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Big Happiness

Author : Mark Panek
ISBN : 9780824860929
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"Big Happiness is extremely important to our community. Mark Panek's biography of Percy Kipapa speaks to the consequences of the destruction of Hawai'i's rural neighborhoods, unchecked development, the ice epidemic, the failures of government, sumo, intricate family and neighbor relationships, and more. What is most impressive is Panek's ability to weave all of these complex topics together in a seamless narrative that connects all the dots. Part mystery, part investigative journalism, part poignant Island portrait, this work contains an emotional element that binds the reader to the subjects in a dignified yet touching way, showing compassion and even affection for people while revealing their flaws and shortcomings. This book will resonate with an Island audience and with anyone interested in Hawai'i." --Victoria Kneubuhl, Hawai'i writer and playwright "This book tells of personal triumphs and failures, and also the triumphs and failures of families, communities, organizations, agencies, governments, and churches dealing with the multiple consequences of 'progress' in contemporary Hawai'i. There have been heroes and villains at all levels--frequently, the same individuals and agencies are both at the same time. The story of Percy Kipapa is especially poignant because professional sumo gave him a unique opportunity to transcend Hawai'i's culture of colonialism, racism, poverty, and drug addiction, which in the end all brought him down anyway. Mark Panek has done a masterful job of weaving these strands together."--Reverend Bob Nakata, former Hawai'i state senator "Spanning the history of Waikane and the brutality of Japan's national sport, Big Happiness is a remarkably ambitious piece that links one man's murder to the ice epidemic, land development, and political corruption in Hawai'i. Mark Panek's meticulously researched, skillfully written, heartbreaking story, filled with voices that ring true, is an indictment of an entire system that crushed a gentle giant. While other Hawai'i writers dwell in 'take me back to da kine' nostalgia, Panek tells it like it really is." --Chris McKinney, author of The Tattoo and Mililani Mauka

Gaijin Yokozuna

Author : Mark Panek
ISBN : 0824829417
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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At the age of eighteen, Chad Rowan left his home in rural Hawai'i for Tokyo with visions of becoming a star athlete in Japan's national sport, sumo. But upon his arrival he was shocked less by the city crowds and the winter cold than by having to scrub toilets and answer to fifteen-year-olds who had preceded him at the sumo beya. Rowan spoke no Japanese. Of Japanese culture, he knew only what little his father, a former tour bus driver in Hawai'i, had been able to tell him as they drove to the airport. And he had never before set foot in a sumo ring. Five years later, against the backdrop of rising U.S. Japan economic tension, Rowan became the first gaijin (non-Japanese) to advance to sumo's top rank, yokozuna. His historic promotion was more a cultural accomplishment than an athletic one, since yokozuna are expected to embody highly prized Japanese values such as hard work, patience, strength, and hinkaku, a special kind of dignity thought to be available only to Japanese. He was promoted ahead of his two main rivals, the brothers Koji and Masaru Hanada, who had been raised in the sumo beya run by their father, the former sumo great Takanohana I. Perhaps the defining moment of the gaijin's unique success occurred at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, when Rowan, chosen to personify Japanese to one of the largest television audiences in history, performed a sacred sumo ritual at the opening ceremony. Gaijin Yokozuna chronicles the events leading to that improbable scene at Nagano and beyond, tracing Rowan's life from his Hawai'i upbringing to his 2001 retirement ceremony. Along the way it briefly examines the careers of two Hawai'i-born sumotori who paved the way for Rowan, Jesse Kuhaulua (Takamiyama) and Salevaa Atisanoe (Konishiki). The author shares stories from family members, coaches, friends, fellow sumo competitors, and of course Rowan himself, whom he accompanied on three Japan-wide exhibition tours. The work is further informed by volumes of secondary source material on sumo, Japanese culture, and local Hawai'i culture. "
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : Susan Morrison
ISBN : 0824827007
Genre : Children's stories
File Size : 26.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comet blazes across the night sky, heralding the birth of a powerful king who will rule the Islands. Then a baby is spirited away to the mountains to escape a jealous chief wary of the prophecy. As dramatic as a Greek myth, the story of Kamehameha the Great, Hawaii's warrior king, is retold here for readers of all ages. From his childhood in exile to his return to court and the lifting of the great Naha Stone, we follow this brave and ambitious youth as he paves his way to becoming first conqueror and then monarch of a unified Hawaiian kingdom. Recommended for ages 9 and up
Category: Children's stories

The Kahuna And I

Author : Victoria Kapuni
ISBN : 1452548897
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 21.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How does a Philadelphia debutant, refined in manners of high society, overcome great personal storms, follow her spiritual path, and find the love of her life (the great, great, great grandson of King Kamehameha III) in Molokai, Hawaii? He knew her spirit even if he could hardly speak her language and had been ‘raised up’ in a grass shack on the beaches of Oahu, diving off cliff s, living off the ocean, warding off environmental off enders as a political activist protecting the islands and guarding the ways of his people only as a Kahuna can. They wove a rich fabric of diverse colors throughout their marriage by searching out ways to blend their two cultures through their mutual respect and love for one another. They shared and practiced their spiritual knowledge, lived a traditional Hawaiian lifestyle and fought off , like in a “Melagro Bean Field War,” a Singapore global conglomerate that wanted to develop 200 pristine acres of shoreline that would change the subsistence way of living on this small Hawaiian island. This is their true Hawaiian story.
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Hawai I Warrior Football

