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Beyond Thalassocracies

Author : Evi Gorogianni
ISBN : 9781785702068
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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Beyond Thalassocracies aims to evaluate and rethink the manner in which archaeologists approach, understand, and analyze the various processes associated with culture change connected to interregional contact, using as a test case the world of the Aegean during the Late Bronze Age (c. 1600–1100 BC). The 14 chapters compare and contrast various aspects of the phenomena of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation, both of which share the basic underlying defining feature of material culture change in communities around the Aegean. This change was driven by trends manifesting themselves in the dominant palatial communities of each period of the Bronze Age. Over the past decade, our understanding of how these processes developed and functioned has changed considerably. Whereas current discussions on Minoanisation have already been informed by more recent theoretical trends, especially in material culture studies and post‐colonial theory, the process of Mycenaeanisation is still very much conceptualized along traditional lines of explanation. Since these phenomena occurred in chronological sequence, it makes sense that any reappraisal of their nature and significance should target those regions of the Aegean basin that were affected by both processes, highlighting their similarities and differences. Thus, in the present volume we focus on the southern and eastern Aegean, in particular the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and the north-eastern Aegean islands.
Category: History

The Routledge Handbook Of Archaeology And Globalization

Author : Tamar Hodos
ISBN : 9781315448985
Genre : Social Science
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This unique collection applies globalization concepts to the discipline of archaeology, using a wide range of global case studies from a group of international specialists. The volume spans from as early as 10,000 cal. BP to the modern era, analysing the relationship between material culture, complex connectivities between communities and groups, and cultural change. Each contributor considers globalization ideas explicitly to explore the socio-cultural connectivities of the past. In considering social practices shared between different historic groups, and also the expression of their respective identities, the papers in this volume illustrate the potential of globalization thinking to bridge the local and global in material culture analysis. The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization is the first such volume to take a world archaeology approach, on a multi-period basis, in order to bring together the scope of evidence for the significance of material culture in the processes of globalization. This work thus also provides a means to understand how material culture can be used to assess the impact of global engagement in our contemporary world. As such, it will appeal to archaeologists and historians as well as social science researchers interested in the origins of globalization.
Category: Social Science

Human Mobility And Technological Transfer In The Prehistoric Mediterranean

Author : Evangelia Kiriatzi
ISBN : 9781316798928
Genre : Social Science
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The diverse forms of regional connectivity in the ancient world have recently become an important focus for those interested in the deep history of globalisation. This volume represents a significant contribution to this new trend as it engages thematically with a wide range of connectivities in the later prehistory of the Mediterranean, from the later Neolithic of northern Greece to the Levantine Iron Age, and with diverse forms of materiality, from pottery and metal to stone and glass. With theoretical overviews from leading thinkers in prehistoric mobilities, and commentaries from top specialists in neighbouring domains, the volume integrates detailed case studies within a comparative framework. The result is a thorough treatment of many of the key issues of regional interaction and technological diversity facing archaeologists working across diverse places and periods. As this book presents key case studies for human and technological mobility across the eastern Mediterranean in later prehistory, it will be of interest primarily to Mediterranean archaeologists, though also to historians and anthropologists.
Category: Social Science

The Thalassocracies

Author : Molly Miller
ISBN : 0873950623
Genre : Grecia - Historia - Cronología
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The study of chronography is a relatively new field, and Dr. Miller has once again contributed to its advancement with The Thalassocracies, her second original investigation in which she attempts to establish the chronography of events in the ancient world. This is an extension of Dr. Miller's Sicilian Colony Dates, in which she examined the ability of the ancient Greek historians to cite dates for historical events occurring before the advent of Greek historiography in the fifth century B.C. A well-organized, carefully developed study, The Thalassocracies depends almost completely upon evidence of early Greek history and historiography from diverse and rarely treated ancient sources rather than from derivative modern works. It is an important contribution to research in the fields of history and historiography because of Dr. Miller's perceptive observations and interpretations of events in antiquity. She presents a wealth of information about ancient sources of early Greek and Near Eastern history and demonstrates thorough scholarship in handling her subject which, although highly technical, she presents clearly enough to make it accessible to the nonspecialist reader. The value in both of Dr. Miller's studies lies in her penetration beyond the mass of secondary sources to determine the origins of the various dates that are found there and to decide upon the reliability of the general chronology that had become canonical by Herodotus's time.
Category: Grecia - Historia - Cronología

