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Black Tattoo Art

Author : Marisa Kakoulas
ISBN : 3934020712
Genre : Art
File Size : 79.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Text in English & German. This amazing book is a photographic journey across the globe -- from Borneo to Belgium, Argentina to Athens, New York to New Zealand and beyond -- in search of avant-garde tattoo art that pays homage to the ancient roots of tattooing in their contemporary interpretations. No other publication has curated the work of so many esteemed international tattooists working in black ink and gathered them into one comprehensive volume. The journey begins with a look at the history of tattooing before featuring black tattoo portfolios divided into the following chapters: Neotribal, Dotwork, Art Brut, Traditional Revival and Thai/Buddhist.
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Tattoo Artists

Author : Jeanne Nagle
ISBN : 9781404217904
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 68.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Explores the interesting and nontraditional careers of tattoo artists.
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Geek Ink

Author : Inkstinct
ISBN : 9780760363478
Genre : Art
File Size : 62.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Exhibiting cutting-edge designs from the most sought-after and acclaimed contemporary tattoo artists worldwide, Geek Ink presents magnificent ideas for tattoos on themes from science fiction and fantasy, as well as a wide range of topics across science, mathematics, literature, and philosophy. With commentary from creators of the Inkstinct project--which connects people with the finest tattoo art from 380,000 studios worldwide and has an Instagram fan base of more than 1 million--as well as interviews with world-renowned masters like Eva Krbdk (460K followers), David Cote (232K followers), and Thomas Eckeard (169K followers), this is the definitive tattoo inspiration sourcebook for hipsters, bookworms, scientists, academics, engineers, and, of course, geeks!
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Diy Temporary Tattoo Art

Author : K.L. Cao
ISBN : 9781507202388
Genre : Art
File Size : 57.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From YouTube personality KL Cao (IamKayElle) comes the first step-by-step temporary tattoo book to help you rock a variety of on-trend tattoo styles for any occasion. Free spirits can now match their body art to their mood—and be ready to accessorize for the moment, no matter where, what, or when! In DIY Temporary Tattoo Art, vlogger and fashionista KL Cao uses a variety of easy-to-find materials like tissue paper, pressed flowers, gold leaf, henna ink, and more to give you what you need to amp up your style. Her thirty-five simple temporary tattoo projects include flash (metallic/shimmering), black-light reactive, watercolor style, freckle temporary tattoos, henna tattoos, and many more! So whether you want to rock glow-in-the-dark armbands at the club or show off your flower power in full force at a music festival, DIY Temporary Tattoos can help you make a statement without saying a word.
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The Philosophical Functionality Of The Tattoo

Author : Stefanie Flaxman
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Download for FREE at What makes something "art"? If an object falls under the category of “art,” then you'd suspect it has something in common with other items in this category. Art forms, however, produce strikingly different manifestations of art. For example, sculpture produces three-dimensional art, painting and drawing produce two-dimensional art, and performance art produces a time frame in which the art exists. How do these distinct practices have the possibility of producing creations that are acknowledged as “art?” The Philosophical Functionality of the Tattoo focuses on tattoos, a traditionally unaccepted type of art, to help understand the properties attributed to art. If tattoos are not “art,” why not? If tattoos are “art,” why so? Figuring out these characteristics about tattoos, specifically, contributes to the general ontology of art. [To continue reading, download the rest of the book for FREE at]
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Die Rezeption Von Black Art In Kunstausstellungen The Global Contemporary Kunstwelten Nach 1989