Author : Joseph David Miller
ISBN : 1573062820
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 37.73 MB
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Hawaii sits in the middle of the ocean like a gigantic chunk of blue-green gemstone that has been cut whole and set neatly into place. Sparkling, at its center, is the radiance of a top-20 college-football program that experts said was 'absolutely impossible' to build. Ostracized and shunned for years by the college-football powers-that-be, the Warriors' talent has overcome such bias: They have crashed the pious gates of self-righteous coaches, fans and media, forcing the world to recognize their staggering accomplishments. With Coach June Jones at the helm, since 1999 the Warriors have played in 5 bowl games. led the country in offense twice, groomed 10 All-Americans, 56 all-conference performers and 16 NFL draft picks, including 5 drafted in 2007. Jones has, in his own words, “done it with mirrors,” miraculously assembling one of the most talented, disciplined football teams against insurmountable odds.The most authoritative and significant book in the history of the University of Hawaii football, Hawaii Warrior Football: A Story of Faith, Hope and Redemption is drawn directly from authorized inside sources during quarterback Colt Brennan's backstretch sprint for the Heisman Trophy.This uniquely Hawaiian book, with its powerful vortex of football, passion and people, will pull in the most casual reader for the ride of a lifetime.
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God S Samurai

Author : Katherine V. Dillon
ISBN : 9781597973588
Genre : History
File Size : 59.76 MB
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God's Samurai is the unusual story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the career aviator who led the attack on Pearl Harbor and participated in most of the fiercest battles of the Pacific war. A valuable record of major events, it is also the personal story of a man swept along by his times. Reared in the vanished culture of early twentieth-century Japan, war hero Fuchida returned home to become a simple farmer. After a scandalous love affair came his remarkable conversion to Christianity and years of touring the world as an evangelist. His tale is an informative, personal look at the war "from the other side."
Category: History

The Ali I Warrior

Author : MR Jon Shute
ISBN : 0981657974
Genre :
File Size : 24.89 MB
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The Ali'i Warrior is filled with action and adventure, drama and suspense, and what's more it's refreshingly wholesome and fun! Prepare yourself to be transported back in time to ancient Hawaii where the fate of an island rests in the hands of three young heroes as they rescue prisoners and battle an evil tyrant. Up until now, life has been good for Kapono in ancient Hawaii. But the night he is invited to the Counsel of the Elders, something kids his age are forbidden to join, things drastically change. His peaceful village is ruthlessly attacked by the rogue king, Hekili. His father is viciously killed, and his mother and sister are among those taken prisoner to the king's dungeon on the other side of the island. Kapono and Palekana, the High Priest, lead the few survivors to the sanctuary of the cove. On the way, Kapono learns of his kingly heritage. He learns of the prophecy, the return of the Io, and the mighty warrior who will help him save his people from the grip of the evil king. Upon reaching the cove, the majestic Io appears, a sign of the prophecy. Palekana knows that the portal has been opened, and the mighty warrior has arrived. Life is not good in the present day for Evan. He is having trouble dealing with his father's death in the line of duty as a fireman. He is angry at the world, and his relationship with his mother is deteriorating fast. Out of the blue Evan gets a call from his Uncle Frank, a Biology professor at UH-Hilo. Uncle Frank invites Evan to Hawaii to help verify the rare sighting of an Io bird. And when Evan arrives on the Big Island, he is thrown into the adventure of his life. For starters, the Io appears and leads them deep into the mountains. In the early morning, after a night of heavy rain, a thick fog surrounds them, and they hear beating drums. Is it the legendary Night Marchers, ghost warriors of the past? Suddenly, a crashing sound devours them. When the ground stops shaking, they see that a wall of mud and debris has been miraculously diverted around them. A huge uprooted tree exposes the opening into a lava tube. The Io dives into the hole, and Evan and Uncle Frank go in after it. A shock awaits them when they come up out of the tube a few hundred yards away - They are a few hundred years in the past, and Palekana and Kapono are waiting to greet them. Rescuing the prisoners from the king's clutches is their first task. Stealthily, Evan rappels in the dark of night down a cliff to a hidden cave that leads into the dungeon. The guards below sound the alarm after only a few prisoners escape. With Hekili's warriors in pursuit, they flee along the mountain. But this is the mountain of The Prophecy, and it suddenly erupts. Rivers of fire encircle both them and their pursuers. A battle ensues leaving Hekili's men dead. But the lava continues to close in around them. Through Evan's ingenuity, they cross the lava and escape. Meanwhile, the violent eruption has left a wake of destruction and confusion at the wicked king's stronghold. Now is the time to attack. The final battle is not only a battleground of death, but also the battleground on which Evan must prove his courage. In the end, they conquer Hekili, and Kapono is anointed the Ali'i Nui, the True King, and Evan is anointed the Ali'i Warrior.

Hawai I

Author : Mark Panek
ISBN : 0982253532
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Fiction


Author : Ellie Crowe
ISBN : 1439591539
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 33.18 MB
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Chronicles the life of King Kamehameha I from childhood to his ascension to becoming one of Hawaii's greatest leaders, capturing the tension, danger, and triumph of a child who was forced to hide from jealous chiefs who marked him for death. Reprint.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Blue Mind

Author : Wallace J. Nichols
ISBN : 9780316252072
Genre : Science
File Size : 41.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A landmark book by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols on the remarkable effects of water on our health and well-being. Why are we drawn to the ocean each summer? Why does being near water set our minds and bodies at ease? In BLUE MIND, Wallace J. Nichols revolutionizes how we think about these questions, revealing the remarkable truth about the benefits of being in, on, under, or simply near water. Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with compelling personal stories from top athletes, leading scientists, military veterans, and gifted artists, he shows how proximity to water can improve performance, increase calm, diminish anxiety, and increase professional success. BLUE MIND not only illustrates the crucial importance of our connection to water-it provides a paradigm shifting "blueprint" for a better life on this Blue Marble we call home.
Category: Science