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Bad Mothers

Author : Molly Ladd-Taylor
ISBN : 9780814751206
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 74.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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During its heyday in the nineteenth century, the African slave trade was fueled by the close relationship of the United States and Brazil. The Deepest South tells the disturbing story of how U.S. nationals - before and after Emancipation -- continued to actively participate in this odious commerce by creating diplomatic, social, and political ties with Brazil, which today has the largest population of African origin outside of Africa itself. Proslavery Americans began to accelerate their presence in Brazil in the 1830s, creating alliances there—sometimes friendly, often contentious—with Portuguese, Spanish, British, and other foreign slave traders to buy, sell, and transport African slaves, particularly from the eastern shores of that beleaguered continent. Spokesmen of the Slave South drew up ambitious plans to seize the Amazon and develop this region by deporting the enslaved African-Americans there to toil. When the South seceded from the Union, it received significant support from Brazil, which correctly assumed that a Confederate defeat would be a mortal blow to slavery south of the border. After the Civil War, many Confederates, with slaves in tow, sought refuge as well as the survival of their peculiar institution in Brazil. Based on extensive research from archives on five continents, Gerald Horne breaks startling new ground in the history of slavery, uncovering its global dimensions and the degrees to which its defenders went to maintain it.
Category: Social Science

Confessions Of A Bad Mother

Author : Stephanie Calman
ISBN : 9780330465946
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 37.17 MB
Format : PDF
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Funny, acutely observed, frighteningly honest and drawing on her own and hundreds of other mum's real experiences, Stephanie Calman serves up the perfect antidote to all those books that tell you that your children must be perfect, and to all those Stepford mums and kids out there who look as if they just might be: perfectly groomed, perfectly behaved and perfectly brilliant. The reality, as we all know, encompasses sleepless nights, no sex for years, baby sick on your best cashmere cardy, the terrible twos and then, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sitting room, terrible teenagers whose only means of communication is the slamming door or the grunt.
Category: Literary Criticism

Bad Mother

Author : Ayelet Waldman
ISBN : 9781444763164
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'I want to be in the company of her frank intelligence forever' Nigella Lawson In our mothers' day there were good mothers, indifferent mothers, and occasionally, great mothers. Today we have only Bad Mothers: If you work, you're neglectful; if you stay home, you're smothering. If you discipline, you're buying them a spot on the shrink's couch; if you let them run wild, they will be into drugs by seventh grade. Is it any wonder so many women refer to themselves at one time or another as a "bad mother"? Writing with remarkable candor, and dispensing much hilarious and helpful advice along the way--Is breast best? What should you do when your daughter dresses up as a "ho" for Halloween?--Ayelet Waldman says it's time for women to get over it and get on with it in this wry, unflinchingly honest, and always insightful memoir on modern motherhood.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Das Geheimnis Der Monduhr

Author : Amanda Brooke
ISBN : 9783641087159
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Das Geschenk der Monduhr ist ein Blick in die Zukunft – doch was, wenn du siehst, dass du dich zwischen deinem Leben und dem deines Kindes entscheiden musst? Die Bildhauerin Holly und ihr Mann Tom sind von London in das malerische Städtchen Fincross gezogen und machen sich mit Feuereifer daran, sich in ihrem neuen Heim, dem Torhaus eines ehemals herrschaftlichen Landsitzes, einzurichten. Doch als sie in dem verwilderten Garten eine seltsame Vorrichtung finden, ändert sich für Holly alles. Die Monduhr ermöglicht ihr einen Blick in die Zukunft – und was sie sieht, stellt Holly vor eine furchtbare Entscheidung: Sie wird schwanger werden und eine kleine Tochter zur Welt bringen, das Kind, das Tom sich immer gewünscht hat. Doch der Preis ist hoch, denn das Gesetz der Monduhr fordert ein Leben für ein Leben ...
Category: Fiction

The Bad Mother

Author : Isabelle Grey
ISBN : 9780857386502
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A pageturning, emotional read for fans of Linda Green and Jill Childs Are there secrets that should never be told? If so, how far must a mother go to keep them? Tessa Parker runs a successful B&B in a seaside town. During a surprise visit, a long-lost aunt lets slip a family secret with devastating consequences. Navigating her own turmoil at a crucial moment in her children's lives, Tessa's search for her birth father forces her to decide who she really wants to be. But now her son is missing. Has she left it too late to be a good mother? This ebook edition contains extra book club discussion questions penned by the author.
Category: Fiction

The Myth Of The Perfect Mother

Author : Jane Swigart
ISBN : 0809229382
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 38.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Myth of the Perfect Mother explodes today's popular "good mother/bad mother" myth and helps the reader both rethink the cultural roles of motherhood and understand the deeper issues that underlie the experience of child rearing. Dr. Swigart's discussions of what it means to nurture include the complexities of parental guilt, maternal clinging, and maintaining one's individuality. She is honest -- sometimes painfully so -- but provides the strength for every mother to revel in her unique, ever-changing role.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Bad Mother

Author : Amanda Brooke
ISBN : 9780008219161
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.86 MB
Format : PDF
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That’s what he wants you to think...
Category: Fiction

The Bad Mother

Author : Marguerite Andersen
ISBN : 9781772600018
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Trillium Award-winning autobiographical novel "La mauvaise mere" by Marguerite Andersen is now in English. Prolific author Marguerite Andersen traces the important moments of her life in this honest and harrowing examination of motherhood. She gives an unflinching account of her relationship with her three children and her years spent following her caprices and lovers, trying to regain the agency she lost when she became a mother. Born in Germany, Andersen was fifteen years old when World War II began. Just into her twenties, she became pregnant with her first son and moved to Tunisia with her French lover before the birth. They soon were married and it was not long before the relationship became abusive. Andersen fled, leaving her children behind. She confesses the large and small choices that she made -- the times she stayed and the times she didn't -- all the while asking herself, "What kind of mother am I?" The story is fuelled by emotion as Andersen revisits a period of her life that tortures her still today.
Category: Fiction

The Bad Mother

Author : Esther Walker
ISBN : 9780007524747
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 82.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A hilariously honest, and rather sweary, book about parenting from the author of The Bad Cook.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Bad Mother S Revenge

Author : Sonia Neale
ISBN : 9780730496847
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 33.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'Hello, you have reached the Bad Mothers Crisis Helpline. Your call is important to you. Your call may be monitored for Staff Entertainment purposes. Please choose an option from our options menu, or hold the line until one of our overpaid, single and childless staff members can be bothered to take your call.' It's not easy being a mother. In Bad Mother's Revenge Sonia Neale explains how most parenting books are really Weapons of Mass Deception, how the Dalai Lama would be a whole lot more impressive if he had to remain serene with three children in tow, and answers the eternal question, how many happy teenagers does it take to change a light bulb? (Answer: there's no such thing as a happy teenager.) A witty, original and frequently poignant look at motherhood, that isn't afraid to look at the dark side, as well as the joys, of being a mum.
Category: Family & Relationships