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Bloodborne The Old Hunters Collector S Edition Gui

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With the release of The Old Hunters, Bloodborne becomes complete. And since the expansion is worthy of its own guide, here we go again: our Bloodborne Collector's Edition Guide is about to get the perfect companion. With the same understated look, unparalleled detail and luxurious extra content, these two books are designed -- inside and out -- to sit side-by-side. The original Bloodborne Collector's Edition Guide is one of the highest rated and best-received game books ever made, and we're giving The Old Hunters the same treatment. Whether you want to fully explore the new areas, learn everything there is to know about each new weapon and character, understand the intricate Lore or admire the work of FromSoftware's concept artists, you'll have a single, invaluable resource to delve into. A Whole New Game: an entire chapter dedicated to highlighting the ways Bloodborne has changed since its release and analyzing how The Old Hunters impacts progression through the full game. Hunting the Nightmare: using our unique hybrid area guide format, exclusive, beautifully illustrated maps take you through the new areas the way you want -- either follow along a route or focus on a single location -- you determine the pace of action. Twice the Arsenal: the Old Hunters almost doubles your available tools, so the possibilities in combat have increased exponentially. Find out not only how every new weapon, spell and Caryll Rune works and is used most efficiently, but how they affect Bloodborne's existing arsenal as well. The Most Lethal Enemies: new nightmare creatures are introduced in The Old Hunters, and -- here's a promise -- they're the toughest and most lethal you'll have faced in Bloodborne. We've dedicated countless hours to turn killing each of them into a science you can rely upon, no matter what play style or equipment you prefer. Interconnected Lore: detailing NPC quests and character interactions is no longer just an invaluable extra -- it's our aim to provide the most complete look at Bloodborne's story and character connections available anywhere! Every important line of text or dialog that links one place or character to another is laid out in an intuitive format for clarity and reference. Extended Art: we've made it our highest priority to showcase FromSoftware's glorious original and newly created artwork on lavishly designed pages. Each piece is displayed sharp and in full size for your viewing pleasure.

Bloodborne Official Artworks

Author : Sony
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In the terrifying video game Bloodborne, deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner of a horror-filled gothic city. Bloodborne: Official Artworks collects the hair-raising artwork behind this modern action role-playing classic. Included are character concepts, creature designs, location illustrations, weapons, items, and more!

Killzone 2 Collectors Guide To Campaign And Warzone

Author : Future Press Verlag und Marketing GmbH
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This is not your ordinary strategy guide, this is your lethal edge. Be it online against the world or at home against AI _ The Official Guide to Warzone and Campaign lets you reach your full potential. Written by professional gamers and approved by GUERRILLA, this Future Press guide is your ticket to becoming the ultimate Killzone 2 expert.Failure is not an option!Helghan is a tough, dangerous planet. The Official Guide to Killzone 2 will ensure that you survive. Proven strategies, coupled with detailed overview maps and HD screenshots, guide you through every mission _ even on the hardest difficulty setting. After the campaigns, you_ll face the ultimate challenge of how to survive the online battles. Guarantee yourself a place at the top of the rankings, using strategies, tips and tricks put together by a hand-picked team of successful multiplayer experts.Multiplayer contents for WarzoneBasic Training: Surviving online is even harder than beating the Campaign on Elite difficulty, so we provide a crash course in online shooters.Advanced Tips & Settings: Learn the tricks the top players use to stay on top. Find out how to stay safe in various types of environment, to clear out a room and survive, and to set up camp at specific locations. Ideal control and audio settings also included.Multi-View Area Surveillance: Amazingly in-depth insight into the multiplayer maps, provided through a combination of finely detailed maps, tactical maps, density maps and more.Tactical Objectives: Meticulous analysis of each multiplayer mode, with tactically important locations for each map and strategies for defending and attacking each of them.Badges: Detailed information about the Primary and Secondary Badges for each character class. Learn the advantages of each Badge for completing objectives and controlling areas, and ideal Badge combos for squad play.Team Tactics: Essential strategies for team-work and communication, including the most effective composition of teams and squads for each map. Solid team-work is the key to victory in the Warzone.Ranking Up: Discover how to soar through the ranks fast and how to unlock all the multiplayer game_s Medals, Ribbons and Trophies.Single Player contens for CampaignQuick Reference: A separate walkthrough with easy-to-access help for your first play through. Spoiler-free and with just the Intel you need to get you through the game. Overview maps give all weapon and ammo locations as well as showing the way.Becoming Elite: The complete Veteran and Elite difficulty level walkthroughs guide you safely through every area and enemy confrontation. Why bother with Recruit or Trooper, when only Veteran and Elite earns you respect?Knowing the Artillery: Every weapon and vehicle in the game is analysed and full statistics are given. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each piece, and see at a glance which weapon is best suited to the upcoming task.Defeat the Helghast: Complete statistics reveal every enemy_s strengths. Behaviour and motion patterns are analysed for efficient strategies. We reveal the weak spots of the AI, so you can take down even the toughest foe.Find what_s hidden: Locked away in a separate chapter full of spoilers are all Killzone 2_s well hidden secrets. Including extra maps with every hidden Symbol and Intel from the Helghast army. Complete the game 100%!Complete Trophy collection: A dedicated section helps you to complete every challenge and suggests the best locations to finish even the hardest ones with ease.