Author : Marie Sophie Beckmann
ISBN : 9783656684091
Genre : Art
File Size : 27.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2014 im Fachbereich Kunst - Sonstiges, Note: 1,0, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Kunstgeschichte), Veranstaltung: "Black Art" - im Spannungsfeld von postkolonialer Kritik und Globalisierung, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Eine Ausstellung gilt als Medium, als „Beglaubigungsanordnung oder als Ort der Realitätsproduktion“. Indem Objekte auf eine bestimmte Art und Weise angesammelt, präsentiert und interpretiert werden, werden sie Teil einer Ausstellungssemantik. Jede Ausstellung besitzt somit eine spezifische Rhetorik und bezieht eine Position oder trifft eine Aussage zu zeithistorisch relevanten Thematiken. In der vorliegenden Arbeit soll die Kunstausstellung "The Global Contemporary". Kunstwelten nach 1989 (17.11.2011 bis 05.02.12 im ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe) hinsichtlich der Präsentation und Rezeption von „Black Art“ analysiert werden. Letzterer Begriff bezeichnet die Kunstproduktion aus Afrika stammender oder dort lebender KünstlerInnen und wurde im Rahmen des Black Power Movement geprägt. Demnach wird untersucht, welchem übergeordneten Thema die Ausstellung unterliegt und welche kuratorischen Strategien auszumachen sind, wie und unter welchem Aspekt die Kunst afrikanischer zeitgenössischer KünstlerInnen in diesem thematischen Kontext ausgewählt und präsentiert wurde: Spielt die Diskussion von „Blackness“ noch eine Rolle? Wenn ja, wie wird sie dargestellt, eventuell verkompliziert oder gar dekonstruiert? Wie verbinden sich die Themenfelder „Black Art“ und Globalisierung? Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf den drei Künstlern Meschac Gaba, Moshekwa Langa und Chéri Samba. Im Folgenden soll die Rhetorik der Ausstellung erläutert und aufgezeigt werden, welche Bedeutung den afrikanischen Künstlern zukommt. Ethnologische, kunsttheoretische und kulturwissenschaftliche Texte bilden den theoretischen Kontext für diese Untersuchung.
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Tattoo In Japan

Author : Manami Okazaki
ISBN : 393402064X
Genre : Art
File Size : 50.26 MB
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Text in English & German. The opulently illustrated volume "Tattoo in Japan" is an impressive book about the high art of tattooing in Japan. Not solely for fans of tattoos, it's equally appealing for people who are interested in Japanese culture and art. This book will likewise delight graphic artists, fashion designers and visual artists. The art of creating long-lasting body decorations has an age-old tradition in Japan. Many parallels can be drawn between this traditional genre and classical ink paintings and woodcuts by Japanese masters. The grand master of an art is known in Japan as a "sensei": this book contains works by many of the finest and most prestigious master tattooists. These virtuosos provide inspiration and serve as role models for a younger generation of tattoo artists in their Asian homeland and abroad. Included are rare and beautifully documented works by traditional masters with their delicate and impressive full body suit tattoos, the style of which has changed very little since the Edo Period, when this art form first became popular. The art works are splendidly depicted in intimate photojournalism, where they provide silent testimony to months spent under the needles of these unparalleled masters, who explore the possibilities of their métier on and in their clients' skin. Tattoo aficionados will be familiar with the names of artists such as Horitoku, Horiyoshi III and Horiyasu, but this comprehensive book also features the diverse styles that are prominent in contemporary tattooing. The spectrum ranges from old school, to neo-traditional and contemporary styles. The volume's generously large format provides ample space for impressive photographs which artfully capture the diversity and lively creativity of Japan's contemporary tattoo scene. The visual interest is further enhanced by a successful mix of studio shots and photographs taken onsite. This lavishly illustrated book prioritises excellent printing and the best colour reproductions. Join us on a visual journey and indulge your senses in incredible imagery and colours. The book is divided into four chapters: Tokyo, Chubu (the region between Tokyo and Kyoto, with Nagoya as its capital city), Kyoto and Osaka. Tattooists in each metropolis have their own distinct styles and trends, spanning a wide spectrum from classically conservative to totally eccentric and extreme. Readers who are eager to delve more deeply into the subject will appreciate the numerous, well-researched texts about the history and background of tattooing. Rounding out the volume are interviews with grand masters, who offer exciting insights into their lives and work, as well as into the tattoo scene in general. "Tattoo in Japan" is a very special book that could only have been created thanks to a unique combination of much love, intense dedication and the utmost efforts by all its contributors. We sincerely hope you'll feel and share our enthusiasm.
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Tattoo Art

