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Between Two Worlds

Author : Siegbert Salomon Prawer
ISBN : 1845453034
Genre : Social Science
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Jews have been well represented in the cinema industry from the beginning of the film era: behind the screen, as producers, distributors, directors, script-writers, composers, set designers; and on the screen, as Jewish actors and as named Jewish characters in the film's plot. Some of these characters are fictional; others, ranging from Rabbi Loew of Prague to Ferdinand Lassalle and Alfred Dreyfus, have a historic original. This book examines how a variety of German and Austrian films treat aspects of Jewish life, at home and in the synagogue, and Jewish interaction with fellow Jews in different cultural environments; conflicts and accommodations between Jews and non-Jews at various times, ranging from the medieval to the contemporary. The author, one of the best known scholars in film history, theory and criticism, offers the reader a rich panorama of the many Jews involved in all spheres of the cinema and who, as the author reminds us repeatedly, together with their non-Jewish contemporaries, created a great industry and new forms of art.
Category: Social Science

Between Two Worlds

Author : László Török
ISBN : 9789004171978
Genre : History
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The Egyptological literature usually belittles or ignores the political and intellectual initiative and success of the Nubian Twenty-Fifth Dynasty in the reunification of Egypt, while students of Nubian history frequently ignore or misunderstand the impact of Egyptian ideas on the cultural developments in pre- and post-Twenty-Fifth-Dynasty Nubia. This book re-assesses the textual and archaeological evidence concerning the interaction between Egypt and the polities emerging in Upper Nubia between the Late Neolithic period and 500 AD. The investigation is carried out, however, from the special viewpoint of the political, social, economic, religious and cultural history of the frontier region between Egypt and Nubia and not from the traditional viewpoint of the direct interaction between Egypt and the successive Nubian kingdoms of Kerma, Napata and Meroe. The result is a new picture of the bipolar acculturation processes occurring in the frontier region of Lower Nubia in particular and in the Upper Nubian centres, in general. The much-debated issue of social and cultural "Egyptianization" is also re-assessed.
Category: History

Between Two Worlds

Author : Brian Girvin
ISBN : 0389208760
Genre : History
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Between Two Worldstraces the social and economic performance of independent Ireland since the establishment of the state in 1922. The book is an analytical survey. It provides an overview of Ireland's social and economic policy from independence to the present day but also employs a comparative context in order to identify the nature of Irish economy and society. It concludes that Ireland has not benefited from economic growth to the same degree as other small open economies in Europe. The book assesses a number of possible explanations for this situation, including colonialism, neo-colonialism and under development. The author contends, however, that none of these models offer a satisfactory explanation of the reality of modern Ireland. He suggests instead that the Republic of Ireland can be characterised as a semi-peripheral state, similar to some Mediterranean countries, neither first world nor third worldóin short, a society that has experienced some development but which is neither a mature industrial nation nor a conspicuously poor one.^R Contents: Politics and National Development; Independence and the Obstacles to Economic Development in the Free State 1922-1927; Fianna Fail and the Challenge to the Free Trade Economy 1927-1932; The Drive to Industrialie: Fianna Fail and Protectionism 1932-1939; The Failure of Radical Alternatives: Policy Formation 1939-1948; The Crisis of the Traditional 1948-1961; Towards and Industrial Economy^R
Category: History


Author : Hermann Ferdinand Fränkel
Genre : Ovidius Naso, Publius
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Category: Ovidius Naso, Publius

Between Two Worlds

Author : David Gregory Gutiérrez
ISBN : 0842024743
Genre : Social Science
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This work explores the controversial issues surrounding the influx of Mexicans to America. Drawing on insights provoked by recent trends in immigration research, these 11 essays offer an overview of some of the more important interpretations of the dimensions of the Mexican diaspora.
Category: Social Science

Between Two Worlds

Author : Cemal Kafadar
ISBN : 0520206002
Genre : History
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Cemal Kafadar offers a much more subtle and complex interpretation of the early Ottoman period than that provided by other historians. His careful analysis of medieval as well as modern historiography from the perspective of a cultural historian demonstrates how ethnic, tribal, linguistic, religious, and political affiliations were all at play in the struggle for power in Anatolia and the Balkans during the late Middle Ages. This highly original look at the rise of the Ottoman empire--the longest-lived political entity in human history--shows the transformation of a tiny frontier enterprise into a centralized imperial state that saw itself as both leader of the world's Muslims and heir to the Eastern Roman Empire.
Category: History

Between Two Worlds

Author : DeWitt C. Ellinwood
ISBN : 0761831134
Genre : History
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Between Two Worlds: A Rajput Officer in the Indian Army, 1905-21 describes two societies in early twentieth century colonial India—the British governmental and military society and the regional Rajasthan aristocracy. The book portrays the pioneering experiences of Captain (later Major-General) Amar Singh, an aristocrat of Jaipur State, in the peacetime cantonments of Mhow (1906-14) and New Delhi (1918-19), on the Western and Mesopotamian fronts of World War One, and on the Northwest Frontier (1919-21) during the Pathan uprising. Singh's personal story, revealed through his diary, details Indo-British cultural collaboration.
Category: History

Between Two Worlds

Author : Fay Kozas
ISBN : 9780595296392
Genre : Poetry
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Greek culture, mythology, and ancient Greek tragedy in easy-to-read form, educational and entertaining.
Category: Poetry

Between Two Worlds

Author : Americo Paredes
ISBN : 161192068X
Genre : Mexican Americans
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Category: Mexican Americans

Between Two Worlds

Author : Stella R. Quah
ISBN : 9789971988852
Genre : Family size
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Category: Family size