Becoming Human

Author : Jean Vanier
ISBN : 0809145871
Genre : Philosophy
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In this deeply compassionate work, Jean Vanier shares his profoundly human vision for creating a common good that radically changes our communities, our relationships and ourselves. He proposes that by opening ourselves to others, those we perceive as weak, different, or inferior, we can achieve true personal and societal freedom. The 10th anniversary edition includes a new Introduction by the author.
Category: Philosophy

Becoming Human

Author : Letty M. Russell
ISBN : 0664244084
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.45 MB
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Basing her discussion on the Bible and today's situation in society and theology, Letty Russell explores what it means to be human. She focuses particular attention on who we are in light of Jesus' own humanity, relationships between men and women, those who are treated as less than human, and how human liberation may be achieved.
Category: Religion

Becoming Human

Author : Paul Sheehan
ISBN : 0275978990
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 56.44 MB
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Engages the problem of finding purpose and meaning in a perplexing and postmodern world, utilizing disciplines including philosophy, literature, sociology, and film studies.
Category: Literary Criticism

Becoming Human

Author : Brian C. Taylor
ISBN : 9781561012572
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Succinct summations of what Jesus taught-Forgive yourself; Love everybody; Help the poor, and so on-provide the basis for this series of reflections on the transformative wisdom that inspired those who follow him.
Category: Religion

Becoming Human The Seven Of Nine Saga

Author : Various
ISBN : 1451602634
Genre : Fiction
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Of all the diverse races and civilizations encountered by Starfleet, none have been as fearsome and unstoppable as the cybernetic life-form known as the Borg™. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise™ considered them the closest thing to pure evil that he had ever faced. So who could have guessed that an unrepentant Borg could become a valuable crew member aboard a Federation starship? Here, complete in one volume, are the scripts for the original episodes of Star Trek: Voyager® that brought Seven of Nine aboard Captain Janeway's ship. These powerful and thought-provoking narratives trace her tumultuous development from an anonymous Borg drone to an unique and exceptional individual, whose rediscovery of her own lost humanity has only just begun. Relive the drama and conflict that have made Seven of Nine one of the most fascinating characters on television today -- and in the depths of the Delta Quadrant.
Category: Fiction

Becoming Human

Author : J. Canfield
ISBN : 9780230288225
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is a philosophical examination of the stages in our journey from hominid to human. Dealing with the nature and origin of language, self-consciousness, and the religious ideal of a return to Eden, it has a philosophical anthropology approach. It provides an account of our place in nature consistent with both empiricism and mysticism.
Category: Philosophy

Becoming Human

Author : Ian Tattersall
ISBN : 0192862146
Genre : Fossil hominids
File Size : 25.50 MB
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Offering wisdom gleaned from fossil remains, primate behavior, prehistoric art, and archaeology, Tattersall presents a stunning picture of human evolution.
Category: Fossil hominids

Becoming Human

Author : Godelieve Prové
ISBN : 9789059720374
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24.64 MB
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"[This book] is a story of an unusual group of women, the international organization of Medical Mission Sisters, as told by one sister, a Flemish medical doctor ... In the second part of this book, the author relfects on her own psychological and spiritual development, using a model based on the writings of the medieval mystic Ruusbroec."--Back cover.
Category: Religion

On Becoming Human

Author : Ross Snyder
ISBN : IND:30000084008568
Genre : Conduct of life
File Size : 33.56 MB
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Category: Conduct of life


ISBN : 9781855845244
Genre :
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‘Like so much of Renaissance Art, Shakespeare’s work bears an open secret. The esoteric spiritual content is undisguised, though it may be unexpected and not always immediately recognized. And, like all the great artistic achievements... this work remains incomplete until we recognize and respond to its open invitation that we become active participants.’ – from the Introduction The perennial universal appeal of Shakespeare’s work is well established. His core themes explore the challenges of the human condition whilst celebrating the potential of human beings to achieve and develop in earthly life. But what is it that enables Shakespeare’s characters to live and breathe beyond the confines of their written roles, some 400 years after the plays were first performed? In these collected lectures, edited with an extensive introduction by Andrew Wolpert, Rudolf Steiner throws new light on the Bard’s work, describing the on-going life that flows from it, and the profound spiritual origins of Shakespeare’s inspirations. He shows how Shakespeare can enliven us in our longing for contemporary ideals and truths; indeed, in our goal of becoming fully human. Our engagement with the plays, not just as actors and directors, but also as students and members of an audience, can thus become a co-creative participation in the redemptive potential of Shakespeare’s enduring legacy. Steiner speaks about Shakespeare in connection with the evolution of the arts of poetry and drama, and the transitions between cultural epochs. He reminds us of the sources and characteristics of classical Greek drama, recalling Aristotle’s definition of drama as catharsis, and pointing to Shakespeare’s connection to these cultural and historical wellsprings.