Becoming Unbecoming

Author : Una
ISBN : 9781908434708
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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A devastating personal account of gender violence told in graphic-novel form, set against the backdrop of the 1970s Yorkshire Ripper man-hunt. It’s 1977 and Una is twelve. A serial murderer is at large in West Yorkshire and the police are struggling to solve the case – despite spending more than two million man-hours hunting the killer and interviewing the man himself no less than nine times. As this national news story unfolds around her, Una finds herself on the receiving end of a series of violent acts for which she feels she is to blame. Through image and text Becoming Unbecoming explores what it means to grow up in a culture where male violence goes unpunished and unquestioned. With the benefit of hindsight Una explores her experience, wonders if anything has really changed and challenges a global culture that demands that the victims of violence pay its cost.
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Becoming And Unbecoming White

Author : Christine Clark
ISBN : 0897896203
Genre : Education
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White multicultural educators and activists have undergone a process of transformation as they move from a racist to an anti-racist consciousness. Through detailing their life experiences and significant "racial experiences," the authors identify and discuss the constitutive events that have affected their racial consciousness. In addition to the description of these "racial experiences," the authors discuss the impact that these experiences have on their pedagogy of multicultural education.
Category: Education

Philosophy Of Prediction And Capitalism

Author : M.S. Frings
ISBN : 9789400936379
Genre : Philosophy
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There is little more than a decade left before the bells allover the world will be ringing in the first hour of the twenty-first century, which will surely be an era of highly advanced technology. Looking back on the century that we live in, one can realize that generations of people who have already lived in it for the better parts of their lives have begun to ask the same question that also every individual person thinks about when he is faced with the first signs of the end of his life. It is the question: "Why did everything in my life happen the way it did?" Or, "It would have been so easy to have channelled events into directions other than the way they went. " Or, "Why, in all the world, is my life coming to an end as it does, or, why must all of us face this kind of end of our century?" Whenever human beings take retrospective views of their lives and times - when they are faced with their own personal "fin du siecle" - there appears to be an increasing anxiety throughout the masses asso ciated with a somber feeling of pessimism, which may even be mixed with a slight degree of fatalism. There is quite another feeling with those persons who were born late in this century and who did not share all the events the older generation experi enced.
Category: Philosophy

Semiotics Continues To Astonish

Author : Paul Cobley
ISBN : 9783110253191
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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A fully-fledged doctrine of signs, with many horizons for the future, was the result of Thomas A. Sebeok's work in the twentieth century. This volume, using the testimonies of key witnesses and participants in the semiotic project, offers a picture of how Sebeok, through his development of knowledge of endosemiotics, phytosemiotics, biosemiotics and sociosemiotics, enabled semiotics in general to redraw the boundaries of science and the humanities as well as nature and culture.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Song And Significance

Author : Dinda L. Gorlée
ISBN : 9789042016873
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Includes translation studies on music, word and music studies.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Facing In 2011

Author : Cherie Hanson
ISBN : 9781105190186
Genre :
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Writerly Identities In Beur Fiction And Beyond

Author : Laura Reeck
ISBN : 9780739143636
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 38.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Writerly Identities in Beur Fiction and Beyond explores the Beur/banlieue literary and cultural field from its beginnings in the 1980s to the present. It examines a set of postcolonial Bildungsroman novels by Azouz Begag, Farida Belghoul, Le la Sebbar, Sa d Mohamed, Rachid Dja dani, and Mohamed Razane. In these novels, the central characters are authors who struggle to find self-identity and a place in the world through writing and authorship. The book thus explores the different ways all these novels relate the process of 'becoming' to the process of writing. Neither is straightforward as the author-characters struggle to put their lives into words, settle upon a genre of writing, and adopt an authorial persona. Each chapter of Writerly Identities in Beur Fiction and Beyond focuses on a given author's own relationship to writing before assessing his or her use of the author-character as a proxy. In so doing, the study as a whole explores a set of literary questions (genre, textual authority, reception) and engages them against the backdrop of socio-cultural challenges facing contemporary French society. These include debates on education, cultural literacy, diversity and equal opportunity, and the banlieue environment. Finally, it argues in relation to the authors and novels in question for the particular relevance of 'rooted and vernacular' cosmopolitanism, which suggests both that exploration of the world must begin at home and that stories are crucial for such explorations.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Joe Sacco
ISBN : 3037310804
Genre : Arab-Israeli conflict
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Category: Arab-Israeli conflict