Portal 2

Author : Future Press
ISBN : 3869930381
Genre : Artificial intelligence
File Size : 23.69 MB
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Category: Artificial intelligence

Dark Souls Ii

Author : Bruce Byrne
ISBN : 0744015472
Genre : Games
File Size : 62.29 MB
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Presents walkthroughs for the game, along with information on characters, weapons and equipment, and tactics.
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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Author : Piggyback
ISBN : 1908172762
Genre : Games
File Size : 44.2 MB
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A Must Have for the Metal Gear Solid Collector!! EXCLUSIVE TO THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION GUIDE: A lithograph by Yoji Shinkawa, an art gallery, an exclusive hardcover and additional content. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO 100% COMPLETION: All missions, all side quests, all secrets, all collectibles, all Achievements and Trophies – at your fingertips! TURNKEY WALKTHROUGH: An at-a-glance, map-based walkthrough steers you through the entire adventure supported by annotated hi-res screenshots. ALL GAME SYSTEMS DECODED: Statistics, diagrams and analysis from our experts provide a comprehensive understanding of all game systems and features, including the Mother Base management metagame. A WEALTH OF EXTRAS: Includes an extensive story recap, a poster covering the immense game area and much more! DEVELOPMENT: Developed directly with Kojima Productions in Tokyo. MAINTAINING TRADITION: From the same team that brought you the highly acclaimed guides to Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. QUALITY CONTROL: Carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers.
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Bloodborne Collection

Author : Ales Kot
ISBN : 1785863444
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Discover the terrifying secrets of Old Yharnam in a brand new comic series spinning out of Fromsoftware/Hidetaka Miyazaki's critically-acclaimed Bloodborne videogame! Awakening in an ancient city plagued by a twisted endemic - where horrific beasts stalk the shadows and the streets run slick with the blood of the damned - a nameless Hunter embarks on a dangerous quest in search of Paleblood... his only escape from the endless Night of the Hunt...
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Introducing Net 4 5

Author : Alex Mackey
ISBN : 9781430243328
Genre : Computers
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Microsoft has introduced a large number of changes to the way that the .NET Framework operates. Familiar technologies have being altered, best practices replaced, and developer methodologies adjusted. Many developers find it hard to keep up with the pace of change across .NET's ever-widening array of technologies. The introduction of Windows 8 and its new style of applications only compounds the problem. You may know what's happening in C#, but what about the latest innovations in the cloud? How is that going to affect your work? What possibilities do the new async capabilities bring? What you need is a roadmap. A guide to help you see the innovations that matter and to give you a head start on the opportunities available in the new framework. Introducing .NET 4.5 is designed to provide you with just that roadmap. It serves as a no-nonsense primer that will help experienced .NET developers understand the impact of the new framework and the technologies that co-exist with it. This book will keep you updated on the changes and help you to seize new opportunities confidently and quickly. What you’ll learn Get an overview and brief history of each new or changing technology that puts it into context Understand how .NET and Windows 8 fit together Familiarize yourself with key concepts and opportunities through highly accessible tutorials Understand how to perform common tasks in new technology areas such as async Gain expert performance tips See examples of real-world applications of each technology to help you learn how a technology can be put to work Who this book is for The book is aimed at existing .NET developers who will be trying to come to grips with .NET 4.5 and Windows 8, which will be changing the way they need to think about creating applications. Table of Contents Introduction to .NET 4.5 Visual Studio 2012 IDE CLR and BCL MEF C# 4.5 ASP.NET 4.5 ASP.NET MVC 4 WCF and Web API Data Azure Workflow WPF Silverlight 5 Windows 8 apps Appendix A: NuGet Introduction
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Dark Souls Iii Strategy Guide

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“Only in truth the lords will abandon their thrones and the unkindled will rise. Nameless accursed undead, unfit even to be cinder.” You are an Unkindled, a being of ash, unworthy of becoming even a Lord of Cinder. You awaken in the Cemetery of Ash to the tolling of a bell, signalling the approaching end of the First Flame. You must seek out the embers of the First Flame and defeat the Lords of Cinder so the flame can be linked again. “And so it is, that ash seeketh embers…” As you journey through the treacherous realms of Lothric, our guide will be a constant companion. Inside you will find: - A complete walkthrough of the main areas and strategies for defeating all bosses; - All side areas and optional bosses discovered - Full details on the different endings to the game; - NPC Side quests and other optional content; - Covenant explanations; - A detailed trophy/achievement guide; - Suggested character builds to help you get through the game with ease.
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Playing With Super Power

Author : Sebastian Haley
ISBN : 0744018692
Genre : Games & Activities
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The Console: A nostalgic celebration and exploration of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in all its 16-bit glory. The Games: Discover everything you've always wanted to know about some of the most beloved SNES games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2! The History: Learn about the SNES development and the visionaries behind this groundbreaking console. The Legacy: An in-depth look at how the SNES has left its mark on the gaming industry, and how its legacy continues. The Memories: Featuring a plethora of fan art, music, and more, this book is a love letter to playing with Super Power! Speedrunning Tips: Some of the best speedrunners around share their tips and strategies for getting the best times in these beloved classic games. Exclusive Foreword: Written by Reggie Fils-Aim�, President and COO of Nintendo of America. Paperback version.
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