Body Soul

Author : Loïc J. D. Wacquant
ISBN : 9780195305623
Genre : Social Science
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In the late 1980s Wacquant, a white, French-born, French and American sociology graduate student, entered the Woodlawn gym on 63rd Street in Chicago and began training as a boxer. This text invites us to follow Wacquant's immersion into the everyday world of Chicago's boxers.
Category: Social Science

Ethnographic Research And Analysis

Author : Tom Vine
ISBN : 9781137585554
Genre : Education
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This book reflects on the contemporary use of ethnography across both social and natural sciences, focusing in particular on organizational ethnography, autoethnography, and the role of storytelling. The chapters interrogate and reframe longstanding ethnographic discussions, including those concerning reflexivity and positionality, while exploring evolving themes such as the experiential use of technologies. The open and honest accounts presented in the volume explore the perennial anxieties, doubts and uncertainties of ethnography. Rather than seek ways to mitigate these ‘inconvenient’ but inevitable aspects of academic research, the book instead finds significant value to these experiences. Taking the position that collections of ethnographic work are better presented as transdisciplinary bricolage rather than as discipline-specific series, each chapter in the collection begins with a reflection on the existing impact and character of ethnographic research within the author’s native discipline. The book will appeal to all academic researchers with an interest in qualitative methods, as well as to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Category: Education

Ethnographien Der Sinne

Author : Lydia Maria Arantes
ISBN : 9783839427552
Genre : Social Science
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Die Rolle sinnlicher Wahrnehmung fand in der Alltagskulturforschung bisher wenig Beachtung. Dieser Band greift deshalb die Forderung nach einer Einbindung der Sinne in die ethnographische Forschungspraxis auf. Die versammelten Beiträge befragen sinnliche Wahrnehmung kritisch - sowohl hinsichtlich der Körperlichkeit von Alltagserfahrungen und resultierender Epistemologien als auch in Hinblick auf Konsequenzen ethnographischer Forschungsprozesse. Das Ausloten der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen sinnlicher Wahrnehmung erlaubt theoretisch-methodische Neukonzeptionen sowie ein konkretes Nachspüren von Feldern, die z.B. Räume, Medien oder Subjektkonstitutionen streifen. Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Jochen Bonz, Simone Egger und Sarah Pink.
Category: Social Science

Fortpflanzung Und Geschlecht

Author : Daniela Heitzmann
ISBN : 9783839438626
Genre : Social Science
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Fortpflanzung als das 'natürlichste' Phänomen der Welt wird häufig als Begründung für die Geschlechterdifferenz herangezogen und dient als Rechtfertigung für das hierarchisch strukturierte Geschlechterverhältnis. Auf der Grundlage der Soziologie Pierre Bourdieus fragt Daniela Heitzmann, wie sich jene vermeintliche Naturtatsache als soziales Phänomen begreifen lässt, um dessen enge Verknüpfung mit dem Frausein einerseits und das eher lose Verhältnis zum Mannsein andererseits zu analysieren. Hierzu entwickelt sie ein Konzept der generativen Praxis, das zu einem Forschungsprogramm zur Genese von Generativitätsvorstellungen führt und dabei besonders die soziale Konstruktionsarbeit der Soziologie in den Fokus rückt.
Category: Social Science

Skill Transmission Sport And Tacit Knowledge

Author : Honorata Jakubowska
ISBN : 9781351971881
Genre :
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Teaching the skills necessary to play sport depends partly on transmitting knowledge verbally, yet non-verbal or tacit knowledge also has an important role. A coach may tell a young athlete to 'move more dynamically', but it is undoubtedly easier to demonstrate with the body itself how this should be done. Skills such as developing a 'feel for the water' cannot simply be transmitted verbally; they are embodied in the tacit knowledge acquired from practice, repetition and experience. This is the first sociological study of the transmission of skills through tacit knowledge in sport. Drawing on philosophy, sociology and theories of embodiment, it presents original research gathered from qualitative empirical studies of young athletes. It discusses the concept of tacit knowledge in relation to motor skills transmission in a variety of sports, including athletics, swimming and judo, and examines the methodological possibilities of studying tacit knowledge, as well as its challenges and limitations. This is fascinating reading for all those with an interest in the sociology of sport, theories of embodiment, or skill acquisition and transmission.