The Greeks In The East

Author : Alexandra Villing
ISBN : UOM:39015064788253
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.86 MB
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Based on papers presented at the twenty-first British Museum Classical Colloquium in December 1997, this volume presents important research on Greek activity and influence in the east, with some papers having been brought up to date for publication.
Category: Social Science


Author : Victor Brooks
ISBN : 9781510716780
Genre : History
File Size : 84.62 MB
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Blazing hot meets icy cool in a momentous year in US history On New Year’s Day in 1967, the 200 million Americans who lived in the United States were about to experience a fascinating, exciting, and sometimes bewildering twelve months that for many formed an iconic portion of their lives. Despite the fact that the coming year produced no Black Friday, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 attack, the nation still underwent dramatic changes in everything from support for the Vietnam War to approval of candidates for the 1968 presidential election to attitudes toward sex with strangers and what constitutes the status quo. Almost without significant forewarning, Americans in 1967 witnessed a simultaneous cooling of Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union while the war in Vietnam exploded into a white-hot conflict that inflicted nearly two hundred American battle deaths a week. Meanwhile, young people at home were alternately listening to the “cool” sound of the Beatle’s new “Sgt. Pepper” album and Jim Morrison’s plea to get ever higher in “Light my Fire.” On television an emotional, passionate James T. Kirk shared an Enterprise bridge with the cool and logical Mr. Spock. Victor Brooks explores what happened—and in some cases, did not happen—to these two hundred million Americans in a national roller coaster ride that was the year 1967. He chronicles a society that proportionally had far more young people than was the case five decades later, with a widely publicized generation gap that produced more arguments, tension, and anguish between young and old Americans than any 21st century counterpart. 1967 is a fascinating, wide-ranging exploration including topics ranging from the first Super Bowl, the beginning of the 1968 presidential campaign, the social impact of the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco, and the American combat experience in an expanding war in Vietnam. The book represents a reunion of sorts for Baby Boomers as well as a guidebook for younger readers on how their elders coped with one of the definitive years of a pivotal decade.
Category: History

The Mediterranean In History

Author : David Abulafia
ISBN : 1606060570
Genre : History
File Size : 34.62 MB
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What is the Mediterranean? - Physical setting - Trading empires - Sea routes - Mare Nostrum - Christian Mediterranean - Resurgent Islam - Battleground of the European powers - Globalized Mediterranean.
Category: History

A Companion To Mediterranean History

Author : Peregrine Horden
ISBN : 9781118519332
Genre : History
File Size : 52.16 MB
Format : PDF
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A Companion to Mediterranean History presents a wide-ranging overview of this vibrant field of historical research, drawing together scholars from a range of disciplines to discuss the development of the region from Neolithic times to the present. Provides a valuable introduction to current debates on Mediterranean history and helps define the field for a new generation Covers developments in the Mediterranean world from Neolithic times to the modern era Enables fruitful dialogue among a wide range of disciplines, including history, archaeology, art, literature, and anthropology
Category: History

The Sicilian Colony Dates

Author : Molly Miller
ISBN : 0873950496
Genre : Greece
File Size : 77.59 MB
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Although the fifth century B.C. marks the beginning of Greek historiography, the Greek historians claimed the ability to cite dates for events occurring and personages living before the fifth century B.C. as well as to correct each others' dates in detail. Their work was summarized in the Chronicle of Eusebius, and, through translations, became part of the accepted historic body of knowledge in Europe and the Near East. How did the Greek historians arrive at precise year-dates for events to which there were no contemporary witnesses? Why did different historians arrive at different dates for the same event? Dr. Miller, in this carefully organized and highly readable work, demonstrates remarkable knowledge of the primary sources in a difficult area of Greek history in her attempt to penetrate beyond extant source to the original--now lost--material from which the historians of antiquity derived their records. This is a model of the art of historiographic discussion of demographic data--a major step forward in scholarship dealing with generations in antiquity. Her work has major implications not only for the study of the wide ranges of ancient history treated in this book, but also for examinations of demographical data available from other periods. Another volume by the same author continuing her studies in chronography, The Thalassocracies, is now in preparation.
Category: Greece

Between Nihilism And Politics

Author : Silvia Benso
ISBN : 9781438432861
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.43 MB
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Essays describe Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo’s unique and radical hermeneutic philosophy.
Category: Philosophy