Author : Charly Castro
ISBN : 3742304887
Genre :
File Size : 85.69 MB
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Black Grey Tattoo

Author : Marisa Kakoulas
ISBN : 3934020852
Genre : Art
File Size : 71.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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3 volumes in slipcase. Text in English, Spanish & German. "Black & Grey Tattoo" is a mammoth work. Comprising over a thousand pages, it is one of the largest -- if not the largest -- tattoo book ever published! Its three large-format volumes are contained inside a lavish and sturdy hardcover box. The set explores a monochrome art form through a kaleidoscope of the most widely diverse interpretations and craftsmanly techniques, performed by tattoo artists from all parts of the world. This tattoo tome explores the origins of black & grey tattooing -- from the prisons and streets of LA to its contemporary resonance on Hollywood's red carpets, at heavy metal music festivals, and in private ateliers from Budapest to Beijing. While rendered in just shades of grade, the spectrum of design is vast: Aztec warriors, fierce harpies, family portraits, religious icons and permanent shrines to celebrities adorn these pages. The common thread among them all is their inventive exposition and mastery of execution. Divided into three volumes: "Traditional Black & Grey", "Dark/Horror" and "Photorealism". Indeed, there is cross-pollination among the different styles, but the breakdown is not just for easier lifting of this monster collection. It is to show how tattoos with similar stylistic elements are interpreted differently by stellar artists around the world. The books also present the fine art -- including paintings and charcoals -- of many of those featured, although the tattoos themselves should be considered fine art. The first volume, Traditional Black & Grey, is somewhat of a misnomer as it's simply called "black & grey" in the tattoo community. But now that greyscale tattooing has moved in different artistic directions, the "traditional" label is used to set it apart from its offshoots. Traditional black & grey denotes tattoo art that has stayed true to its roots -- a time when home-made machines made of cassette motors and guitar strings dipped in India ink and wash were used to mark skin. The essence of black & grey art is captured in the photography of co-author Edgar Hoill. Select imagery, with quotes from the artists and collectors, leads this volume followed by interviews with Jack Rudy, the Godfather of Black & Grey; as well as tattoo prodigy Jesus "Chuey" Quintanar. Their stories and tattoo work precede the gallery, which includes tattoos from other pioneers of the style: Freddy Negrete, Brian Everett, and Mark Mahoney. The second volume, Dark/Horror delves into personal demons relayed on skin. Paul Booth, often described as the "Dark Lord of Tattooing," reveals some of the reasons why people get these tattoos as well as how his own demons have driven his art. Other tattoos pay homage to horror in pop culture. Artist Xu Zhicheng of Tianzhilong Tattoo in Beijing says in his interview that he finds inspiration for his large-scale dark work in vampire films, not personal angst. In this chapter, you'll find everything from shrunken heads to Frankensteins to even famous tattoo artists rendered as zombies. The third and final volume, Photorealism encapsulates work that takes photorealistic art and translates it on the body. While the other chapters also feature realism, this chapter concentrates on portraiture, scenery, and even fantastical images rendered in true-to-life tableaux. Two artists renowned in this style, Bob Tyrrell and Andy Engel, talk about how they honed their craft and even offer tips on how others can do so as well. Their interviews are followed by work that has invigorated the tattoo community with the possibilities of mastering a difficult art on a difficult canvas. All three volumes in this one collection are meant to inspire, showing just how beautiful black & grey tattoo art can be. Also available as individual volumes. Volume 1: 9783934020870 (3934020879), £99.99; Volume 2: 9783934020887 (3934020887), £99.99; Volume 3: 9783934020894 (3934020895), £71.99}
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