Bourdieu Handbuch

Author : Gerhard Fröhlich
ISBN : 9783476013798
File Size : 56.50 MB
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Fashioning Fat

Author : Amanda M. Czerniawski
ISBN : 9780814770399
Genre : Art
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For two and a half years, Amanda Czerniawski was a sociologist turned plus-size model. Journeying into a world where, as a size 10, she was not considered an average body type, but rather, for the fashion industry, “plus-sized,” Czerniawski studied the standards of work and image production in the plus-sized model industry. Fashioning Fat takes us through a model’s day-to-day activities, first at open calls at modeling agencies and then through the fashion shows and photo shoots. Czerniawski also interviewed 35 plus-size models about their lives in the world of fashion, bringing to life the strange contradictions of being an object of non-idealized beauty. Fashioning Fat shows us that the mission of many of these models is to challenge our standards of beauty that privilege the thin body; they show us that fat can be sexy. Many plus-size models do often succeed in overcoming years of self-loathing and shame over their bodies, yet, as Czerniawski shows, these women are not the ones in charge of beauty’s construction or dissemination. At the corporate level, the fashion industry perpetuates their objectification. Plus-size models must conform to an image created by fashion’s tastemakers, as their bodies must fit within narrowly defined parameters of size and shape—an experience not too different from that of straight-sized models. Ultimately, plus-size models find that they are still molding their bodies to fit an image instead of molding an image of beauty to fit their bodies. A much-needed behind-the-scenes look at this growing industry, Fashioning Fat is a fascinating, unique, and important contribution to our understanding of beauty.
Category: Art

Routledge Handbook Of Body Studies

Author : Bryan S Turner
ISBN : 9781136903311
Genre : Social Science
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In the last three decades, the human body has gained increasing prominence in contemporary political debates, and it has become a central topic of modern social sciences and humanities. Modern technologies – such as organ transplants, stem-cell research, nanotechnology, cosmetic surgery and cryonics – have changed how we think about the body. In this collection of thirty original essays by leading figures in the field, these issues are explored across a number of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, including pragmatism, feminism, queer theory, post-modernism, post-humanism, cultural sociology, philosophy and anthropology. A wide range of case studies, which include cosmetics, diet, organ transplants, racial bodies, masculinity and sexuality, eating disorders, religion and the sacred body, and disability, are used to appraise these different perspectives. In addition, this Handbook explores various epistemological approaches to the basic question: what is a body? It also offers a strongly themed range of chapters on empirical topics that are organized around religion, medicine, gender, technology and consumption. It also contributes to the debate over the globalization of the body: how have military technology, modern medicine, sport and consumption led to this contemporary obsession with matters corporeal? The Handbook’s clear, direct style will appeal to a wide undergraduate audience in the social sciences, particularly for those studying medical sociology, gender studies, sports studies, disability studies, social gerontology, or the sociology of religion. It will serve to consolidate the new field of body studies.
Category: Social Science


Author : R A Duff
ISBN : 9780191043369
Genre : Law
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The Criminalization series arose from an interdisciplinary investigation into criminalization, focussing on the principles that might guide decisions about what kinds of conduct should be criminalized, and the forms that criminalization should take. Developing a normative theory of criminalization, the series tackles the key questions at the heart of the issue: what principles and goals should guide legislators in deciding what to criminalize? How should criminal wrongs be classified and differentiated? How should law enforcement officials apply the law's specifications of offences? The fourth book in the series examines the political morality of the criminal law, exploring general principles and theories of criminalization. Chapters provide accounts of the criminal law in the light of ambitious theories about moral and political philosophy - republicanism and contractarianism, or reflect upon on the success of important theories of criminalization by viewing them in a novel light. Ideas that are fundamental to any complete theory of the criminal law - liberty, harm, and the effect on victims - are investigated in depth. Sociological investigation of the criminal law grounds a critical investigation into the principles of criminalization, both as a legislative matter, and with respect to criminalization practices, in contemporary and historical contexts. The volume broadens our conceptions of the theory of criminalization, and clarifies the role of the series in the development of this theory. It is essential reading for all interested in legal, political, and social theories of criminalization.
Category: Law