planted cottage garden border to the meditative Eastern influenced border. An invaluable section about analyzing your site, improving soil conditions, planting out the border and general care and maintenance is illustrated with step-by-step photographs to make the guide as useful as it is inspiring.
Category: Gardening

Borders Boundaries

Author : Ritu Menon
ISBN : 0813525527
Genre : History
File Size : 38.72 MB
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As an event of shattering consequence, the Partition of India remains significant today. While Partition sounds smooth on paper, the reality was horrific. More than eight million people migrated and one million died in the process. The forced migration, violence between Hindus and Muslims, and mass widowhood were unprecedented and well-documented. What was less obvious but equally real was that millions of people had to realign their identities, uncertain about who they thought they were. The rending of the social and emotional fabric that took place in 1947 is still far from mended. While there are plenty of official accounts of Partition, there are few social histories and no feminist histories. Borders and Boundaries changes that, providing first-hand accounts and memoirs, juxtaposed alongside official government accounts. The authors make women not only visible but central. They explore what country, nation, and religious identity meant for women, and they address the question of the nation-state and the gendering of citizenship. In the largest ever peace-time mass migration of people, violence against women became the norm. Thousands of women committed suicide or were done to death by their own kinsmen. Nearly 100,000 women were "abducted" during the migration. A young woman might have been separated from her family when a convoy was ambushed, abducted by people of another religion, forced to convert, and forced into marriage or cohabitation. After bearing a child, she would be offered the opportunity to return only if she left her child behind and if she could face shame in her natal community. These stories do not paint their subjects as victims. Theirs are the stories of battles over gender, the body, sexuality, and nationalism-stories of women fighting for identity.
Category: History

Bordering And Ordering The Twenty First Century

Author : Gabriel Popescu
ISBN : 9780742556218
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.6 MB
Format : PDF
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This timely book introduces readers to the central question of borders in the twenty-first century. After familiarizing readers with border thinking and making from antiquity to the present, Gabriel Popescu turns a critical eye on current concepts, processes, and contexts. Assessing the latest theoretical approaches to border studies, the author deftly incorporates a range of disciplinary perspectives, including geography, international relations, sociology, history, security studies, and anthropology. He explores recent world events, discussing how current issues such as migration, terrorism, global warming, pandemics, the international human rights regime, outsourcing, the economic crisis, supranational integration, regionalization, and digital technology relate to borders and influence our lives. Written with a clear eye and voice, this book makes a complex subject accessible to a wide readership.
Category: Political Science

Across The Borders

Author : Ralf Roth
ISBN : 075466029X
Genre : History
File Size : 73.31 MB
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Across the Borders explores the transnational history of railway economics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is the first systematic historical investigation into the world-wide system of railway financing, providing a wide introduction to how financiers, governments and entrepreneurs in Europe managed to face the challenges of constructing and maintaining a railway network that met national and international needs. With contributions from authors from 19 countries, the volume is truly an international work that will be of interest to academic researchers, museum staff, archivists, and anyone who has an interest in the history and development of railways.
Category: History

Of Borders And Thresholds

Author : Michal Kobialka
ISBN : 0816630917
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 23.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The theatre is full of borders and boundaries: between the "real" and "illusionary" conditions of the stage, between the way one acts onstage and in "real" life, between stage and audience, performance and reception. As such, theatre offers a unique opportunity to examine the construction, representation, and functioning of borders. This is the task undertaken by the authors of this volume, the first to apply the lexicon and concepts of border theory to theatre history and performance theory. The contributors, highly regarded theatre historians, theorists, and practitioners, address a wide range of border-related themes. Their topics include the construction of "America" in the sixteenth century, theatre practices in eighteenth-century England, American Latino playwrights, performances of gender and sexuality, cyborg technologies, and fashion.
Category: Performing Arts

Jan Ek Beyond The Borders

Author : Derek Katz
ISBN : 9781580463096
Genre : Music
File Size : 30.39 MB
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This contextual study of Janácek's operas reveals the composer's creative responses to a wide range of Czech and non-Czech traditions.
Category: Music

Borders And Border Politics In A Globalizing World

Author : Paul Ganster
ISBN : 084205104X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 49.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Borders represent an intriguing paradox as globalization continues to leap barriers at a vigorous pace, yet the political boundaries separating peoples remain pervasive and problematic. The first text to explore global borders, this reader brings together key essays on border societies, politics, and economies to explore this complex dynamic. With its careful selection of accessible essays, this text will allow professors in a variety of courses to easily globalize their classroom. The readings have been carefully selected to appeal to undergraduates, offering theoretical concepts for understanding the overarching context of globalization as well as focusing on the experiences of specific peoples and communities.
Category: Political Science