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Biological Control

Author : Roy Van Driesche
ISBN : 9781461311577
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.48 MB
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Biological Control

Author : Charles Vincent
ISBN : 9781845932664
Genre : Electronic books
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Biological control, the management of pests by the use of living organisms, has a long history of application to agriculture around the world. However, the effective use of beneficial organisms is constrained by environmental, legal, and economic restrictions, forcing researchers to adopt increasingly multi-disciplinary techniques in order to deploy successful biological control programs. It is this complex process, including the mindset and the social environment of the researcher as well as the science being pursued, that this book seeks to capture. Chapters reveal the experiences of scientists from the initial search for suitable control agents, to their release into ecosystems and finally to the beneficial outcomes which demonstrate the great success of biological control across diverse agro-ecosystems. Drawing together historical perspectives and approaches used in the development of biological control as well as outlining current debates surrounding terminology and differential techniques, Biological Control: A Global Perspective will be a valuable resource.
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Biological Control

Author : Heikki M. T. Hokkanen
ISBN : 052154405X
Genre : Medical
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This book is the outcome of a unique gathering of thirty top specialists in the world to discuss and debate the benefits and risks associated with biological control.
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Biological Control By Natural Enemies

Author : Paul DeBach
ISBN : 0521391911
Genre : Science
File Size : 84.81 MB
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A concise account examining the historical background of biological control.
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Biological Control

Author : George E. Heimpel
ISBN : 9781108107464
Genre : Science
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Biological control is the suppression of populations of pests and weeds by living organisms. These organisms can provide important protection from invasive species and protect our environment by reducing the need for pesticides. However, they also pose possible environmental risks, so biological control interventions must be undertaken with great care. This book enhances our understanding of biological control interactions by combining theory and practical application. Using a combination of historical analyses, theoretical models and case studies, with explicit links to invasion biology, the authors cover biological control of insects, weeds, plant pathogens and vertebrate animals. The book reflects increasing recognition of risks over the past 20 years, and incorporates the latest technological advances and theoretical developments. It is ideal for researchers and students of biological control and invasion biology.
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Biological Control In Ipm Systems In Africa

Author : P. Neuenschwander
ISBN : 9781845933388
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53.92 MB
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Annotation. Biological control has made a major contribution to integrated pest management (IPM) in Africa, but its documentation has been scattered and often under-reported. This book provides a review of the most important studies, including not only successes, but also on-going challenges. The focus is on arthropod pests and weeds, but diseases are also covered where significant. In 24 chapters, case studies and promising research results are presented that cover biocontrol by naturally occurring agents, by exotic agents or by seasonal manipulation. This book provides a valuable resource for scientists worldwide. It is particularly useful for pest control professionals working in Africa.
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Nematodes And The Biological Control Of Insect Pests

Author : RA Bedding
ISBN : 9780643105911
Genre : Science
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Environmental and public health problems arising from the use of chemical insecticides have led to an increasing demand for alternatives for insect pest control. Together with this, widespread public concern resulting in governmental bans on many of the most effective insecticides and development of insecticide resistance has severely reduced the range of useful insecticides available. Alternative control measures such as the biological control of pest insects with parasitoids and predators and microbial biocides have been in field use for several decades. Although these alternatives are being continually improved, most insect pests are nonetheless still controlled with chemical insecticides. This book presents the latest work on the biological control of insects using nematodes; it covers a range of topics that will help provide a better understanding of the potential problems involved in developing these nematodes as biological control agents. Nematodes infect hundreds of different species from most orders of insects and affect their insect hosts in a variety of ways.
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Natural Enemies

Author : Ann E. Hajek
ISBN : 9781108640268
Genre : Science
File Size : 48.83 MB
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This second edition of Natural Enemies will give students, professionals, and anyone wishing to learn the basics of biological control a fully updated and thorough introduction. The book discusses the huge diversity of organisms used in the control of pests, weeds and plant pathogens, and compares the many different strategies referred to as 'biological control': the introduction of exotic natural enemies, application of predators, parasitoids, and microorganisms as biopesticides, and manipulation of the environment to enhance natural enemy populations. The authors present the ecological concepts which form the bases of biological control and discuss recent changes to make biological control safe for the environment. Case studies are included throughout, providing in-depth examples of the use of different organisms and strategies in a variety of ecosystems. A new chapter covers the current challenges; the impact of climate change, the problem of invasive species, and how biological control can aid sustainability.
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Conservation Biological Control

Author : Pedro A. Barbosa
ISBN : 9780080529806
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.29 MB
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This volume is a comprehensive treatment of how the principles of ecology and conservation biology can be used to maximize biological control. Conservation Biological Control presents various means to modify or manipulate the environment to enhance the activities of natural enemies of pests. It establishes a conceptual link between ecology and the agricultural use of agents for biological control, and discusses both theoretical issues as well as practical management concerns. Certain to be interesting to ecologists and entomologists, this volume will also appeal to scientists, faculty, researchers and students interested in pest management, horticulture, plant sciences, and agriculture. Contains chapters by an international team of leading authorities Establishes a conceptual link between ecology and the agricultural use of agents for biological control Discusses both theoretical issues as well as practical management concerns Provides specific examples of how conservation principles are used to maximize the biological control of pests
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